A Message From G2 Esports CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez

A Message From G2 Esports CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez

Hey guys, Worlds has been an incredible tournament and we're extremely disappointed to not be heading to playoffs. Our CEO, Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez, had this to say following our exit from the tournament.


Thanks to everyone on Reddit for their support during the event, it means a lot to us here at G2!

he called them Fenerbahçe

1907 Fenerbahçe Esports can sue them now

Im not dissapointed in G2 at all. They played absolutely fantastic and had some awesome games. Winning is nice and all, but for me improving and playing good LoL is more important. Today was the first time i was cheering for G2 and i do not regret it. I really hope, that they stick together one more year and continue to improve. They were unlucky to have got 2 out of the 4 best teams at worlds in their group, i dont think anybody could have escaped that besides LZ or SKT. GG G2, even tho you lost, you made EU proud.

G2 played good, RNG and SSG are probably top 4 teams in this tournament

"I fought. I lost. Now I rest."

Last year when TSM was even closer to getting out of the group (on a tiebreaker) they got shit on non-stop for underperforming.

Now G2 couldn't get out of a very similar group yet everyone says they played well and are "the best western team" in the tournament. Such a stretch.

TSM even had to beat Splyce twice whereas G2 had almost free wins against a wildcard. Plus SSG looked stronger last year and ended up being a game away from winning the whole tournament.

G2 is a good team and I think they got a difficult group draw and performed pretty well. But still funny to me they're getting praise for the same performance TSM got meme'd on for non-stop last year.

Thank you, these words mean a lot to us. Now, go get them Fnatic!

No shame in the performance this year from G2. Just got drawn into the group from hell.

He speaks for himself and doesn't represent his company.

Korea3 + RNG yup.

G2 same record as TSM last year:


G2 is one of the best western teams this tournament.

Truly EU logic

Dont like EU orgs but you sure as hell like our players.

He don't represent G2 on G2's twitter account, right?

Let's not ruin his life now

That quote was so fucking good until he kept talking after it.

To be honest, TSM probably was the best western team last year

Last years TSM and this year G2's story are so similar

Their 1 win against the n1 team How they both were so close to getting their second win against the same team

Their struggle against the other team etc.

Saying TSM was closer than G2 is this year is pretty wrong, they both got extremly unlucky in their groups.

Nobody expected G2 to make it out.

Um, what? There were quite a number of EU fans who thought G2 had a shot.

Can't keep using this as an excuse, if you are going as a genuine contender you have to beat these teams. They showed their capabilities in the RNG game, drafting and consistency isn't good enough.

2016 TSM sends their regards

Agreed (Paid by Carlos)

190-6 Fenerbahçe?!?

No-one is genuinely saying they're the best though

TSM was compared to S5 FNC before worlds and were massively hyped up. This year a lot of people didn't even expect any EU teams out of groups.

That´s a class right there :) GG wp G2, it would be a dream if we had you in quaterfinals as well

G2 weren't the favorites into their group tho. TSM was hyped up like every year and then didn't deliver. Nobody expected G2 to make it out. It's the difference in expectations that make the difference in community reaction.

They DID have a shot, but they were not EXPECTED to get at least second. It's like saying that western teams have a shot at taking a game or two off Koreans, but they sure as hell aren't expected to do so.

Ocelote is a fighter and so is his team. Wish you guys luck for the next season.

Because TSM shat on EU in Rift Rivals. If that tourney didn't happen then EU would be hyped up as the "second best region historically" like every year.

How? These were 2 top 4 teams in the world. Even if G2 is/Was Quarters worthy, the odds are already stacked against them for having a Korean in the group, basically fighting for one spot and having the best non Korean didn't help much either.

Hope you guys stay in EU, as an NA fan, we cant let EU die and we dont like EU orgs anyways, stay in EU and save yourselves and the region.

I hate tsm but imo they didn't look at all like they were near 0-3 last week.

You need to take into account that EU was regarded as straight up shit by most of the sub until MSF TSM game of Saturday. This played a big role in the acceptance of G2 result imo

Yup G2 got the short end of the stick like TSM last year. Clearly a top 10 team but when you get grouped with #3 & 4 in the world you're probably gonna have a bad time, gg to G2.

Just the luck of the draw.

I'm honestly proud of g2 for giving rng their only loss and in that fashion. Hope they stay in EU next year tho :/

While I think TSM did receive a lot of comfort last year after their disappointing fall in this exact group, this community reaction feels a little weird to watch and I can't exactly point out why. I guess perhaps it is how easily the "hard group" thing is being swallowed when I felt like the narrative last year was that TSM, Doublelift particularly, completely choked and shit the bed, etc. etc.

I'm unfortunately biased regardless of if I want to be or not.

Just a thing I noticed, doesn't really mean anything

I never really liked Ocelote as a player or "personality" after retiring, but he earned my respect in the way he handles G2 for sure. Especially considering how other people utterly fail to run their orgs for one reason or another. He has already built a legacy in (western) LoL with G2.

Ah, how the tides turn. I remember when TSM was a joke for failing to get out of groups just a year ago.

I'm an EU fan and have good respect for G2 but I still don't understand why the whole of reddit is being so sympathetic towards them?

They played well, agreed. Their group was hard, agreed.

But realistically they had a free win vs Fenebarche and then the Korean 3rd seed and the Chinese 2nd seed. No one is saying this is the easiest group in the world but I really don't think it's a massive stretch to say that if you want your region to be competitive, as the no.1 seed you should be comfortable in beating either Chinese 2nd or Korean 3rd.

G2 played well, shame they're out but I also think criticism is fine. This group was beatable, we saw Fenebarche come so close to beating SSG, we saw RNG 2-0'ing SSG, G2 dominating RNG.

and many TSM Fans saw them allready in the finals or even winning the whole thing.

Who the fuck was delusional enough to say that? I've seen countless people say they should reach semis (including the team themselves indirectly when they said anything below top 4 is a disappointment) but not even one comment saying anything about winning or even getting to finals.

190- 2 + 2 = 4, + 3 = 7. Quick Maff.

But you Lord Snow you'll be fighting their battles foreva.

They roflstomped WE, 1-2 at worst.

G2 had a really good run and I'm happy they are representing EU as number one seed. Better luck next year!

Well TSM got massively flamed last year when they achieved identical results in the same group except they had EU 3rd seed instead of a wildcard team. No one gave them an excuse.

They only almost lost to FB because they played Haru.

tsm sucked that year and were never good /s

2nd year in a row the 1st seed got to face a korean AND chinese team in the same group

It's 5 am in NA, middle of the day in EU, what do you expect

The teams can't save the region by themselves if Riot doesn't give a fuck.

yet the entire reddit call TSM a joke of a team for having the exact same group only switching out Fenerbache with a slightly better team and what looked like a better SSG, and TSM had the sane score as RNG and was 1 teamfight vs SSG away from winning the group on tiebreaker rules vs them.

i mean G2 did good as did TSM last year its just to me ppl that shit on TSM last year dont get to say G2 did well this year, they were in the same situation preformed close to equally, treat them equally

You're overreacting to their performance especially when we've only seen 3 western teams so far this week. According to Koreans tsm is a step above g2 so we'll have to wait and see

Yet TSM got drawn in the same group last year but without a wildcard and got shit on constantly for not making it out.

Against a far weaker Samsung, and a wild card. Some tsm had top 2 Samsung and splyce.

Every year it's the same. NA so bad, if they wanna be considered good they have to beat the best, get farther. Meanwhile H2K pulled what, ANX in quarters and they're better because they got farther.

People don't make sense to me. Either you're judged by how far you get or how you played against good teams. Can't have both.

Lets be honest. SSG doesnt look like a powerhouse this year. They lost 2 times to RNG and almost lost vs Fener. G2 should have been able to kick them out if they really were a top 4 team like FNC did in s3

If you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best.

You guys keep meme-ing him but kept this up and he'll cut off all communications from the company if you keep this up.

You have a good point but I don't think Samsung is any weaker than they were last year.

Why? They seem to be massively underperforming. I highly doubt they make finals this year and take SKT to 5 games.

P unfair with a #1 Seed

Yeah, Idk whats up with this sub sometimes. Tsm is easily my least favorite team but i think they played fairly well last week. Yes, they didnt completely dominate every game but they looked competitive in all three

G2 put up a really good fight, and had a really difficult group to get out of. Can't say the same for my team.......

A Korean AND the best Chinese team ( Yeah EDG won finals but seeing the groups results right now it just makes them the best in Regionals, not in international ).

I think Samsung look weaker than last year, but RNG stronger, so I think it's pretty much offset.

Common sense. Logic. Consistency.

Call me a dreamer.

The fact that they beat RNG clarifies this pretty much. And makes much harder to go.

You DID beat one of the best teams but still you must go home..

It’s identical if you swap RNG vs SSG with FB vs G2 and had G2’s game vs SSG as the last game. People shouldn’t say G2 were bad this year because they weren’t and TSM weren’t bad last year, they just got a harsh group and didn’t make it out, simple as that. They put up a fight though, and they deserve honour in that

You're a DIG fan, Dreams are all you have. I would never take that away from you.


Lol the downplaying begins, yeah SSG is totally not an amazing team you got it buddy.

Ive seen some incredible delusions from EU fans trying to argue h2k was better than tsm last year..

Soooo....TSM is garbage and G2 is great because they had the exact same performance, but TSM had performed better in scrims?

That's certainly not reasoning I expected to see, but...

Relevant username

yes but the community (occasionally) acts as though they massively under preformed and shit the bed completely. when they had a crazy tough group and were still just a sliver away.

I'm an NA fan but i was cheering like a mad man after the opening game today, felt like that's where all the focus was leading up to today and little investment into the remaining games. Wasn't a 1-2 group finish but was a pretty good run vs 2 juggernauts nevertheless.

TSM fan here, I was rooting so hard for you guys. It was an unlucky draw with 2 of the top 5 teams(imo) in the tournament but G2 showed up and just had a few unfortunate moments in some games. It’s been said so many times I know, but ocelote said it himself, in sports there is always tomorrow! Cubs didn’t win the World Series for 108 years until they broke their curse last year. I hope it doesn’t take 108 years for you guys to win but always remember you will have another chance at worlds!

But the fact is that the players weren't hyping them, the media was. Yet in the end TSM and the fans got flamed while G2 gets a front page appreciation thread.

I got downvoted last year for saying SSG and RNG were the 3rd and 4th best in the tournament. Now those EU fanboys are saying the same exact thing. The bias against NA is real on reddit with the post match threads coming out at 5AM for NA.

The expectations were lower this year for G2 because of what happened to TSM last year with basically the group. RNG and SSG were (and are) 2 of the top 4 teams at world. Even if TSM and G2 were 5th, it doesn't matter.

C9 over Fenerbache would have made the group even worse but the group is still the hardest in this years worlds.

They overperformed their shitty expectations so they are the best western team in the tournament

See, that doesn't make sense.

Actually it makes total sense when you look at it - and you kind of understate how hyped TSM was.

When coming into Worlds 2016 TSM was considered the best Western maybe ever, Bjergsen was considered to be the second best Midlaner in the world and they were absolutely expected to be first by most western analysts and fans.

And now think about G2 this year: analysts are not quite sure whether they can get second and everyone is absolutely confident that getting first is impossible for them, their best and only top 20 player is Zven as the 5th best ADC in this tournament and overall top 16 in the world.

To sum it up: G2 was expected to get 2nd/3rd and got 3rd after putting up a fight for second while TSM was expected to get 1st but got 3rd after putting up a fight for second.

The results were absolutely similiar but due to the crass difference in expectations TSM got much more hate in 2016 than G2 this year.

Keep in mind that I don't mean to legitimize this hatred: TSM worked hard in 2016 just like G2 did in 2017. Neither team deserves hate at all - it's just not a surprise that TSM got a lot of it in 2016.

TSM was hyped as the best super team the west has ever produced. G2 was predicted to struggle in that group. If you compare pickems last year, you could have seen a lot of TSM first (or second) and if you check this year, it would be a lot of G2 3rd (or second). It's not about EU/NA.

I mean saying "anything below top 4 is a dissapointment" and then not being top 4... Kinda deserved that fans were dissapointed right?

Who the fuck was delusional enough to say that

They are made out of straw

It's a different meta now, but all it did was give EU a free pass to perform bad at worlds.

RNG is a better team this tournament, but cmon they should had won vs SSG.

Going 3-3 as nr 1 EU seed is simply not good enough.

I've been a fan from the start (endured the hate and the memes) so this outcome won't change a thing.

But let's not fool anyone, not getting out of groups is not acceptable.

I don't doubt that they poured their hearts into their practice and preparations, but the roster has to change ! And let's be honest the two koreans on the roster are STILL the weakest links of the team.

On reddit in general yes, but not on this sub.

SSG is very much a power house. Even if they're not performing to their potential right now, they're still easily top 5 in the world right now.

heavy breathing

always that one guy that turns it into an EU vs NA thing.

Ahhh, yes Bjergson said he would be dissapointed if they didn't finish top 4. Is that what you are twisting into the semis is guaranteed? Nice one mate.

It was ssg and rng for tsm too...

Couldn't agree more. The group was definitely winnable, just like TSMs group last year. Tired of seeing excuses how they were unlucky.

They're still Korean. They're still by default a top 5 team. They almost lost to 1907 because they subbed their main shotcaller. Just because they lost to RNG doesn't make them bad.

LOL that's so bias. The only reason G2 weren't predicted higher is because people saw how tough the group was last year. You can see the bias in how there are already G2 appreciation threads up just shortly after their elimination. Meanwhile, TSM and their fans got flamed to hell.

G2 was also seen as the second best western team at the tournament. That's not enough hype?

The difference is G2 didnt come out and said before the tournament that they are a top 4 team in the world and nothing but Semis is a failure. Neither they said they will top the group like all TSM fans were saying + their staff.

to which I say, I hope we never see that team at worlds again. Fuck their name

This year will probably put it in a better light eventually, truth is SSG and RNG are/were both top 5 in both years and to be matched with 2 top 5 teams in group is.. not really fair. G2 and TSM both played very well and even though other teams made it out and they didnt i still think 2016 TSM was the best NA Team and 2017 G2 was the best EU Team (unless MSF keeps surprising tomorrow and makes a good run)

Rift Rivals was also a huge wake up call to EU that they needed to fix things because they were not up to par with the meta.