A message to the makers of movie trailers.

A message to the makers of movie trailers.

This is why I refuse to watch trailers; if the movie is a comedy the best jokes are in the trailers, if it's a drama or action movie the trailer essentially gets you to the last climax before ending with the question of will the hero survive or not.

Patriot Games' trailer

It used to be much, much worse.

is a particularly egregious example that comes to mind. Literally every notable scene from the movie is shown, in order. It's more than a Cliff's Notes of the whole thing, you could write a book report just from watching the trailer and get at least a B+.

it's just called 2 brothers

So true. Of course the hero will survive you idiots we all know that, we just dont want to see that scene in trailer and rather watch it the first time in the movie.

They fucking put Colin Firth dead center on the poster for Kingsmen Golden Circle, completely spoiling a major plot point.

I've refused to see anything about the last jedi for this reason. I want to go in fresh and without expectation.

It's in theaters now! Coming this summer...

Two brothers. In a van. And then a meteor hit. And they ran as fast as they could. From giant cat-monsters. And then a giant tornado came. And that's when things got knocked into twelfth gear...

A Mexican...armada shows up. With weapons made from to- tomatoes. And you better betch'ur bottom dollar that these two brothers know how to handle business.

In! 'Alien...Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers...Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running...in a Van from an...Asteroid and All Sorts of Things: The Movie'.

Hold on! There's more. Old women are comin'! And they're also in the movie and they're gonna come...and cross...attack...these two brothers. But let's get back to the brothers because they're- they have a strong bond! You don't wanna know about it here, but I'll tell you one thing.

The Moon. It comes crashing into Earth! And whaddya do then? It's two brothers and I- and...and they're gonna...it's called 'Two Brothers' ...'Two Brothers'...it's just called 'Two Brothers'!

Deadpool does this well. They seem to be entirely different, specifically made shorts with maybe a a small fragment of movie footage that gives very little away.

Agreed. The trailer totally ruined Sharknado for me.


And also stop the inception horn.

I think The Last Jedi has done a good job of keeping everyone guessing, but outside of that you're right. Sometimes the temptation is really hard to not watch a trailer for a movie that I really want to see.

Holy shit, that's the whole damn thing.

Sorry to tell you but it's not going to stop.

There's been marketing research done on the subject and it's been proven that, unfortunately, spoiling everything in a trailer sells more tickets.

Good thinking. They spoil so much in the trailer.

I wish they hadn't shown the scene where a bunch of Ewoks have a blood orgy with Roger from American Dad.

Sadly, I think you overestimate how much the average person reads novels.

I’ve watched the very first teaser for The Last Jedi and nothing else. When I went to see Blade Runner and Thor and the trailer came on I closed my eyes, plugged my ears and hummed to myself like an idiot in the theater. Just have to make it to next Thursday and I’m completely expecting to inadvertently have something spoiled for me



Then have the cheek to call it a 'teaser'

Thor 4 teaser trailer - 5min 30secs long.

He was in the trailers too I think


Pretty much this. I'm sick of watching trailers that give away the last 5 fucking minuets of the movie.

For fucks sake, the guardians' 2 long ass fucking trailer? THAT'S THE LAST GOD DAMN 10 MINUETS OF THE MOVIE. How the fuck is that acceptable??!

Seriously, whoever is told to cut these trailers should be shot. Stop doing it. Just stop. Give us a tease, don't give us the whole fucking plot in 2 mins. Really. They assume the american people are so stupid and jaded that the 2 mins of all the best things in the movie is what's required for us to be interested.

Sadly, they're right.

A very recent example of this is the new Blade Runner. The director used his clout to ensure trailers wouldn't spoil the plot and sure enough, the movie underperformed huge financially despite being widely regarded as a must-see movie by critics and fans alike, and it's a sequel.

Your average, only goes to the movies 2 or 3 times a year and only knows what they're seeing before they get there half the time, movie goer simply wants to be hand fed what to watch.

I hate it, but it's the reality, and without a drastic societal change the only recourse is to avoid trailers as much as possible while somehow not being totally out of the loop.

The Last Jedi has actually been super vague. I've seen the trailer a few times and I still have no fucking clue what's going on.

Gotta consider through the audience the movie was aimed at. Clancy was pretty much the most popular author at the time. Most people interested in this movie had read the book.

Cause he died in the first.

Guardians of the galaxy 2 was a prime example. We all wanted to know who starlords father was and BAM! 1st trailer, there's Kurt Russel telling starlord he is his father.


There's also Cast Away, they gave up on the entire premise in this one trailer, making any tension pointless!

edit: Trailer

I was so lucky to watch Get Out without seeing the trailer. I saw the trailer few days ago and it gave away the complete story. Like wtf dude I want suspense in the movie and don't want the trailer to spoil the whole thing. If you like Del Toro movies i recommend not watching the trailer for The Shape of Water it gives away the whole story.

The horns came from Transformers.

Yea but that was shown in the first 15 minutes of the movie. In fact, that was a pretty good trailer considering everyone thought that the fight with the big tentacle monster was the ending when it actually was just the intro credits.

Showing Spider-Man in the trailers for Civil War was the final straw for me. Imagine how incredible the surprise would have been had he not been spoiled in the trailer. They didn't need to show him from a marketing standpoint. The movie would have made boatloads regardless.

Now I will plug my ears and close my eyes whenever I am in the theatre and a movie I am going to see regardless comes on. I avoided everything about Justice League and I feel like it made an "okay" movie a great experience.

No Last Jedi, no Infinity War, and no Jurassic World trailers for me.

Also that weird thing where they flash a black screen really fast for a "strobe" effect, and they do it with the sound as well. It's in every damn action movie trailer I swear.

The horns are coming from inside the house

Little tortilla boy

haha brutal the whole funeral line destroys the movie

The movie didn't make a lot of money (it was still profitable) because it isn't a blockbuster. It's an art house film with a blockbuster budget, that was a sequel to a cult classic film that also didn't do well at the box office.

Right?! A teaser shouldn't be more than 0:30 sec - just enough to hook your interest.

I'm the same way. My girlfriend has never understood, until we saw Thor: Ragnarok and afterwards I asked her how much more amazing the scene where the "champion" first comes out in the arena would have been if the trailers hadn't spoiled it. She went silent and then agreed angrily. She doesn't watch trailers now either.

And by that token, stop releasing trailers for trailers.

The problem is it's marketing. So someone completely not involved in the creative process, someone with no real passion for the medium, is cutting together what he thinks will attract the most people to the film. So. He makes a 5 minute mini-movie and ruins the whole fucking thing.





The further back in time you go the worse the trailers get. Some of the trailers from the late 70's early 80's are basically 5 minutes of all the important parts of the movies.

Ahhh, so that's why my missus calls my penis 'the teaser'.


I haven't watched a trailer in years because of this. I forget the movie but I remember I saw the trailer then when I went to the movie I was just in shock how all the good parts were in the trailer.

I'm actually really upset at the amount of plot they showed in Thor. They showed way too much. Specially the Hulk reveal. That would have been an awesome thing to witness at the theater.

I would watch that.


My best / worst exemple of this was the "Inspector Gadget". I didn't realize it showed all the good parts (and the story) of the movie. It was the first time I realized movies could suck dick very hard.

Actually, you're much better watching the trailer than the whole movie. It saves you time and cringe.

Here it is :

Also releasing 3 trailers per movie. Just give us 1 that covers the synopsis and who is in it, we don't need anything else. If your movie has a bad premise people won't see it.

Remember when trailers left you hanging so you had to go see the movie to know what happened? That was a good time.

But who was phone?!

I didn't know. It's for exactly this reason that I started avoiding all trailers, posters, stills etc. The downside is that sometimes I don't even know about a movie being released, but most of the time it's not a problem. The upside is that my movie experience has gotten tremendously better.

Just have to make it to next Thursday

Man, I didn't think it was that soon. Time flies around the holidays.

Yeah, but Patriot Games came out something like 30 years ago.

That's like every MCU movie except Thor Ragnarok. But that hammer destroying scene made me want to watch the movie so badly.

What was even worse was showing Claw in the freakin trailer. He's never seen on screen - that's his schitck. That was how I knew it was going to be a royal shitshow.

I saw the trailer once and can’t remember what it showed at all, the overall scenes were that inconsequential looking with how they were cut for it

It was well known he was in the movie way before the trailers came out. Honestly if you didn't already know bravo.

The reason why I haven't seen a movie trailer since Terminator: Genesis. I can't believe someone allowed the whole plot and major scenes to be shown in 2 minutes.

I like the trailers before the movie.

I kept my girlfriend in the dark on Thor from the very beginning. Didn't let her see a trailer after I saw the first one with the Champion coming out. Honestly, I watched her during that part and her obvious shock and excitement made it all worth it to both of us. Haven't seen a trailer for infinity wars and don't plan on watching any trailers for movies I already know I want to see.

I decided not to see any Marvel trailers at all. Don't want to ruin the movies.


gives away the twist AND what the whole movie is about.