A Melbourne court has ordered a far-right activist to return his uniform to his former employer, transport company Toll, which claims he is costing them business.

A Melbourne court has ordered a far-right activist to return his uniform to his former employer, transport company Toll, which claims he is costing them business.
A Melbourne court has ordered a far-right activist to return his uniform to his former employer, ...

an interesting aside is that this is the same dropkick who goes to protests and yells at lefties to 'get a job'.

Whilst wearing the shirt.

Of the company.

That fired him years ago.

Sometimes the word 'fuckwit' just isn't strong enough.

Mr Erikson was fired from the company in 2015, after not showing up to work for three weeks, while he was facing court of stalking charges.

Why are these guys always such fucking winners?

So he not only kept the shirt for two years, but loaned it to a friend to wear it while publicly harassing people? Why?

Says he was fired for not turning up for 3 weeks, so probably some entitled dickhead that blames toll for not letting him work when he felt like it

Probably has a grudge against the company and wants to damage them publicly.

Good. There's little doubt he's bringing the company into disrepute and that is absolutely going to have financial repercussions.

They love neo nazism because it tells the lowest most worthless white man that he is superior to the most successful black/brown/Jewish man just by virtue of birth.

Don't mean to bring the conversation up to much, but I reckon this guy could be called Cognitive Dissonance and he would be far more insulted, with out understanding why.

If someone doesn't show up for 3 weeks I would naturally assume they've quit.

Yep it's called abandonment of employment. I think they can start that procedure after 3 days of no show without explanation.

If you get the tinest exposure to the kinds of people who flock to neo nazi groups most of them are complete messes in their personal life.

A very long long time ago I ended up talking to one on twitter who told me that Ice had cleaned out the leadership of one of their groups for a bit which I was 0% surprised about. I would have to do a deep dive on my twitter mentions to back it up, but it was def an eye opening insight into the kinds of social dynamics in the group.

After that Distayri incident a lot of people were contacting Toll about him. Can’t blame them for wanting that shirt back.

Racism takes its toll.

Absolutely agree there is nothing to be ashamed about being unemployed. But if you are wearing the uniform of the employer you got fired from and yelling at other people to "get a job", mate, it's time to take a good hard look at yourself.

after lying on a job application by saying he did not have any criminal convictions

A real intellectual this one. I'm happy to be paying his benefits. /s

There's nothing to be ashamed about for being unemployed but this dude obviously is and takes it out on other people.

He's trying to relate to the common worker.

They blame everyone else for their problems.

Same reason why Jim Crow laws were so popular in the Southern US. Doesn’t matter how low you are, as long as someone else is lower.

Utter Fuckknuckle.

Wait what? The dark elves?

I would be willing to bet he was a total grub which is why he no longer works for them and just like all grubs, can't take any responsibility for that.

I'd rather pay him to stay at home than have the possibility of ever have to deal with him in a professional sense

Because they will feel vindicated. It's better to just let themselves make themselves unemployable for life due to their actions.

Assuming that the company can demonstrate that they don't require employees to buy their own uniforms / have a policy requiring you to return your uniform when you leave, then I would guess that it could be recovered as stolen property, even if "legitimately" purchased. Obviously not going to be worth the legal effort outside of an extreme case like this, though.


Not just the Jim Crow laws, the Civil War - people were willing to fight and die to protect slavery, despite many of them not being in the situation to be able to afford slaves, just so they weren't on the bottom rung.

Yeah, it’s attractive to the people who have literally nothing else in their life they can take pride in.

I dealt with Toll Express for about 7-8 years. They are an absolute shit company. They cost themselves business!

The company I work for took all our business away from Toll earlier this year. They mark up dimensions of their pallets and then charge you a little more. EVERY TIME.

A Euro-Pallet that measures 120cm x 80cm? Well according to toll that's 130x90.

I've saved my company approximately 4k a month by switching to another courier company! If you're reading this and work in Logistics in NSW send me a DM and i'll let you know a couple transport companies that charge $45-50 per pallet rather than $160-180!

Toll deserve to have their business taken is what I'm saying, because they provide a really bad service in my experience.

Outside of parliament*

no I don't.


Yep I would bet that he thinks being in high-vis makes him feel more true blue and more credibile to the Aussie battlers.

Interesting case, like a lot of these companies uniforms what would happen if the uniform was purchased 2nd hand from an OP shop?

Also he didn't show up because he was on stalking charges. Real pleasant fella

It's probably the only shirt he owns!

For there to be cognitive dissonance, he needs to become aware of his 2 incompatible beliefs. There is no cognition going on here..

Neil Erikson is one of the biggest fuckwits in the country

No doubt why he was targeted. But I am a lot more worried about this fascist co-ordination, not seen for at least 80 years in Australia.

Soon there will be union busters on the ground recruiting thugs, and bashing skulls in.

This is where it's headed.

Funny how the right-wing arseholes here always lie about "" the left "" being the ones who incite violence.

Here's a right-wing shithead caught on camera beating on a protestor -- pretty much how it always seems to go.

Some do, airlines in particular, because hostess uniforms are worth a packet because they are in high demand for sex workers

The Bikies should get onto this when they want to go to the pubs together. ;)

Assuming you didn't pay for it, most companies require you to return your uniform when you leave so they should have full control of all their property.

In reality though, nobody ever does and it's not worth the company's time and money chasing it up.

Why don't the company just give them to the workers but claim ownership? They won't be able to track all of them and they probably wouldn't want to, but in instances like this it'd be pretty easy to just order them to return it.