A field of flowers

A field of flowers

I began this with the intention of figuring out how the heck one is supposed to draw flowers. Accidentally made the bottom panel, then realized I could gain quick karma by posting it. This is easy and relatively plotless, I just wanted to draw flowers.

The Finland-Estonia relationship is always my favorite. It's weird to me how adorable I find them.

Edit: Estonia's flower is freaking adorable, holy crap.

this is so wholesome

America and Russia's baskets made me chuckle.

We should make this Quebec-Bavaria relationship canon

This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Love the Quebec and Barvaria callback. Was that comic yours too?


Should have posted it to /sub/polandballart :D

Hey, happy cake day :)

Drawing that was the best part.

And they're blushing.

oh superpower-san, it's not like I want a free trade agreement with you or anything


Until everyone realizes that they're worthless and the Dutch economy implodes.

It wasn't mine, nope. I wish I could lay claim to a comic as lovely as that one, though.

Motion passes unanimously. Is now canon.

beep beep

All in favor?

Thank you, I didn't even notice!

Yeah but not yet let them enjoy their plants

Everybody, now:



Even you with this horizontal comic structure..this is amazing. Soon Polandball might become a horizontal comic genre.

Also I love how you included Quebec and Bavaria from the other comic, they're adorable.

Actually this comic as a whole just made me happier. I have now been motivated.

Aw thats real cute

Awww Finland and Esti are being too cute ­čśŹ

This is really cute (and not depressing like mine). I guess this was that horizontal comic you were speaking of, it's actually vertical in a way though but let's just count it and say that we've had three horizontal comics in two days, a lovely coincidence.

Got a link to that other comic? I must've missed it.

This is not a ship.

This is a whole armada.

And flowers look great!

The Russia USA one has me grinning so hard my face hurts

I'd totally missed that till I read the comment, cute detail.

Quebec ÔÖą´ŞĆ Bavaria

i have died from a cuteness overload

The Netherlands - it's a callback to their Tulip 'phase'

I think it's a reference to the keukenhof where an international flower exhibit was opened after the war in 1949. Mainly because the NL ball is talking to Canada and the first panel is quite post-war desolate.

Aww, the tsundere Russia and US are adorable!

Weird seeing Korea and Japan together not hating each other.

How did I not see this before?

So cute I'm dying.

Agreed. I think it's the most wholesome comic I've seen on here in a while.

And quick karma you shall receive :)

We're not as nuts about them, I mean, we aren't trying to use them as currency any more...

But we still love tulips.


As someone that lives on the English-Welsh border retarded Wales always gives me a chuckle

Maybe that's what all this Russian American tension is all about.

It's not like I like you or anything... B-Baka...

lmao korea and japan actually liking each other in a polandball comic???

Yay a new hex comic!

Ultimate fanservice.

okay...you got the wrong hexcode for blue then huehuehue...get it...cause of your username....

As someone that lives in Wales, retarded Wales always gives me A chuckle.