A fancy night out

A fancy night out

Dude. That kid's got some absurdly long legs.

It's called superior genes from a supermodel and a




"Yabaa doo"! "Ahhh Fladdum" "Sal de muchen, frazzenrah!" "A Mucka shoo?" "Argay. Orrgay!"

Also he is 10, like what???

I hope Barron turns out to be cool. I wonder if he knows he's named after one of the fake names Trump used to call newspapers and plant positive stories about himself.

Did they edit his kids legs or is he really that tall? O.o

There's no way Trump was ever a supermodel.

The son looks like Spongebob from when he took Pearl to the prom

I mean, shes only 80% plastic by volume.....

You know how a 10 year old kid feels when he gets picked on, because, that seems to be what is happening here.

This kid did not ask for this life, and reddit is a shithole sometimes.

Also his wife looks like she's a mannequin

I hope so too. It would be awesome if he turned out to be a genuinely great guy, every time I see him I just feel so bad for the situation he is stuck in.

Oh my God it makes so much sense now.

at least of average attractiveness

Lmfao, wut

He's tall. I'll give you that.

It could be his age, but i do notice how bored and annoyed he is whenever Donald talks lol

Realistically he probably loves his father and is happy to have his name

I cant imagine he is blind to what people think of his dad. Probably wishes he could be left out of the spotlight.

Nah, and making fun of kids just because their not your chosen political party isn’t cool at all. You’re just as bad as people who made fun of Obama’s kids etc. Asshole.

more to the point, can we take a moment to appreciate the guys durp face top right

Every time I play the sims, I start my family with a "president goblin"

I make him/her morbidly obese with orange skin. I make sure to give him the following traits.

Small hands

Likes Twitter

Hates minorities

The first thing I do once I have enough money is build a huge white house and send him up there. I set him up with a toilet, a bed, a shower and a twitter account. All he does is tweet. That's it. He tweets and tweets and tweets.

The entire country always ends up feeling fucked because of their bad fortune and they all know about the horrible secret living in the white house.

Just wants to play fortnite

Long, tan and handsome...


Don't pick on her, she's got enough problem! She was probably after a quick divorce and now she's the bloody first lady!




Wipsy, vonikatoo! :D

She is a birther. No sympathy for conspiracy peddlers.

He's always looked like someone put a candle in a microwave for 30 seconds.

..and you have freewill turned off because they were annoying the piss out of you by tweeting all the time.

"average of attractiveness"

Man, have we really set the bar this low?

It's his age. He's 10. When I was 10 I didn't give a shit about politics or formal affairs.

And of course you need to use the motherlode cheat. Where else would the money come from if not from cheating?

He's actually the son of Slenderman, don't judge him


superior genes or plastic surgery?

If you guys are wondering why some of us don't hop on the Trump Hate Train, this is why.

Seriously, the amount of comments directed specifically at him is ridiculous. Going after the kids is never ok.


🧐🧐 What did you mean by this?

Edit: TIL a birther not someone who gives birth, but someone who think Obama isn’t a US citizen.

There's no way Trump was ever a supermodel.

Calling someone a bad dad is not the same as saying they have a shitty son.

He was decent looking when he was younger. He just looks like a lump now because he's old and has tried and failed to stop himself from looking old.

Don't speak about our president like that ever again!


"I can't attack his son but I'll still use his son to attack him"

Ahh, reddit "tolerance"

I started out with a small loan of 50 motherlodes. Look at me there has never been a more successful Sim in the history of this save file.

Nothing ignorant about it, it’s just the wrong thing to do to a 10 year old kid publicly on the internet.

I just won’t believe that without a source. Seems really far fetched but also plausible

half too many

scratches head


They are 100% fake, but not waxworks.

”Kommo man schnala?” ”Sol sol!”

What do you think "tolerance" means, exactly? And who promised you any on Reddit?

He looks like a potato with a wig on. I don't know what human being on this planet would consider this thing attractive.

That kid is going to be 7 feet tall

“Peesa Doowa!”

Lmao. This is the best explanation. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Show us some videos of you when you were 10 so we can critique the shit out of them.

People say very very often to me, they come to me and they say, he was a tremendous supermodel, the best.

There can't be any sort of real father-son relationship. I bet Trump is more like a creepy uncle you only see on holidays to him.

Are these waxworks?

average of attractiveness

On what fucking scale?

Does he really?

The Obamas went above and beyond to try to give their daughters a normal life with middle class values though. Not sure that's the case with any of Trump's kids

So "motherland" cheat?

Instruction: Exit White House.

Now we wait

needs more jpeg.

There you go!

I am a not bot


I wouldn't mind dropping them in a swimming pool and removing the steps. Not to drown them, just to keep them swimming in their own shit for eternity.

Do you also bribe your Sims?