A fire piston can generate enough heat from the rapid compression of air to ignite a piece of cotton

A fire piston can generate enough heat from the rapid compression of air to ignite a piece of cotton

Isn't this how a diesel engine basically works?

it do

Somewhat related, if you dump superglue on clean cotton, it'll spontaneously ignite.

Yes, opposed to an Otto (gasoline) cycle a diesel cycle makes use of a fuel injector and relies on the rapid compression to ignite the diesel and not a spark plug.

Other interesting diesel facts:

Diesel engines have no throttle, you control how much power you make from it by controlling how much fuel you inject into the cylinder during compression. They will always pull in the maximum amount of air each time the piston runs through its intake stroke.

Now that you mention it, I don't. I've only ever done it in person. There's no trick beyond using a very generous amount of superglue. And of course, being somewhere that is well ventilated and fire-proof.

wait actually? I've never heard of this. Do you know where I could get some more info or maybe a video?

Also lookup "runaway diesel" on YouTube for some scary fun.

I own two diesels.

The cotton is fuel.

You're technically controlling how much air is going into a gasoline engine. With newer fuel injection engines, you open a valve which lets more air into the engine. The computer senses the larger volume of air and adjusts the amount of fuel going through the fuel injectors in order to keep a certain ratio of fuel to air.

Nah, diesels dont run on cotton mang.

But I don't think it be like it is


that's the fuel pump for a dragster.


Clickspring makes an amazing fire piston. You can buy them too!

source video

Here is the

That was a lot of text about an incorrect premise. This gif is how a Diesel engine works. Compression, and compression alone, provides the ignition of the fuel. In a gasoline engine the ignition comes from spark plugs.

You can’t say that because the cotton isn’t tossed in after compression that it’s more an example of a gas engine than diesel. It’s not.

Fire piston

A fire piston, sometimes called a fire syringe or a slam rod fire starter, is a device of ancient origin which is used to kindle fire. It uses the principle of the heating of a gas (in this case air) by rapid and adiabatic compression to ignite a piece of tinder, which is then used to set light to kindling.

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