A hidden treasure

A hidden treasure

Sometimes we all need a little intervention

I hate how the Idiocracy movie is starting to look more relevant.

Starving people couldn't figure out why their plants wouldn't grow, turns out they had been watering it with Gatorade...

Sprite, what's this nigga made of? That's too crispy.

My son can kill a 2 liter Sprite in 5 minutes but I have to sit down with him and wait 10-15 minutes for him to finish a 20oz bottle of water.

Brawndo the thirst mutilator.

It had electrolytes tho


Yo body needs water, so drink that shit. - D’Mite

That water is good shit

It's got what plants crave

Like in the toilet?

Sprite that shit nigga, I can't blame him.

I'm such an alcoholic i HAVE to drink nothing but water all day

When i chug water i call it prehydrating for how drunk im bout to get tonight

Wait till these Lil guys figure out "water with a lemon wedge" ...

Like Spongebob tho

Water? Like in the toilet?


From now henceforth, the following entry has been added to the sacred texts.

CocaDope 10:7:

That water is good shit

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personally, i hate anything external in my water. all I drink is water and I love the taste of it so much I don't want to try and alter the flavour of it at all.

I worked with a guy who ONLY drank cola. Like 3 cans in an 8 hour shift. I was like man, you must piss corn syrup. Teeth were fucked up too

Plot twist: they live in Flint

Try mixing it with sizurp

Oh I love it, in small doses lol. It burns my throat.

I like to drink water after im doing eating Junk Food. It feels like my body got cleansed of my eating habit sins ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Water, nigga, do you drink it?

If he likes that, we can't wait to tell him about oxygen.

I never realized that was the perfect word for it. Sprite is crispy as hell.

Or it's rehydrating from how drunk you got last night.