A loose screw

I would shit myself. I would absolutely shit myself.

I’ve never seen something so evil

Did you see that post about putting hotdog water in the ice tray?

the risky part about doing that isn't standing too close.... it's avoiding the pee raining down on you from the guy on the left.

After lifting up the giant screw he should have screamed “nooooo!” As they took off, instead of just turning around.

In mid air I would think,, holy fuckkkkk! I’m dead, but then I would think back to that moment when the dude just grabbed it and turned around all non chalant and I would think ehh he didn’t seem too worried.

Edit: Bolt* lol

Edit: I have been made aware that hex head cap screw* is the correct term


with sound

Didn’t see it but I just legit gagged thinking about it.



He looked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too close for safety there when it launched.


I will never ride one of these in my life.

Have you ever been on one of these?

You were right about your initial mid-air reaction, but you stay frozen there for at least a bounce or two.

It's incredible.

Oh god, you just reminded me - I used to put a couple of those little frozen pizza roll things in the door of the fridge where the ice comes out, so when my brother would go to put ice in his Dr pepper he'd get partially defrosted pizza pockets in his fucking drink, hahaha


I read this as "legit giggity gagged" lol

If it misses by an inch it missed by a mile.

Nailed it

his first mistake was trying to have fun in Ottawa

What an absolute asshole.

Perfect for a carnie!

creepy text-based face that I don’t know how to make


Who puts the drink in before the ice? That's a one-way ticket to Splash Town

Or you get closer ... to the pee.

I was about to do a search for this but then I thought to myself, Neato, aren't you having a pretty good day, do you really want to ruin it?

So I will wait for someone else t ruin my day.

Yo, this is the mother fucking internet. We get to swear as fucking as we god damn please son. None of that censoring bullshit.

One of those rides failed in Ottawa in 98 kid went flying in the air and died.

There is no way I'm ever getting on one.


One of the requirements to work one of these is you have to be a funny a██hole

oh shit you died?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Oh shit bro a screw came loose.....” “OH SHIT WHAT THE FUUUAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!”

One time when I was very overweight, I went on the Superman ride at six flags Maryland. When we were lowering our safety harnesses, they said pull down until we hear a click. Being that I was a big guy, and the ride was old and probably not made for fat people, I didn’t hear mine click. When the lady walked by I said ‘mine didn’t click, can you get it to or do I need to get off?’ To which her response was to half heartedly lean her 90 pound body against the harness and say ‘you’re good.’ Of course, there was no click. Before I had a chance to say ‘nah let me off’ the coaster took off. That was my last roller coaster ride.

After you for can we Weekend-at-Bernies you in one of those?

Edit: after you die

Well i legit giggity giggled at that

this is worse lol

That's ratchet

So you’re saying we all need to buy super sling shots instead of cars to go places


My Dr Pepper has this weird aftertaste guys

My wife and kids got on one of those roller coasters with the sudden launch. Everyone got on, and the guy said, okay, we launch at five, said five...four...oh no, a malfunction! and then launched it.

I'm never going on fucking slingshot rides. EVER. I'm scared of the elastic rope thing snapping (it's happened before...).

These puns are fucking nuts.

Washer language

a██hole, please.

Ehh, they have these at pretty much every major amusement park in the country and this is the first time i've ever heard of a malfunction, you statistically probably have a better chance dying in a car accident than in one of these things.



This one is pretty darn mean too.

Vin Diesel playing a carnie would be a role of a lifetime.

Yeah, he was a weirdo, but his poor drink-based decision skills gave me some great opportunities for laughs

( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)

Terrible thread


seems cruel to inflict that level of terror on someone. making them fully believe they’re about to die

I'm not sure, but I can tell you that was the year the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

Wow 😮 torque it down a notch

Possibly “after you die, can we weekend-at-bernies you into one of those”?



I would have bolted if I saw that

banned from /sub/christianminecraft

What did you say, b*tch?

That dude needs help

Trying to read this, I think either you've had a stroke, or I have.

what the frick

That is terribly hilarious

THIS would legitimately lead to that lol

That happened to me once when I went ziplining. The instructor waited until I stepped off before shouting "shit, wait!" and it scared the shit out of me.

Found the little brother.

I feel like that person would be liable if someone tried to somehow get out thinking they were actually in danger.

Press F to pay respect.

Oddly, that’s exactly how I reddit.


Go back to your room Lenny!

Unlikely to ever snap at the top. Gravity is on your side on the upswing but is working against the ropes on the way dow.

You do realize you might be infecting your ice receptacle with all types of “please heat these things above a certain temperature or you can’t sue us if you get sick and die” kinds of microbes, right?


In August 1998, Jerome Charron, recent graduate of École Secondaire Publique Charlebois, died in a reverse bungee ride accident at the Ottawa Exhibition when he was hurled 40 meters into the air before plummeting to his death after his harness detached. In February 2000, the firm responsible for the ride, Anderson Ventures, was fined $145,000 for this incident. Provincial inspectors had inspected the ride just 4 days before the incident and had approved it.[3]

Those workers always fuck with you.

Worker: so do you guys want us to count down for you?

Me: yeah sure

Worker: ok. So where are you guys from?


I’ll take “Stories Your Therapist Will Hear” for $900, Alex

There is a reason why it's the city with the most reddit users

but then I would think back to that moment when the dude just grabbed it and turned around all non chalant and I would think ehh he didn’t seem too worried.

lol no you wouldn't

Intentional Infliction of Nervous Shock is an actionable civil tort. They could collect damages if they had medical evidence that this intentionally inflicted stress caused them harm. There's no question that this is intentionally inflicted extra stress. If the ride operator does it all the time, it wouldn't be a hard element to prove.

Then they bolted

I've done some pretty horrible things for the evulz but that's just vominous.

I would be legitimately mad if someone ruined my experience like that


Hammer time.

This one just shows minor injuries. If it had snapped at the top of the arc, instead of at the bottom, would have been much worse

Eh, looks like this is the worst of it. In my search though, seen plenty of people dying on roller-coaster rides. Yikes.

Did you just censor asshole?

hahah that would ruin the entire experience for me

Last time I didn't, I got banned from a subreddit

someone else posted the source further down in the comments, apparently it happened in 1998 in Canada

I would have to be paid at LEAST 5,000 dollars to ride one of these things, I might have a heart attack during it though

Good gawd get ready for the gaggle of giggity gigglers

I think I would skip all the carnival and mobile one's. Rather go to a place where I know it is used everyday.

While I'm always up for a good joke, part of the reason we are able to actually enjoy these rides through the fear is because, deep down, we're certain the ride is safe. Something like this can completely remove that sense of safety, which takes this from risky fun to completely terrifying.

I hope they gave him an opportunity for a free ride so he could actually enjoy it.

That was a waterslide built by two guys with zero design experience after every other company they spoke to wouldn’t go near that project with a 10 foot pole.

It really is the wurst


RIP, dude.

Why the fork can't I say fork?


There was a on the harness of a skycoaster as well. The lady didn't die, but you can imagine how terrifying it was. Holy shit.

Woah.. Settle down there, Satan lol

"Oh hell naw"

Nice way to freak them out even more

Man... so good.