A friend found this in a Target parking lot when he opened his door to get out.

A friend found this in a Target parking lot when he opened his door to get out.

Young woman had a meltdown

It's good for her

High school post break up meltdown.

Someone either grew up and threw away their past, or someone's heart got broken.

Car stolen. Thief had better taste than crush hoarder. Thief did kid a favor.

This must be a meltdown from the 90s

Otherwise she would just throw her phone with the pics app open

Thats some weird shit. The hair makes it

From the graduating class of 1997?

The guy in the school picture grew up to become the woman in the other puctures. They were outed. Somebody showed up with this box of evidence to give to a guy who had no idea he was dating a guy. The unsuspecting man then threw the evidence on the ground and stormed off.

Serial killer lost his collection.

Outside: Meet me at the gym, and don't open this until you get there!

Inside: I'm not coming, because we're not working out.

physical photos, especially polaroids, are pretty trendy right now. people will take photos of the physical photos and post them on instagram.

The ritual is complete.

i found a bag of crystal meth when i got out of my car at cvs once. i got so much stuff done over the next 3 days.

Oddly enough, my mom still has a little hair from my dad in her desk drawer...It's been there for at least 21 years.

That's oddly specific

I'm still pulling my ex wife's hair out of the shower drain. That's kind of the same thing, right?

What's the note say?

Yeah, it sounds romantic but OP's Mom killed her husband.

That's pretty romantic actually. I still have the first beard I ever grew in a bottle.

You grew your beard in a bottle?


If I could grow beards in a bottle The first thing that I'd like to do... Is to save every shave til the bottle is filled up with hair Then I'd give it to you


Put an ad on Craigslist and I bet they will give an in-person reward!


Snorting random barely identified powder found in parking lots? Yeah, I'll stick to weed

The polaroid in the middle pretty much shows the evolution of this relationship alongside the technology, as they are visibly younger.

i thought it was cocaine at first which i have done numerous times but when i tasted it i knew it wasnt so i took it to our mechanic at the shop i worked at who told me what it was. i did a little bump and that got me going for a few hours. fast forward almost 3 days of no sleep and me getting a shitload of stuff done i finally ran out and thats the only time i've ever bothered with the stuff. i felt super gross after i ran out.

This is the most plausible answer.

I had a box with memories of my ex-fiancé in it like this. Pictures, love letters, pair of panties, etc. It helped me remember that someone loved me once.

Why not?

XcQ stays blue!

lol this is the WTF I come here for.

Nice try, rick

I'm from the class of 97. Cannot confirm meltdown 😶

And cut off her ponytail?

They're probably "bitches" to you because you're a piece of shit.

Classic MO of most car jackers

Fucking white girls

all her memories and cherished items

....A lock of hair and pictures of the same guy?

Did he sign his school picture?