A "gently used" SpaceX rocket is for sale on Craigslist.

A "gently used" SpaceX rocket is for sale on Craigslist.

How cool would it be to have that thing.

Gently used orbital rocket in good condition. Fully loaded with onboard flight computer, launch and landing hardware. Take off and land anywhere! 9X Merlin engines each capable of producing 200k lb.ft of thrust. Just fuel it up and it's ready to go. Says Falcon 9 on the body, slight burnt paint can be buffed out.

Must bring own tug boat, no shipping. Asking $9,900,000 or best offer. Do not lowball, this is an orbital capable autonomous rocket. You will not find another one like it.

Serious buyers only.

Before I make an offer on this let me call a buddy of mine that knows about used SpaceX rockets

"take off and land anywhere" is the only part I believe. Oh you will take off, and land...anywhere.

North Korea: "Wait, I know what we can use this for...."

U.S.: "Well shit."

I'll have to clean it up and store it for a while. Best I can do is $5,000.00

Well, I was hoping for at least $2.5M, but I feel I got a decent price here.

Turns out that it is just an RV septic tank

Jokes on them it returns home after being launched

9m is a steal for a rocket like that!

Is it from a non smoking house? Otherwise not interested.

"No lowballers, I know what I have"

I'm confused because the content of what you're saying makes it sound like you like the Falcon 9, but the way you said it makes it sound like you don't.

You will land over there, and over there, and a little over there, and some waaaaay over there.

Lucky for them, you need your own tug boat and there’s no shipping!

It's for a Church honey! NEXT!

Plus, unlike most of NK's stuff, it actually works effectively.

The poor UPS guy who will have to deliver that...

I'll take the family out for a nice dinner

Is this the rocket they accidentally recovered / failed to crash into the ocean?


Yep. They must really be out of hangar space.

Someone wanna go splits with me? I have a nice place to put this.

Well that's ONE way to solve the NK issue.

NK nukes itself into oblivion

That's why it's not real. $10mil is a steal for that kind of R&D and proven hardware.

We call them Boeing bombs

I will! I've got $10 if you can pick up the rest.

If this is real wont some foreign agency like a competing space company just buy it and reverse engineer it?

Is it a puppy!?!?

no no no I'm not interested in paying any money, just I have this field that would look a lot better with a giant rocket on it.

I dont think the United States government would appreciate Space X providing some of the most advanced rocket technologies to date to foreign nations like NK or China etc. I think youre confusing Space X with Tesla when they released all their patents a couple years back to try and standardise the electric car industry as a kind of "fuck you" to petroleum companies.

Fully loaded with onboard flight computer,

But can you run Doom on it?

Could you imagine trying to gift wrap that for someone? It definitely wouldn’t be obvious.

They were literally planning on it being destroyed, hanger space was probably allocated to another newer rocket as soon as this was rolled out to prep for launch.

Alexa! Update my home address to Pyongyang! Do it now for chrisakes!

“Aww, thanks mom!!! I always wanted a gently used fully loaded orbital rocket! Everyone’s gonna be so jealous when I bring this to show & tell...”

He's commenting on the article that (apparently jokingly) makes it sound like if you buy this thing you can just hope around with it, taking off and landing wherever you want.

Ah right. Reading stuff before posting.

Uhhh, no, that's a space peanut.

People call Doom old Doom. I am old.