A good boy getting that beach body

This fills me with joy!

The dog is actually the victim of a brain parasite

My family used to have an incredibly intelligent Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who reached the height of her intellectual capabilities at around the same time that my mother started getting into yoga. She - my mother, I mean, not the dog - would spend about an hour a day going through poses in the living room, and after my brother and I eventually asked what she was doing, we got invited to join her for a session.

"This will look easy," my mother told us, "but it's actually very difficult. It's called 'Downward Dog.'" She adopted a position that looked rather like a contortionist's attempt at emulating the letter A, keeping all of her limbs straight and her chin tucked against her chest. My brother and I did our best to emulate her motions, but it turned out that she had been right: The pose was actually pretty damned difficult to get right.

As my mother held her stance and her sons struggled to mirror it, our dog came trotting into the room. She took one look at us, then pushed her front paws out and extended her hind legs... almost exactly mimicking what my mother had done (and what my brother and I had failed to do).

My mother happily insists that the dog just wanted to participate, but I maintain that she was mocking us.

TL;DR: I had a dog that made fun of my family's attempts at yoga.

When I join my first workout class at the gym

Really working their labs

But it comes with a free frogurt!

Ooh - that's bad.

Ooh - that's good!

Ooh - that's neutral.






The dog is having the most enjoyable workout ever.

But you can only get the plain stuff.

When I've taken four hits of acid and am peaking in the back yard looking up at the clear blue kaleidoscope sky.

I jumped to the end purely because of the possibility of 1998.

Edit: I have lost the ability to type a near coherent sentence.

But the dog has a bag of trail mix he can put into the frogurt!

But the trail mix has m&ms in it. This kills the dog.

K-90X workout

Ooh - that's bad.


Behind every doggo doing bicycle crunches is a proud owner looking to pick up chicks.



'Paw-laties'... Yeah, I just made that comment on the /sub/aww posting. Look, if people are gonna X-post gifs I'm sure as heck doodles gonna X-post my comment!


He's doing his best to keep pup with them.


be the change you want to see in the world



He's dead anyway.

Been spelling that wrong for 3 decades :/

Hasn't happened to me in a while.....but it could happen at any moment if we let our guard down.

Lol he's doing those bicycle crunches better than any of those girls in the background.

I hope you're not going off that spelling

I love golden retrievers so much.

Ooh - that's healthy

Aw look Lana!! He thinks he's human.

He thinks he's people!

Not serious, goldens do this all the time

For real, though. Where's the trainer? None of the women in the video have good form.

I remember doing P90X all the way back. Just got a hold of one their videos through one of the internet's services and went at it. At first it was really hard, but then with time I could keep up with 80% of each routine. Had me drenching in sweat by the end of it everytime... But, I didn't really gain much from it. I was hovering around the same weight and hadn't really gotten any muscular-er. I didn't know what I was doing wrong. Maybe I had to go 100% for it to work. But then I realized the host guy kept yammering about his diet. It was the fucking diet. LENTIL SOUP! Christ almighty.

Edit: When I said muscular-er I meant that thin muscle look. I knew it's not for bulking.

Was waiting for the undertaker, something about this style of writing.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Disappointed this isn't a thing.

Upvoted for good yarn.

This made me smile, I needed that today. Thank you

yes, this is a perfectly healthy dog scratching its back having a good time, you can relax, no dog-go-crazy illness here

Ooooo- That dog a mine!

90% of the time, it's always the diet

You didnt wait long enough! You cant be a maverick in a reddit thread! Youll get someone killed that way!

This kills the dog.

Glad I wasn't the only one who fixated on that

Oh, I'm far from forgotten!

Hell, just this morning, a user named /u/hated_in_the_nation remembered me!

13/10 would give belly rubs

It's my wife

G Y M B O Y E wants to be vvvvvv slim but pepol are goin to give him more schmackos after watchin this heck

Need to burn off all those schmackos

The frogurt contains potassium benzoate.

That's bad.

Dude p90x is basically cardio. If you want gains, you need to lift, not do high kicks and burpees in your living room. And yes, abs are made in the kitchen.

But they charged him sales tax, delivery fee and other hidden fees that were in the fine print

Can I leave now?

another Golden owner here. the goodboy in this clip is squirming around because he's trying to reach his leash so he can chew on it but doesn't want to take the time to roll over until he's forced to, whereupon he gets a little stuck lol. my guy does goofy shit like this all the time.

you can see where he gets some dirt in his eye toward the end and immediately wipes it out with the quickness.

it's funny because it's total coincidence that this syncs up with the ab exercise but it's definitely not the dog trying to emulate the nearby humans if anyone is wondering that.

Meh, fuck that guy.

Technically, your mother was mimicking the dog.

Barkum Yoga

The Downward facing dog position is literally what does do when they want to play.

Your dog wasn't mocking you, your dog saw you doing a play bow and reciprocated.

She was probably pissed you didn't play with her!


Can confirm, my golden does this every other time he goes outside, and also after long walks

But the trail mix is only cashews and those stale bananas.

To become... Labrathor

its dangerous to roam threads nowadays, you never know when he'll show up

PEOPLE. He thinks he's PEOPLE!

7th comment until the word doggo on a front page dog gif... Things are slowly improving.

Lol me too. I quickly checked the username halfway through the comment thinking "Not this time dude." Boy was I wrong.

I see cats and dogs doing all sorts of surprising things on the internet. Meanwhile, my dog just barks and eats its own shit when I'm not looking.

I feel I've missed a meme that's evolved recently...

That's bad





pack pets

This is me getting tickled on the tummy

When I lived near the beach there was this insanely ripped, guy that would work out and his dog would either join him in a similar way or would sit and watch him. It looked like some kind of healer. I can't tell you how many tourists would stand, around the guy and take photos/videos of his, dog.

I haven't seen either of them in a few years. I always wonder what happened to them.

Great, now my joy is leaking everywhere

If I die, tell my wife...


Exactly. Can't let it happen again. Head on a swivel y'all

Username checks out.

Mmmm tabouleh

Easier to just see the change you want to be in the world...and then complain about it.

It's okay, this is just a Xenomorph about to emerge from it's host. It's pretty beautiful, circle of life.

Shame when reddit stalwarts like /u/RamsesThePigeon are forgotten simply because of that one time that Undertaker blah blah blah...


I think I like them more than any creature on the planet.

I don't know if you are serious or just fucking with my feelings...

Same. Came here just to comment that.


No. He speaks B O Y E linguistics.

That one just got removed because there's an instagram link in the imgur description. So you're good! I don't get why /sub/aww is so against linking social media sources.

What drives a man to be neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?

Thanks! I've told stories about that dog before, if you'd like to read another!



90% of the time, it works everytime.

It had been a while since I had seen him post about that wonderful day so I was thinking the same. I miss the jumper cable guy though havnt seen him in a while

Brain parasite has already been reported.

He's got you so punked he gets you even when he's not around.

Got me too lmao.

Milk chocolate actually isn't all that bad for dogs. They would have to eat like, more than a lot to get more than a stomach ache. It's dark chocolate that messes them up most, and it still takes a good bit.

This is a euphoria no drug can induce