A guy like this 😩

A guy like this 😩

Terrible Photoshop

Post is fake. No one would say no to Elon. Also, post is fake. Did I mention that already?

What kind of idiot says no to Elon? I'm not even gay and I would say yes.

needs more photoshop

Pretty obvious that it's a fake.

He does it on Minecraft like other visionaries.

photoshop is hilarious, especially when emulated in MS Paint....

No shit. You think Elon Musk is trying to hook up on social media? It's obviously a joke.

Shouldn't Elon do some nice guy rant like "there'll be no sluts on mars"

Something looks fishy. Is it Fake?

You wish 4chan, you wish.

no youre not that's /u/terryleopard

Hmmm... All good and valid points. But honestly, I think the post is fake!

I don't see a difference...

Not if he wants anyone to go.

That's the same pic. Go away

$20 billion is $20 billion

I'm literally the guy in the pic

I wouldn't say no to that 😩

Belongs in /sub/choosingbeggars