A dad should never be forced away from his daughter. Glad they are reunited!

A dad should never be forced away from his daughter. Glad they are reunited!

a dad should never be forced away from his daughter

bruh.. i think its a pretty appropriate response in some cases

When I look back on my life, sometimes I wonder what it would be like without my dad because you comment applies so strongly.

More like god took your father and prevented him from finding you for fifteen years.

A dad should never be forced away from his daughter.

unless its done in family court via a custody hearing, then fuck dads.

Why was he deported?

Probably money



Idk man, money and immigrating to a new country you know nothing of and have no connection to are pretty big blockades there.

This is wonderful. May she have many more years of happiness and success!

When you are mugged on the street, you don't assume that the mugger is a time traveler saving the world from disaster; however when it comes to god, we are expected to make such assumptions.


Yeah it says

handcuffed and taken away Could be a good reason for that. Did your dad rob a store or commit a crime to be arrested?

Yeah leaving the US to live impoverished in Nigeria seems like a great idea!

When someone comments on how attractive they are, for instance, saying they would date her..

Deport an underage US citizen to a continent she's never been to before? She has rights.

What stopped her from going to Nigeria?

No. Nigeria, along with any developed country with a centralized government has an immigration process, and paths to citizenship. Also deporting a US citizen based on her fathers crimes is literally unconstitutional. Are you dumb?

Edit: Because apparently developing countries (in regards to their industrial production capabilities) aren't allowed the benefit of the doubt when it comes to immigration policy.

i believe you have your facts wrong. immigrants are in fact eligible for welfare and do receive it at higher rates than the average household. I dont know why this is so shocking.

There's plenty of reasons to be against easy immigration, and none have anything to do with minorities. Trying to paint your opponent as racist, classic

Anything a religious person does, a non-religious person can do.

Stuff like this is endemic to humanity. Until we work out how to do mass behaviour editing, we're gonna be stuck that way, and editing people's behaviour is opening a whole other can of worms.

I thought Evangelicals had cornered the market on self-righteous and passive aggressive comments. Apparently atheists and others have followed their lead.

I feel like if it really was god that got them together, that he would have done it immediately after being deported. 8 years later isn’t a miracle... it’s just like you know working things out, making money to pay fines and fees and also lots of paperwork involved.

It's a political statement. They are responding to that statement. I know, you being an authoritarian, you just wish you could cut out their tongues, but when you make a political statement this is usually what happens. Someone replies.

Why should it be easy? There is nowhere in the world that is easy to immigrate to. Why should the US be the worlds dumping ground for poor people that are looking for handouts?

What about all of the people who worked the paperwork to bring him back in? I don't think God did that. Let's be real god had nothing to do with this

Daddy issues?

I can’t just move to Canada or Sweden or Denmark you know? I have no useful skill to provide these places. I want to move there but I can’t.

You never know. Could've been a good thing

We have homeless, we have starving citizens. We have plenty of problems here at home that we dont give a flying fuck to fix. No immigrant should be allowed in while a single citizen is in a lower position than the immigrant. The US citizen has the rights to the resources being wasted helping immigrants first and foremost.

Edit: hell while its still on my mind. We have american citizens without jobs, immigrants coming in means less jobs for citizens. Fuck you for calling me a racist. America first, fuck the rest of the world.

So fucking what? What gives any person thats not from the US the rights to be here?

If you are thanking God for reuniting, why not curse God for not seeing him for 15 years?

God gets a lot of credit for the so-called good stuff but never the bad stuff.

Yeah, it's depressing. I'm atheist, and I oftentimes find myself wanting to distance myself from other atheists because they act similarly to fundamentalists, except rather than bashing on about how superior their faith is, they'er bashing on about how superior their lack of it is.

There are lots of people who do good things in this world. Then people thank God for it. Ahhh God cured my cancer, no chemo did. Thank the doctors and researchers

If you're only concerned with people doing it legally, are you interested in making it easier to come here legally?

That's what the people who deported her dad probably would have wanted.

Strange. I don't think the daughter was prevented from going to live with her dad.

‘Anything a religious person does, a non-religious person can do.’ Exactly.

You both look like your very happy for the time with each other very blessed good wholesomeness

well i mean yeah

What did he say?

Thank you for saying this. People seem to think that by thanking God, you're ignoring everyone else involved in the process.

No. You're thanking God for whats happened and for the people He used to make it happen. People commonly pray for the doctors/etc and ask God to guide them.

I think you might be making an overgeneralization about this claim of God's influence by these folks. I'm sure they genuinely do thank those people who help. To give thanks to an overarching being that they believe guided them to this end result seems like an o k thing to do, I mean should she name all of the people who helped who are possibly nameless (insomuch as they would be difficult to name), or should she rejoice in her happiness and thank god? That on top of it being her choice to thank who she wants?

Same, but on the opposite end. There's is nothing wrong having beliefs. It's all about how we coexist.

After watching legends of tomorrow, I'll believe that my chef is a time traveler who gave me food poisoning for a reason.

Well, y'know, so long as your beliefs aren't something like genocide.

But religion, yeah. Don't use it as a club to hit people with, and everything's fine.

You are stupid for thinking people can't thank both.

No, I'm saying she is just as happy as if we were reunited and attributed it to the hard work our fathers would have had to put in to make that happen.

"GOD did this!!" Wait, god took your dad, just so he could be a hero like 8 years later. Thats some sociopath stuff lol. Good on them though.

You miss /sub/incel?

Some level headed and incredibly intelligent people still believe in God. It's okay, friendo. We attribute things to more realistic reasons, I know, but let her be happy. Most religious people are not militant.

A dad not a simple father.

"Atheists and others," so, like, everyone?

Well, we want a free market and not a monopoly, right?

Okay but committing a crime is a separate action from coming here legally.

I am an atheist. But nothing about my comment couldn't be said by a religious person, as I know plenty of very faithful people who find things like this tactless. You're at the same time doing what Jesus preached against, and at the same time limiting god to a box of yoir choosing. It's a vapid platitude that I was poking fun at, but ok comment on all atheists lol

He could’ve just been deported cause he didn’t have his green card and was found out. Doesn’t necessarily have to be because he did something wrong.

This reminds me of the people who say all lives matter vs black lives matter. Chill dude, she’s not ignoring the efforts of the people who did the paperwork, the pilot who flew the plane to the US, and the Uber driver who drove him from the airport.

I never had my dad around since I could remember, by his choice to be unfit. Two calls twice a year, and a couple of visits here and there sporadically. Trust me. It had gravely hindered me as an adult. As much as I don’t like to admit it.

out out out

A father should never put his children in a situation where they may lose him because he broke the law!

And no. My dad didn’t do anything illegal to get deported lol. If you know him you know my dad is not like that at all lmao. He just didn’t have his papers.

Fun fact: Being here without proper authorization is... illegal!

She is fucking addicted to her twitter, holy shit. I didn't get past Dec 5 and was a fuck ton of pages in.

Prime example of a comment that isn't needed.