A German Shepherd puts a paternal paw over his son, 1948

A German Shepherd puts a paternal paw over his son, 1948
A German Shepherd puts a paternal paw over his son, 1948

This honestly reminds me of the dogs I had growing up. German Shepherd are fiercely loyal dogs and very smart. We adopted a Mom, Dad, and a puppy. The mom unfortunately died at a young age due to escaping the fence and being hit by a car. Anyway, The Dad would always sit by his son after that and put his paw over him almost as if holding him in a Fatherly embrace. Very cool stuff!

I like to think they were taking this photo knowing it was Father's Day.

"People are going to love this in like 70 years."

This^ It's too cool to see that level of emotion and embrace in animals. Makes you think

Don't ever talk to me or my pup ever again.

Only a fool would believe that animals don't have feelings and emotions as deep as anything felt by humans.

My German Shepherds would ALWAYS use their paws to rest on the person they associated with the most. We had a few and my dad knew how to train them to be loyal to different people... we all had our own Shepherd who would sit on your foot if you were near them NO matter what. or put their paw up on you if you were low enough to the ground.

Such intelligent animals. Just went over to my dads for fathers day and it made me miss all of them, nice pic!

They look so different from today's Shepard's. I'd love to have seen the color of their coats!

That's what I was thinking. Their bodies look so much better proportioned and sturdy. It makes you realize how leggy and almost weird they look now in comparison. I bet they don't have that weird slope when they're viewed in profile, either.

If anything I would say that animals probably feel emotions more intensely. We have the capability to suppress emotions through reason. To choose a slightly trite example, an animal cannot get over its fear of death by imagining a benevolent creator and an afterlife. It cannot come to terms with its situation, it can only experience it in the most immediate of senses.

They may have less complex reasons for why they feel emotions, but the emotions themselves still grip them like any of ours do.

That is bred into them, and it sucks. I kinda feel like this isn't from 1948 tho, it's just a jokey title.

Oi! Be nice!

This is why things like animal abuse and abandonment get to me so bad. The animal has no idea why this is happening. They can't reason. They don't think "Master is probably having a bad day" or "My humans couldn't feed me so they gave me away". They just know that someone they love is neglecting them or leaving them behind.

Some emotion comes with a certain level of intelligence, but I agree that many animals have brains and general systems that correlate with humans and show the same results to neglect, reward etc. as humans

We're talking about dogs you mongoloid. Humans have been hit by cars as well, and humans are a hell of a lot smarter than dogs.

-GSD, probably

*Do always

We always called it the 'Paw of Possession' ;D

You'd be surprised at the level of detail captured by film cameras under the right circumstances. This could easily be a scanned negative.

1948 is a terrible dog name.

I think you meant Paw-thers Day

Yea, I remember reading that dogs were one of the few animals that have evolved with humans long enough to actually emotionally interact with people. So if your dog sees you crying it will come lick your hands. Your iguana, maybe not.

You're probably right about the picture being more recent however this still looks like a relatively well kept bred of German shepherd.

She was smart because she knew how to avoid the fence, but how could a dog know to look both ways?

This is such s heartbreaking statement. How anyone could hurt an innocent, trusting animal (or an innocent, trusting human for that matter), is beyond me.

in fact this is from 1948, here's the source that op took the photo from, also you couldn't be more wrong in the idea that old film cameras lacked resolution and clarity.

Don't know the provenance of this image but it's likely an old studio still shot by a professional photographer.

I'm guessing maybe 'Flame', he is one of the dogs that appeared as Rin-Tin-Tin in the late 40's. Or, possibly one of the Rin-Tin-Tin dogs from the 1950's TV show ... it had a short story arc with a 'Mrs' Rin-Tin-Tin and puppies. Both dogs had that faded, black saddle with fawn colored coat -- it was easier to light for filming than the dark sable coat of the original Rinty from the 1920's.

A tip-off on why it's a pro shot. Note the use of an off-camera fill-in flash from the upper left -- it casts a shadow of the ears on the door. All the sun-lit shadows are from the upper right. Look at the shadows under the window sill and to the dog's shadows at the lower left.

Fill flash with those old flash bulbs was pretty tricky to get correct. It's used to fill in the shadows on a subject. It's a somewhat advanced method and not something a GWC* would do with a Kodak Brownie camera. Another tip-off is the crisp, accurate focus with a lot of depth of field (everything from front to back is in focus). It's another indication of professional-grade equipment.

TL;dr -- a cute, promotional shot of a pair of German Shepherds.

*GWC : Guy/Gal With Camera, generally in the pejorative sense

"Just think of the fake Internet points this will gain."

That's actually a very recent thing. When I was a kid in the 90s they didn't have that slope at all. 2010 is the first time I saw it.

In the train station security guys were making their rounds with their German Shepard. It was walking really funny, I was sure it was limping, and was wondering why they were putting a limping dog to work. A week later I saw the same dog and it still had that limp, that's when I noticed its hind legs were abnormally short. Since then I haven't seen a properly proportionate shepard.

It's really sad, they used to be so beautiful, now they almost look handicapped.

You'd be surprised at the quality of old pictures. These 1942 Dauntless Dive Bombers look amazing.

EDIT: Wrong plane, rip.

You'd be surprised at the quality of old pictures.

EDIT: Wrong plane, rip.

not 'Pards', 'Herds'. As in Sheep Herding ... their original job. ;D

You can still get the original and correct structure in the German Shepherds bred as working dogs.

The sloping back end is an affectation of the show ring. Some idiot conformation judge decided he liked that look. In order to win, people started breeding for the that look and now the American GSD is a butt-dragging, hock-walking, fearful mess.

The German show lines seem determined to follow that inbred, frightful path.

It has to be post-1952. If you look closely at the hinge you can see five segments. Those didn't come along until after the war. But then they stopped making them during the OPEC oil shortages, so the photo probably isn't real recent, either.

"One day son, we'll reap that sweet sweet karma."

There was an older gentleman who had a working-bred GSD. He was a gorgeous beast, much bigger than my GSD, massive feet, and solid as a rock. No slope. He was pure GSD apparently came from Europe? Only problem was he needed to eat half a sheep a day. I have no idea how this guy fed him but he was the most beautiful, healthy looking dog I've ever seen.

You say always, but that sounds like the Reddit "always". Let's see a pic.

Was... was your dad Ned Stark?


Yes! lol the would totally be like

you are mine now

Well that Koko (the ape that knows sign language and can talk to people) loved people. His favorite show to watch on TV was Mr Rogers. And you can find videos on YouTube of Rogers visiting Koko and Koko was just sooo happy to see Rogers.

After Mr Rogers passed away and Koko found out. Koko got very sad and depressed cause she lost somebody she loved. Animals have just as deep as feelings as humans

I don't know enough about door hinges to dispute this, so I have no choice but to believe you.

I see you've added an 'x'

That sounds amazing. It looks like your dad gifted each of you with an animal as protector. That's rad.

Any idea how he trained them?

Inbreeding is the result of poor breeder practices, and that's down to the lack of proper regulation and oversight in most countries. It's not endemic to the "breed" of dog -- Shepherds are fairly healthy dogs. But they're big dogs, which means they don't live as long. If you want an example of a dog with inbred problems -- look at a pug. That characteristic "pug face" means they are oxygen-deprived their entire life. They're literally suffering brain damage from the moment they are born. That is an example of inbreeding to the point of lunacy.

Mostly food. lol We each had to feed them to maintain the companionship. Later when my dad fed all of them, they would all sit around him. I could still call one over and they would sit with me, but by default he was their's at that time.

As far as training for individual tricks that's all about repetition and rewards. Being able to tell when the animal is calm enough to take in information and when they just want to run around helps but that takes training too haha. Shepherds make it kinda easy compared to raising other dogs.

Why is there this false preconception that cameras from a few decades ago were bad quality? There are plenty of photos from at least as far back as the 1890s that are virtually indistinguishable from​ modern ones in terms of resolution.

Happy Father's day everyone!

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Iguana send my lizard to a pet therapist.

I think the perception comes from the bad resolution if early digital cameras.

It actually depends on which bloodline they're from! American and West German lines will have the slope far more often due to show standards, but East German and former USSR lines will still have the sturdy build. My parents' girl is built like a damn truck and her parents were East German :D


Really worries me to be honest. Like if many animals are capable of similar emotions and feelings to humans, the way we have treated them throughout our history is an atrocity that puts the holocaust to shame. Not that I'm going to stop eating chicken wings or throw out my Jew skin lamp. Just really makes you think.

My German shepherds are built like these dogs. They really haven't changed that much. The sloped hips is more of a show dog type of thing, rather than for pets or working dogs

pure bred dogs are fine, puppy farms are not. Thats the way I look at it. If you are a farmer or someone that is interested in a certain dog for such and such breed specifics there will always be an outstanding breeder to go through.

Edit Not all pures are fine, I'm talking about working dogs, not vanity dogs (teacups, english bull dogs, etc)

Great point

How do we know this? As far as I'm aware it's a meaningless statement either way.

This cute picture made me sad cus both these dogs are dead 😢

So a banana must have even similar feelings to us as well.

TIL Reddit thinks you should only adopt from shelters and dogs should be bred more responsibly.

Not picking on you but the shelter circle jerk that goes on here sometimes would literally put good breeders out of business if everyone followed it.

Almost all working lines, which there's plenty of in the states and in germany, don't have the sloped back and are very sturdy.

This is how you know you are dumb. You think you can know things without anyway to actually know it.

How to you meter emotions? For all we know all animals feel deeper emotion than we do.

/sub/aww meets /sub/oldschoolcool

My family had a GSD like that from a breeder in Texas back in 2007. She was huge and lacked that slope, but damn was she sharp. Honestly made me love shepherds more than any other breed growing up with her.

There's so much breeding across the spectrum for looks that don't benefit the animal at all. This is just one example.

He looks very paw-ternal

not all pure bred dogs are fine. Pugs are not a 'fine' breed, they're unhealthy and cruel. Pure bred sporting/working breeds are fine, most of the time, but not pure breeds designed for show or aesthetics.

We know? Huh, I know something guys.

My first thought was wondering how many dog generations ago this was taken. Probably the equivalent of a person in the 1800's.

Don't talk to me or my son ever again

Wow I've never known about the 'Pard's" and "herds" that's actually a really cool fact :D

Yah I know all about the stupid sloping back :( they usually have the most medical problems :( there's a newer breed style of them that's being bred with narrow hips that will mostly be used as police dogs.

The dogs in Europe must just be bigger than their American counterparts. I saw a Great Dane at the farmer's market who was way bigger than any Dane I've ever seen in my life and when talking to his owners they said they got him in France.

"This. This is mine"

Foooooood. Who ever regularly feeds the animal owns the animal :p I've had exceptions with cats but all my life that has been true with dogs. It takes a long time if you don't do it from adoption

I just want to to look back and realize that these dogs are dead, the kid's sons are prolly dead too.

It's kind of like the term barbarian.

Thats a great photo, thanks for sharing!

I love german shepards, I wish they wernt so inbred though. Always get such problems late in life. Need some new stock :|

whoa what the fuck this is amazing

Not me, just some crazy stalker who's been following me around for a few months now :)

That account is 22h old.

Do yourself a favor and google Ansel Adams.