A message to those calling EA for a refund: be nice to the people taking your calls.

A message to those calling EA for a refund: be nice to the people taking your calls.

Let's face it, this debacle with EA is terrible. It's shady. It is, according to the internet, worth hundreds of thousands of downvotes. And now, on top of everything, if you want to remedy the situation you are forced to sit in an exaggerated phone line.

But keep in mind, the people taking your call at EA are having a much worse day than you! These people are not the CEO, they're not the game designers, and they may not even be located in the same building as these people. They are just trying to do their job, and it just so happens that they work at a company currently undergoing a pseudo scandal.

So be kind to them. Because at the end of the day, they probably hate EA right now too.

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Better yet, be nice to everyone.

So how many people are actually asking for a refund? Any idea?

Enough for them to remove the refund button, so enough that they are aware of it and reacting

Exactly this. This is like ranting about your food to the waitress - she did not cook your meal.

Edit: Holy shit, R.I.P. inbox. I used a meaning-specific verb with “rant”, you know, as in spew an impassioned tirade. Never said you shouldn’t talk to the waitress, obviously, she’s the one to talk to - just don’t be a fucking dick about it.

It was the top post on /sub/all earlier.

Edit: But was apparently fake? Do your own research if you care. I certainly don't.

Wait, did they actually do that?

Edit: My most upvoted comment is a simple question, wow...

YOU KNOW WHAT!? YOUR MOM Is_a_very_nice_lady.

Except it isn't. I came across this online proving they didn't remove the refund button.

There's such a circlejerk going on and everyone immediately assuming shit because it fits their narrative that it just becomes plain scary.

And I totally think EA deserves what is coming to them. Just this hivemind stuff of accepting what is told without seeing it for yourself is scary af.

Also they dont care, its a job not a career.

Jokes aside, this is important. I work in a call center, and I can tell you- if you yell at a service rep the chances of them helping you or even advocating for your request drops to zero. You leave the call angry, and they go back to taking calls. The only person that is affected by yelling at a rep is you.

Do your own research if you care. I certainly don't.

This could be the tagline for everyone commenting about anything on the internet.

Also, threatening to murder developers only changes the narrative we want. We want "Massive backlash over micro transactions in SWBF2" not "Rabid community threatens to murder devs"

It's not fake, just not entirely researched. Origin has a button that allows you to cancel your pre-order.

However the option is automatically disabled once they take the money from the pre-order from the account.

If you want to refund the game after, you can either go through customer support and have it manually returned, or go through origins "great game guarentee" for up to 14 days after purchase.

Be excellent to each other.

Well how about you go and have yourself a nice day friend!

Last year i spoke w a live person via ea's support through their website. He thanked me for being kind and patient, he said he gets a lot rude people and it was refreshing not having to deal w that.

And since i worked at a customer support for sprint (for a very short time) i knew first hand how people can treat you on the phone or in an online chat.

Look at the fat cat over here with a career where they get paid to do something they care about.

Here is a workaround so you don't have to call.

Stolen from u/beevercleever

I tried to yesterday. Talked to PS Support (pre-ordered it on PS4), they said that it wasn't possible because the deadline had passed. Wasn't nasty to the guy, he didn't put this bullshit in the game, so I can't be mad at him.

Tried EA Support after that, same question, they said that because I ordered it through PS4 instead of Origin, there was nothing they could do. Wasn't an asshole to that guy either, he's just on the chat, and he helped me with what I asked. Wasn't the answer I wanted, but still.

Just be nice to these guys, they didn't make the game the mess that it is.

FINE! I hope your day is as nice as you are, PAL!

We are legion

I did the live chat thing to ask for a refund with PS support as well.. They said they couldn't refund the purchase as it was against terms of service. I got an email from Sony a couple of hours later saying that they had accepted the refund ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I'd try again if I were you just in case..

I'm sorry that ship wasn't unlocked yet, please insert your credit card in order to sail.

$110 for half of a game

In the retail job I work, customers borderline brag about how big of jackasses they were to customer service reps. "I told them to kiss my ass and cussed them out real good! Can't believe they have the nerve to ~some corporate policy that prevents reps to give free money out~" With a huge smile on their face.

People should be embarrassed treating others like that. Instead they feel proud of it. I always tell them, "Well, they didn't make those rules, so no need to be rude to them. They are people too."

People think John S on the other line is a physical manifestation of BigCorp, and not some guy just trying to earn a paycheck. It really makes me sick and glad I'm getting out of working with the public.

I have a special respect for CSR's, they do a service I could never do.

This right here. My favorite experience from my time as a shoe salesman went something like this:

“Do you have this shoe in my size?”

“I don’t, sorry, but I can try to find something similar if you’d like.”

“No, I want that one. You should check in The Back.”

The shoe is over a year old. It has been close to sold out for a solid six months. I am also the manager and responsible for inventory control, so I am certain it is the last pair in the store.

“All right, sir. I’ll take a look.”

Go to then back. Sit at my desk. Have a bit of a snack.

“Sorry, sir. I checked and there just aren’t any more.”

“Well, can you order another pair?”

I have already tried a few times before for other customers. I know as a matter of absolute fact that all of the common sizes are sold out company-wide.

“I’m sure that I can’t; it’s a discontinued style. I can probably find something else similar if you’d like.”

“I want that one. If you cared about your job at all you’d be more helpful. Maybe I need to talk to the manager about your service.”

Again, that’s me.

“You’re right, sir, I apologize. I’ll see if another store has it in stock.”

I'm afraid that ship has already sailed :(


Hey GUY why don’t you just go treat yourself and have a good day!!

Also, pro-tip: Learn the NATO Phonetic Alphabet to help spell things.

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, Nancy November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu

Apparently November's the usual N word, not Nancy.

EDIT: I actually did notice the hilarity of calling it the N word shortly after that edit. Unintentional, but still so, so beautiful.

EDIT: The official spelling actually is Alfa. As Wiktionary describes it, the etymology is "From alpha, respelled to make the pronunciation clearer to those who do not speak English." But the spelling is corroborated by official government documents

EDIT: Since I'm being a pedant on the Alpha-Alfa thing, I may as well update Juliet, which I learned in my research on the spelling of Alfa is officially spelled Juliett.

EDIT: THE SOURCE for anyone wondering.

yoooo $110 for a game tho

Look it up, it's under so-crates.

We do not forget

We sure do demand our money back

Except it was proven fake, the button never existed in the first place

EDIT: Yes the button exists, but not how the original post described it. At no point did EA try to trick people by hiding a stupid button

I love EA's customer service team. No joke, they can do some awesome stuff for people. Any team that has to clean up after the biggest shit pile of a business plan and a lunatic CEO, has the utmost respect from me.

Nancy can be confused with Mancy.

Or not having enough shoes in your store to the sales associate.

We do not forget

We sure do demand our money back

We don't do our research

Hey now, I did my research and they totally removed the refund button and kicked a puppy.

The Back

Rightfully capitalized, as it is a mythical place of great renown

“Don’t be a cunt.” - Buddha

I'm pleasantly your guy, NEIGHBOR.

YO MAMA SO FAT she works out everyday trying to live a healthier lifestyle and I'm rooting for her.

Round here we call that fake news

Ehhhh.... I worked a call center for a good 18 months.

Hated every minute of my day, and hated my time off (because it was getting closer and closer to going back) but I still cared about the content of my calls... It didn't make my day any better to disregard my callers concerns.

This sounds logical. The 'great game guarantee' should really start from the day you can download it, not the day of purchase. You buy a game 3 months before it's launched so you can grab the incentives but how the fook you supposed to know if it's a great game or not?

Some of us actually do care.

You obviously dont work at a call center.

Include me in the screenshot /sub/wholesomememes

No joke, EA's customer service has easily been the most helpful call centre I've ever had to deal with. Super friendly and chatty while they were working on my account issues. 10/10. Would get pissed at EA to call again.

If you've ever worked as a cashier in the fast food industry you should already know not to do this. People come up to you yelling that you made their food wrong when they can clearly see that there is an entire separate crew making the food, and you've been standing at the register the whole time.


Wait did /sub/all hivemind blindly upvote something it wanted to believe despite lack of any credible evidence?

That doesn't happen like ever!

BTW Bernie can still win. Here's how. (+127K upvotes)

No they didn't.


Yes I would also like to know, I've been looking for that shoe for quite awhile now.

The only people allowed to lie about EA's games are EA!

Good god, I can't imagine how shitty of a day EA customer service is having right now... Better yet, bake them cookies or something.

In the retail job I work, customers borderline brag about how big of jackasses they were to customer service reps. "I told them to kiss my ass and cussed them out real good! Can't believe they have the nerve to ~some corporate policy that prevents reps to give free money out~" With a huge smile on their face.

I worked in a fucking call center and the CSRs on my team would routinely brag about how they told off a food service worker for ruining their custom-order at lunch. Without fail, hours later, they'd be complaining that the people on the phones are "so mean".

No one ever wants to believe they're the abusive Warden of the Stanford Prison.

You may or may not be joking, but this is a serious concern in a work environment where people use walkie talkies and have seen Archer.

Yeah, because they haven't listened to the overwhelming advise that Reddit has been shouting for years to Never Preorder Games.

Well maybe you and many more will think twice now before pre-ordering and don't hand out money to EA before they finished their game.

"I said 'Novemba', not 'November'. 'Novemba'!!!"

I've gotten past this once before by pointing out that I was a valued customer (I buy almost all my games through the PS store) and that I was planning to use the money to just buy another game from them anyways. I said I was much less likely to buy my games through them if they weren't ready to make an exception for someone who spends hundreds with them already. I didn't feel like I was valued.

I was persistent, yet polite, and was able to get them to give me PS store credit for the full value of the game. It wasn't a refund per se, but I honestly was planning on buying another game anyways and that's exactly what I did.

Bummer :( I mean, I can only blame myself for pre-ordering, especially when there was enough info out there saying don't do it.

I can however blame EA for being fucking rat bastards and nickel and diming the consumer.

I know it's a meme/Reddit-shitstorm at this point, but I'm genuinely curious and mean this in the most polite way possible: why did you choose to pre-order this game after everything we know about the way EA treats their IPs and their monetization? Especially after the way their first attempt at a Battlefront game went.

Username checks out.


So did they have it in stock or not?

First EA Customer Service and now its everyone? WHEN DOES IT END!

But... I saw it on the internet! It must be true!

It's the elite trooper deluxe edition though so they got 75% of a game.

Well, you shouldn't pre-order.

No kidding. The answer to

how the fook you supposed to know if it's a great game or not?

is really very simple - by actually exercising a modicum of self-restraint and waiting for the game to come out.

TIL November is now the "N" word...

High five fellow sprint rep care.


Heads up, the department you want to ask for is "Tier 2". They are one of the teams that reviews refund requests so it's better to talk to them directly. Please mention that you would like a "one time gesture of good will." Sometimes, you might still get to a person who just got off a phone call with someone who treated them like garbage so they might be reluctant to help. Try to be understanding and, if they still refuse to help, you can ask for Tier 3. Tier 3 absolutely does not want customer calls to get to them because they're already crazy busy with back end stuff so either the Tier 2 rep will grant your request or they'll get you to Tier 3 then get yelled at for it later. Word of warning: if you've been granted a refund to your account in the past, there's a 99% chance that you will not get one ever again.

Source: worked for PlayStation technical support for six years until the jobs were outsourced. I managed the Tier 2 team and helped draft some of the policies.


Yes it does. I have refunded games on origin a few times.

They made it so you always get chat this week.

Before you would get an automated button.

Redditors found a work around to get the button back.

Which I also used.

Yeah my manager once told me that customers dont ''like it'' when I answer them honestly so I have to pretend there's a chance and waste our time both. ''Sorry sir, I just spent the last eight hours answering this very question, we no longer have this product at the moment, you'll have to wait till tomorrow morning'' is not a valid answer. Jokes on them, now i waste fivw minutes on the back checking reddit every single time someone asks me a question I could easily have answered.

Alright, speaking of which, that guy has waited long enough, I should get back there.

Bake them chocolate chip cookies and put the chips in a separate container with a combination lock. $39.99 to unlock the chocolate chip dlc

Add it up and you get 125% of a game! - EA

It did, EA even responded, the button is automatically removed once they take payment for the pre-order.

Edit: The EA response.


They count the purchase as being the day they take the money, not the day you sign up for pre-order.

Hence why the button doesn't disappear until then.

And party on, dudes.

It offered to let me pre-load but I hadn't done it yet. That could definitely be it. Sucks :(

As someone who works in a call center, please be nice to the person on the phone. We are just here for our paycheck, be mad at the company not us.

People are going nuts over this shit.

Did the pre-load already happen for you? I figured that was why it didn't work for me

feyk nooz

I wouldn’t say a customer yelling at a rep only affects the customer. Depending on the situation, it could ruin my morning and bring down the mood of my team when I tell everyone about the asshole customer I just talked to and continue the cycle of rage.

Thats why you hated it. Call centre agents are on rails, we have to respond the way we are told to by our bosses, if we don’t, we could lose our jobs. Obviously if someone disagrees with you theres not much you can do, so its better not to care. People in call centres who don’t care last longer.

Y’Know, not that you would want to haha.

It's funny because the original source of all of this is a self post from /sub/gaming with no proof at just a title. Even some gaming outlets were reporting that they removed the "refund" button.

-Michael Scott

What do you mean my coupon is expired, what do you mean it's not yours and you can't honor it, what do you mean I can't sit and yell at you on the phone for 20 minutes or you have to have a meeting with your manager about not hitting the call be over in under 3 minutes and taking umpteen calls a day.

This is a repost of a comment by u/roxwar from a post in /sub/gaming

Im all onboard the EA hate train as i was looking forward to this, and although i didnt pre order as i dont belive it has a place in todays digital age, its another game i wont be buying.

But more importantly, you guys pitch forking at EA are missing the obvious. EA doesnt own star wars, Disney does and if theres one thing Disney absolutely will not tollerate, its bad press surrounding their brand. You want to punish EA? Then you need to take to social media and tag disney in this shitshow and express your disgust at their assosiation with gambling boxes in video games obviously aimed at children.

I would imagine should bad press go viral enough for disney to notice, theyd be calling a board meeting with EA pretty sharpish.

*Edit. Thank you for the gold kind strangers! 5 yrs on reddit and i finally said something people agree with enough to guild me! You made an old(ish) guy happy.

I guess i should thank EA in some messed up way for annoying me enough to speak out instead of lurking and upvoting, so yeah...err, thanks EA i guess.

I wont lie, that felt weird and kinda dirty.

*edit 2. Getting a lot of requests for the disney email for complaints/concerns regarding games so heres the one that seems most relevant.

dimg.communications@disney.com "

Hello EA refund team employee, how many have refunded as of today?

75% of 50% of a game

Except we do forget because EA does this every other release.

This like always confuses me. Like I totally get that everyone's mad, but what part of that makes you want to pick up a phone and say:

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To someone who likely doesn't even know half of what EA's doing in the first place?

I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes.

Holy shit, are you OK???!!!!

You are the worst kind of person.

At least 70k

It actually is, thats more then $4,000,000.

Being in a support rep position myself, I can tell you for a fact that you're the type of person that gets made fun of after hanging up.

Didnt you hear? EA literally fucked him over, and he is having the absolute worse day ever.

I hope I'm present when you make a mistake and expect people to be patient with you but they're not being patient.