A handy guide to Turkish political parties

A handy guide to Turkish political parties

"I am the Senate!"

There can be only (Erdo)one.

Hand on heart Check

Distance view Check

National flag Check

This is literally true right now

He controls the parliment

He can use the SoE to publish any laws etc he wants and no one can do anything about it

He was involved in money laundering scheme (Isles of Man) and since he controls the law they said “The documents are legit, but we can’t do shit”

others want Erdogone

There can be only 1 Sultan

It's only missing a stylized worker and a cheering family to be the perfect propaganda poster.

Because he ain't a lot of Erdofun.

We never were a true democracy at all. we never fought for right to vote nor democracy. all came from top by atatürk. common folk never understood the value of democracy and importance of their voice.

Enough of the Erdopun.

Look how proud it is to has it's precious on its hand.

Yes! We can name it Constantinople!

Unfortunetly his fall may bring chaos for a while. He sucks dick but I doubt the uneducated portion of Turkey (Aka Mideast/Eastern side of Turkey, Southeastern Turkey) may not learn their lesson.

I am the Sultan!

Erdogan used to be the mayor of Istanbul.

It will be fun to watch his fall

There is already a tool in the picture

Let's not forget a blonde child holding a common tool

the times of a democratic turkey are long gone. :-(

Can Istanbul be its own country? That would be nice.

Edit: I have been informed that I should change this to Ionia and Thrace should be there own country, since apparently AKP is supported by half of Istanbul.

Chuckles in Ottoman

Deus Vult?

Are you threatening me, master jedi?

Just think about the possibilities. Give Greece Istanbul and demand a referendum wanting to join entire Greece back to Turkey... And bam entire Greece falls into Turkish hands. Repeat the: 'Give Istanbul to nation x and demand a referendum' a couple more times.... And bam entire balkans falls into the hands of the Turks without bloodshed.

Long Live Democracy!!!

He would hang Erdogan and all of the fake imams, which have seen increase thanks to Erdogan...

Those fake imams promote Erdogan and are against education. One was even saying things like:'Why would you want to learn English? In the afterlife nobody talks English.'

These guys are seriously mentally ill... Their followers are equally sick...

Ive had Erdonough

Greeks would become a minority in their country

'One man to rule them all.'

This sounds strangely familiar.

How do I give gold without paying?


Oh of course!

Look how swag he is. The eternal sultan smiles upon us. Praise joko Erdo

Thanks. This really made my understanding of the situation in Turkey much clearer.

Fix you institutions so they can work without some strongman.

Edit: I just looked it up and I am really sorry. Your political system is completly retarted. Jesus. Two enteties, one extra district, the cantons are gouverments too for some reason(?) but exist only in the federation and part of the power is still with the international community? Plus three presidents that change every eight months? Who came up with that? How can this country work?

you have a point there. while european countries fought hard for their democracies, some turks don't really understand the importance of this concept of freedom of speech, human rights and democracy.

Sure there will be a power vacuum for a while after all he gathered all the power to himself no doubt about that the days after him will be a chaos.Lets hope there wont be another erdo

We're taking it back!

It's treason then autistic 920 degrees spin

I was very angry when i read how many turks vote pro erdogan whilst living their life in the EU..

Have you ever heard the tragedy of darth Atatürk the wise?

Being German it's fair to say that we fought pretty hard against democracy before we were finally whipped into it, kicking and screaming.

An Ottoman?

This whole Turkey thing is an alternate universe where Gollum gets to keep the ring.

It is not a story the ottomans would tell you.


Time for a crusade boys

He lost the referendum there, first time in over 2 decades he lost Istanbul.

Though he would probably win an election there, as the opposition is way to divided.....

You are under arrest!

what an insult to cockroaches.

I've erdonough.

Was this a Star Wars Senate reference?

Believe me, that is out of the question with the unthinkable... Having three simultaneous presidents

But is he held by a chi- oh no

Turkey needs another Ataturk, that guy slaughtered Turkey's govermet into a democracy and he would do the same to Erdogan.

I‘d be cautious with those jokes, so if you see Erdorun

It’s treason then

With thunderous applause.

More like a pussy on a pedestal

Yup, and one of them is a fucking maniac that supports Paramilitary units that entered Srebrenica and killed 8000 civilians

I thought that was already going on in Iraq and Syria? Or do you want to take over Jerusalem? I don't think the Jews will accept that.

Without the Emperor Sultan, there is nothing,... And we would have no purpose...

Whatever the Emperor Sultan's will is, be sure it will find you out.

While the enemies of the Emperor Sultan still draw breath, there can be no peace.

True justice is quite simply the will of the Emperor Sultan.

The enemies of the Emperor Sultan fear many things. They fear discovery, defeat, despair and death. Yet there is one thing they fear above all others. They fear the wrath of the Space Marines Erdogan followers!

So this is how democracy dies.

All jokes aside this is an amazing high quality photo

Not yet!

Believe me we are too. Fucking assholes. I still don't get why you should be influencing the politics if you don't live here.

I mean we even have the eye of sauron...

I mean we even have the ...

me too. yet here we are.

To be fair ever since the existence of the first Turk we've always wanted to conquer as much as possible... Wait isn't that the trait of all civilizations? To expand and rule?

I only made a joke, there is no possibility that it could work in the real world, but I did mention without bloodshed ;) .

Besides looking at the corrupt politicians of the Balkans, the difference for them living there would be minimal. They have their own Erdogans to contempt with...

that whould be funny and sad

Could you please not compaire these two system? One is arresting people for commiting heresy against their leader, bombing places because they do act against them and are doing everything to damage relations with other powers, the other one is the Imperium of Man.

I'd do anything for Bosnian democracy and Turkish non-democracy to switch places.

Our country is such a fucking mess, only a guy with absolute power could fix it

How can one have a gigantic palace but not be a Sultan?

Do they really think the afterlife/heaven has a certain language? Is god a turk?

What jokes? I have made Erdonone!

Good joke but someone should still make a true one for Turkey because im too lazy.

For the greater part of history, Turkey (or it's predecessors) played a vital role in European geopolitics.

could we add u to greece that might make that country stable

Megali Idea suddenly doesn't sound so bad, eh?

So you can sack it again? What will you get this time, 3rd bridge?

That's because the opposition can't unite. they barely beat him in the referendum, with something like 51%.

This 51% includes hippie leftist, traditional Kemalists, far-right nationalists and Kurds. Good luck getting these people to agree on one person to vote for. They hate each other as much as they hate Erdogan.

This could be funnier if done for real, honestly.


And now you just vote for the same person over and over again!

The turkish thirst for conquest wil never sees to amaze me.

Ironic... he could save others from decadence, but not himself.


But to be fair, it's not our fault that we build ourselves a nice EU here and now everyone want's to come and hang out.

You'd have to ask Germany to pay for it.

Works most of the time, but you'll have to listen to some grumbling.

How do I give gold without paying?

They probably think they have to speak Arabic. Seeing how the Arabification of Turkey got us in the mess when we were the Ottomans, now they want to go back to that mess...

But anyone with at least 2 braincells comprehends that it wouldn't matter what kind of language you speak in this world. Most people can't speak Arabic, does that mean we all go to hell? Besides in the Qur'an it states that every part of your body will speak in the afterlife... Nowhere does it mention that you require a language, only to be a good person.

Its in the lore that the emperor came from anatolia.. there is no such thing as coincidence

It's a necessary evil in NATO but there is no way they let him in in EU now.

Hello to the 19th century, this is the 21st century. Don't do irredentism, it ends badly.

What joke?

I think you should take Berlin, London, Stockholm, Brussels, Paris and Oslo back from Muslims first. Then you can try to take İstanbul back from us.

Their population would almost be tripled as well

No, Constantinople should be enough.

You guys have 3 presidents?

Yeah, that way at least there's a chance for change.

Could you please tell me what you swallow/sniff/inject yourself with? Because that shit is potent.

Before Erdogan came into power Turkey was self sufficient in food. Now we're importing cowmeat from SINGAPORE

How on fucking Earth can you import MEAT from a country that is less than half of Istanbul?

Did you know that the Turks work the longest hours? And yet they're not even at the same productivity as workers in Germany/USA. The reason for that is we don't have much automatisation! We as a people don't like technology much.

Do you remember when a girl won the gameshow run by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey with organic Hoşaf, which was a recipe that is literally hundreds of years old?! How can you beat technology with something that mundane?!

She beat a guy who engineered a portable (electrical) Physical therapy device!

I'm not even talking about the Isle of Man papers where his corruption was confirmed and the prosecution stopped!

BTW the Turkish blockade of Wikipedia still hasn't been lifted! I can go on and on for hours!!!

15.030.000 officially most people believe its like 18-19.000.000 because students, people who move a lot etc., they don't register in İstanbul, and there's a lot of them.

If you count Kocaeli (as its kinda close enough) then its 16.800.000 officially.