A Nerf Gun Battle While Skydiving

Somewhere far below, a girl named Sarah hid behind a cardboard box.

Please, please, please, she thought to herself. Please, I HAVE to win this time. I HAVE to shoot Timmy... but I'm out of darts. Please, if there's a god or devil out there... if there's a deity or a dragon or a genie or ghost... please, make darts fall from the sky.

Little did Sarah know, but in that exact moment, the rain of foam projectiles finally reached the ground. They landed several miles away, unfortunately, and had absolutely no effect on the result of her game.

That was great! It read like something out of "Hitchhiker's Guide."

Terminal velocity for a Nerf dart is probably less than the initial velocity of it being fired out of those guns.

Thank you! Being compared to Douglas Adams may be the highest praise I can imagine.

I call it littering

Now you have to look for the bullets.

That's why I cry whenever it rains.

Can you imagine a Nerf dart hitting you at terminal velocity? Shit has to hurt.

Yeah everything at terminal velocity hurts, especially water.