A First Step - Wizards Takes Action for Violations of Code of Conduct

A First Step - Wizards Takes Action for Violations of Code of Conduct
A First Step - Wizards Takes Action for Violations of Code of Conduct

If anyone is wondering, since the article doesn't mention him by name, MTGHQ was issued a lifetime ban.

EDIT: MTGHQ and Travis Woo were issued bans (lifetime and one year, respectively). Check out the Suspended DCI Memberships page for proof: https://magic.wizards.com/en/content/suspended-dci-memberships

As someone who stepped into Gamergate at the start like a fucking idiot thinking it was actually about better journalism and slowly realised and watched as it morphed into T_D 0.5, I just... holy shit. It's really great to see this community and Wizards stepping up against people like this, and I'm really fucking glad I'm not one of those people any more.

It's almost like there's consequence for how you act irl

To me, banning Travis Woo was an even more significant action than banning Jeremy Hambly. It sets a clear precedent that if you create a community for the purpose of being offensive, you do in fact share responsibility for the consequences.

Today, I shall take action and buy some additional Magic product.

On the bright side, some of them are saying they are quitting Magic because of this. Good riddance.

Started the Magic for Bad group on Facebook and either didn't pay attention to it or ignored some pretty unpleasant posts. Either way, he facilitated it even if he wasn't participating outright.

This announcement makes this tweet where MTGHQ seems to be celebrating the fact that he hasn't been banned yet so much more enjoyable

'You know where to find us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. We are listening.'

RIP Reddit

And tried to lie about it after Emma Handy posted screen shots of a ladies of MTG "Draft"

Also, actively participated in it.

Great! Jeremy was banned for life, good riddance.

"Consequences schmonsequences" no longer applies.

Thank you to Christine Sprankle and to others who have spoken up. At least in this situation there is some good which comes out of that.

Travis Woo was issued a 1 year ban too.

Reddit always exists in a sort of limbo. The content on subreddits cannot be moderated by the company (be it WotC, Blizzard, or any one else) so no company will "endorse" it. It can never be officially connected by WotC to magic, because then it could become a massive liability to corporate. It doesn't mean they aren't listening here as well though.

Hey stranger, I just want to say props to you for having the self-awareness to step back and analyze once you found yourself is a weird situation. Many people would just put on blinders and refuse to acknowledge they may have made a mistake. Cheers!

The things MTGHQ’s followers are saying are actually scary. A lot of delusional people.

Lots of folks calling for him to lawyer up. I'm not sure what they want - all of that legal fine print that people scroll past or agree to when joining the DCI or getting an MTGO account exist so that they can do things like this.

as a result of his lack of moderation

That's probably being overly generous, given that the dude specifically advertised the group as being for the worst of the worst of the magic community.

Good. The community, the brand, and the game don't need him around.

I would love to see him waste his money on lawyers.

Comment from his video "I've spoken to a couple of lawyers, but they didn't seem educated" .... Sure they told him that his harassment merited action and they have every right to confiscate his tickets.

What a douche.

I noticed that at least one of the names on the banlist (Ian Adams) is one of the people that were commenting on that thread in the Magic for Bad group. It seems WOTC might have gone through the group to try and find people with DCI numbers that violated the code of conduct.

Why Are You So Angry?

As someone who was also on the ragged edge of falling into these communities at a point, I want to give a couple of resources for those who have been there and want help articulating their experience, and for those who have friends who are at risk of being roped into these groups.

— A video series describing the reasons why the bulk of the GamerGate movement behave the way they do.

The Alt-Right Playbook — An ongoing series describing the rhetorical strategies of the alt-right, and how those rhetorical strategies take advantage of biases in both liberal and conservative behavior to maximize their ability ability to build and defend their base.

Unstable foretold his fate: https://imgur.com/a/PcKxn

Couldn't Wouldn't have happened to a nicer person.

The internet is real life.

Yes, it actually is. Believe it or not, there is a human being behind this comment. And human beings interacting with one another is real life.

"Today we took action" as in MTGHQ is lifetime banned.

They can't ban people from Xmage

Wait...does he actually think that him and his supporters somehow make up the bulk of the player base? How delusional can you get?

Exactly, yeah. If this were a situation like "LSV makes a 'MTG Trolls' group that mostly consists of him posting 'Paul Paul Paul', gets bored with it after a month or two and leaves it forgotten and unmoderated. While it's inactive a bunch of scum who interpret 'trolling' as 'targeted harassment' filter in and start using it like the 'Magic for Bad' group. It gains notoriety and comes to Luis's attention. He's obviously horrified at his old group getting used for awful ends and pulls the plug on it" I'd understand the "Oh fuck, I set that up then left it unmoderated. I feel awful about this" response.

But when it's Travis "Hitler was misunderstood" Woo, I'm not going to give him the benefit of the doubt (nevermind that he was actively posting in the group, even as it was churning out revolting threads).

Just you wait until 6 montjs feom now.

His tweet about it is beautiful:

"The same idiots cheering about my ban will be sitting alone at a failing local game store 6 montjs feom now, for the 7th consecutive week of a draft not firing and wonder why."

And has also had his MTGO account revoked.

What'd twoo do this time?

Good on WotC, I just hope it doesn’t need to get to the point where good community members like Christine Sprankle are driven out of the game for them to take action next time.

This video by the Professor explains it very well

I used to watch MTGHQ, but stopped after his content started getting lazier and lazier, I hoped he would get better again, as he was a really nice guy at one point, but it never happened. He became the Keemstar of magic. Good Riddance.

The comment section for his YT channel is filled with people claiming he can sue WotC. Delusional people.

why is he surprised that he is banned

Because he's the kind of person who is always right, and anybody who doesn't have the same opinion as him is the scum of the earth. From his perspective, he thinks he did nothing wrong and the establishment is out to get him.

He created a Facebook group called Magic for Bad which was a "sister group" of Magic for Good and as a result of his lack of moderation, they had a "draft" of women magic players based on their attractiveness.

I work in the video game industry in the internal communication department (don't ask for which company or any details, I have a NDA thicker than a bible) and I just watch MTGHQ response video.

It was delicious

He claim that he will sue Hasbro for lost of property because his account was banned. I deal on a daily basis with situations like that. That's why every company that provide you with an account and a service has a EULA. He simply doesn't have a case. It either forfeit the right by accepting the possible consequences and/or his cards on MTGO are legally worthless.

But yeah, like every alt-right troll that receive a consequence for its act, he'll play the victim and get rich by setting up a gofundme for his "legal defence" from

He can sue. People can sue for any reason.

It doesn't have to be a good reason.

I saw someone saying that this opens a precedent for WoTC taking action against people that they don't like, specially with regards to the MTGO account.

This is just a reminder: WoTC is a private company. You don't get to set fire to the buildings just because you bought a ticket to Magic Kingdom. You also need to play by Disneys' rules. And as a private entity, it's entirely up to them:

1 - What those rules are; 2 - If you are adhering to them.

The same applies here. WoTC has judged that the people involved misbehaved and took the action they thought appropriate. No more, no less. There are people talking about this like it is some court decision. It is not. It is a business call, and next time you agree to an EULA or buy a ticket remember that someone set those rules and they might decide to apply them.

Or, as I prefer: tl;dr be nice to people.

MTGHQ seems to have had his DCI banned and his MTGO account deleted

EDIT with working link: https://twitter.com/UnsleevedMedia/status/938890541210701824

Am I wrong or do I recognize a lot of the names of other players in this wave of bans from the screenshots of Woo's facebook group?

It isn't the first dumb thing he's done related to Magic and probably won't be the last. This is the guy who all but defended Hitler while playing mtgo. His judgment is pretty off.

The most hilarious part?

Looking at Jeremy's planeswalker points file, the last sanctioned Magic event he's been to was the BFZ prerelease. That means he hasn't been to his store to draft in over 2 years.

His follow up tweet to the ban was solid gold:

"The same idiots cheering about my ban will be sitting alone at a failing local game store 6 montjs feom now, for the 7th consecutive week of a draft not firing and wonder why." [Sic]

I wonder what they mean by "As part of this effort, today we took action against a number of players for violations of the Magic Code of Conduct."

Maybe this is a sign of things to come if they are going to be paying more attention and taking decisive action against individuals. We'll have to see how this shakes out in the long run but I am happy that some action IS in fact being taken.

Self deluded to the point of thinking hes keeping your lgs afloat. Lmao.

I feel like the people downvoting don't understand the meaning of the expression "couldn't have happened to a nicer person". For those unsure, it's meant as a sarcastic remark on the lines of "fuck them they deserve this misfortune".

We can sure hope

A store helping him circumvent a ban risks its WPN status, meaning its ability to run sanctioned events and to purchase product direct from Wizards.

Yea all of the ladies of MTG Draft, commenters, seem to have found themselves answering for their words.

I'm certain WotC had no more information than had been made public and the decision was rushed.

Y'know, because they so regularly throw lifetime bans around without knowing things. /s

Pretty much every woman who plays MtG and saw that felt sick.

No. Stop. Don't.

They want him to sue Sprankle for defamation. Given his history of "discussing" her, such a lawsuit would not only go nowhere, but there is a decent chance he would be forced to pay for her legal fees and court costs. Courts do not like frivolous lawsuits being brought to them. Defamation also requires the statement to be completely false; Sprankle's statement is, at absolute worst, an exaggeration if you stretch the situation, which is going to get him absolutely nowhere in a defamation suit.

video he posted going through the evidence WotC sent him

I watched a few of Jeremy's videos before and enjoyed the content, and I thought WotC must have been overreacting. So I watched the , and it was pretty solid evidence. Calling other MTG players pedophiles and making rape jokes toward them on his MTG Twitter account. Bans seems very deserved.

I know that guy. He brags about using and selling proxies at major events. Glad to see him out.

Because he's the kind of person who is always right

More specifically, he's the kind of person who believes that correctness is a trait that people have. Jeremy believes that he's right because he's one of the right people, and that people who disagree with him disagree because they're the sort of people who are wrong.

When his own self concept is so tied up in being right, he has a really strong incentive to ignore or attack anything that suggests that he might be wrong. He doesn't hate people like Christine Sprankle and MtA because of anything they did, no matter how much he might claim he does. He hates them because their existence and opinions directly question his ability to percieve himself as a good person.

Ding ding ding

Guess none of his shops are playing IMA. That shit has been firing like crazy at all the game shops I've been to.

"I've spoken to a couple of lawyers, but they didn't seem educated"

Translation: "I'm pretty sure I'm smarter than a lawyer, take my advice."

And nothing of value was lost that day.

Hey dude, I was in the same boat. I looked around and saw "jeez there's a lot of casual racism and misogyny in here."

I was in TumblrInAction. Got out, thank God.

No kidding... They were swift and merciless. Wow

I will note that TiA of days past is waaaaaaaaay different than what it is now. I used to love that place, god-kin and tulpas and all sorts of crazy shit.

Oh I see, you meant

all of the “Ladies of MTG Draft” commenters seem to have...

At first I thought you were saying the women were getting in trouble and I was very confused.

He's an idiot who believes he's telling the truth, fighting for the poor white men, and rallying against the terrible scourge of women being independent people. His followers have drunk the same kool aid.

Good. Fuck that guy.

Lots of folks calling for him to lawyer up.

They wouldn't follow him if they were particularly bright

If by "didn't pay attention to it" you mean "actively participated"

I'm sorry if it's not appropriate to ask this here, but what exactly did MTGHQ do? From what I heard, he/his community were harassing a cosplayer? I'm confused because if that's the case, then why is he surprised that he is banned? I'm glad he is banned if that is the case.

Great news! Ill be sure to support wotc by buying additional products.


Yep. It was pictures of most well-known female magic players framed like the pack 1 pick 1 "which would you pick." The comments section was pretty disturbing.

Really won't be getting anymore preview cards anymore.

Tbh, in some ways this makes Reddit valuable to me. You get a more unfiltered discussion on topics so you can better understand the bigger picture... in most cases.

Lol. You think for a second WotC wouldn't have consulted their lawyers before doing this? Shows his fan base is as stupid as they are racist/sexist. Obviously the "special" part of the community...

Nobody worth your attention.

"This is not the content creator you are looking for".

"You can go about your business".

"Move along".

That'll show them.

Examples of his victim card include the following Attacks on other mtg content creators who have more success then him. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/Ln2Qy

Plans to troll other creators at a grandprix


Hey continually attacks a woman simply because she has had more success them him


But he is the victim.


He went downhill after he messed up a spoiler card. He released it in a way that WotC didn't approve and he made lots of videos about not getting a second chance. Then he seemed to take the woe is me mindset and kinda spiraled down. He always called out Jimmy and Josh or anyone else that got to participate with WotC events and he wasn't allowed to. I think that's why he went so hard after Christine. Why was this cosplayer getting to participate in Wizards events when she wasn't even a real player. Basically he became the green dragon of jealousy. Much like most of T_D subscribers, there was a perceived wrong in his life and it resulted in lashing out instead of looking within.

It could also be taken literally as it could not happen to a nicer person because a nicer person would not take those action that lead to this.

Good. Definitey steps in the right direction to foster a better community and show that awful behavior will not be tolerated.

Man it took me a minute to understand what was going on in that long "quote" section but yeah agreed

Oh please yes! Please actually be delusional enough to buy into your own hype and try to sue WotC for depriving you of "your" MTGO collection.

Wish someone could do a cut of that and upload it so I don't have to give him a click to see how wizards handled it. I love how he purposefully skipped how trolling and baiting are bannable offenses and the used "just my opinion just trolling" as his defense from there

No one of honor or integrity will miss these people.

Yeah I bet in 6 montjs nobody is drafting IMA

Thanks Wizards

And the first video about him saying ''I will not be bullied out of this community! IM A VICTIM!'' is already up.

That whole episode is just sick. I understand why anyone in that draft would feel sick after it being revealed.


I went to a lot of doofs and raves back in my youth. Humans can get a lot more delusional. It usually takes about a decade of hard psychedelic drug abuse though.

It's updated, Travis Woo banned as well

They also banned woo

You're right.

But I don't think Jeremy could help himself from flaunting his play at a prerelease. An "LOL Wizards can't stop me" ego move.

Then it's just connecting some dots after the fact.

That's just what a bot would say...

They haven't. He is just aping Jeremy's defense, namely that he is the victim.

What did Fournier or Frolich say that was worse than the shit Jeremy spews?

I have no interest in sugarcoating it. A lot of people with those beliefs and that rhetoric are completely brainwashed. They’re a lost cause. Best to just move on.

It's not a prison sentence, it's a ban from sanctioned participation in a card game. If anything, the standard bans they issue should be much longer, and virtually any repeat ban (or first ban for egregious conduct) should be for life.

He was instrumental in running a group that encouraged misogyny, racism, and just disgusting shit. No surprise here, the only surprise is it was only 1 year.

The ban on HQ is perfectly ok, but the ban on Travis is a tremendous error made to appease the masses. The only mistake the guy did was to create a FB group for people to post memes on it and then leave it unmoderated.

I'm not 100% sure you have the whole story and not just the part he didn't lie about


Today's additions.


Today's additions.


Yeah that was my assumption but thought there might be something I hadn’t seen.

DesolatorMagic please?

That was largely an isolated incident, and the majority of them that said actual mean things later rescinded their comments and apologized. Maybe if Jeremy did the same he wouldn’t have had this outcome.

It is when they can't or won't change themselves for the better. The guy brings nothing but strife to the game's community.

What exactly am I looking at that is bullying or harassing specific people?

Seems like a case of false equivalency.

Fuck yes.