A good plan for your senior photos...

A good plan for your senior photos...

That trigger discipline though.

She's not pregnant?

Defying the odds...

Maybe if she got that c section in 1534 by a dude using a battle axe and possessing no knowledge of human anatomy.

That's the real sexy thing here


10/10 would still bang when she turns 18. - Roy Moore

I could be wrong but it looks like she has a c-section scar on her stomach so.......

Where exactly do you think the uterus is?

Shouldn't she at least have worn matching bathing suit bottoms?

Look at them diiiirrrty feet...

Hey she made it this far without getting knocked up, that seems like plenty of reason to celebrate....with a new firearm?

Wow dude that’s not where a c-section scar goes at all

I think she was just wearing far too tight pants and didn’t wait long enough for the waist band imprint to disappear.

I mean, that's possible

C section scars run right along where the top of her panties are. For future reference.

I can't believe it's not butter.

Or that could be where the skin creases a bit when she sits

I don’t think it’s necessarily just the gun, but the combination of the gun and bikini for senior photos. It seems wildly inappropriate.

Being a gun owner is trashy?

Some of us just love our freedoms and 'Murica. Ya'll are just goddamn Commies.

I can't believe someone is seriously going to use this as a senior photo

Tbh though. Can every picture with guns be considered trashy? It's not like she's aiming at the camera and guns are legal and a hobby to a lot of people.

That poor scope tho... holding a real gun like a cosplay of a ff8 gunblade


csection scars are below, unless I have also had a child! I look like that (guy).

that vignette really gives it that special touch

Or at least get permission from her mother first- Roy Moore

Seriously though. If you know your feet are being photographed, get a god damn pedicure.

I think it's more of them being her high school senior photo while only wearing a bathing suit. The gun doesn't help though lol

Okay, where do you think the uterus is located? Hint: it's not above your liver. That's just all kinds of /sub/badwomensanatomy. That's from her sitting down and not giving the redness a chance to dissipate before taking the picture.

Redneck isn't a race

I think the only way to improve it is if one boob of the bathing suit was confederate and the other one was American...

You gun nuts make me laugh so damn much.

This is backcountry-ass Vermont, shit like this just happens.

But is she? An American flag does not mean you’re supporting your troops. I don’t understand why you so adamantly want to defend her? Give it a rest, do you know her personally?

I don’t understand why you care so much about defending her, if 49/50 states (and other countries) agree it’s trashy or at the very least odd, it probably is. Why would Floridians get a pass

‘twas was a lung baby

Apparently taking a picture while holding a gun is trashy. I guess I just don’t get it. But I’m from Alberta, which is the Texas of Canada.

Holy shit I know someone who looks that that. Also she should not be holding the gun like that. The weight is on the scope and that’s usually not good.