A "creepy fact" Instagram page posted this picture with a fake story behind it.

A "creepy fact" Instagram page posted this picture with a fake story behind it.

An underwater wheelchair that allowed a person who needed a wheelchair to go scuba diving.

Why would they need the chair while diving?

Fact: Most instagram fact accounts post bullshit

Throwing someone in the ocean to die actually seems a lot crueler if you give them an air tank and scuba mask

I'm not sure, but I dated a girl in a wheelchair and she needed help when we went swimming. So, it may be something they are working on to give them better navigation while in the water due to loss of mobility in legs, ability to get on and off the boat easier, prevent injuries, etc. Again, I'm not sure, since this is just a photo of them testing some equipment.

Fact: Most instagram fact accounts post bullshit


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I know, that almost sounds worse and more terrifying than without one

Yeah but you would be alive for a while knowing what your fate was. Kinda like getting buried alive

I see you are a man of culture.

Swimming is not diving. You can control your own buoancy while diving. It's totally possible for people who can't use their legs to dive without special equipment (outside of webbed gloves).

Wouldn't they die of CO2 asphyxiation rather than drowning? Sounds a lot less physically painful

To be fair, CO2 asphyxiation is like the best way to die. You die without really knowing it and just kind of going to sleep. My Aunt died of CO2 poisoning and just fell asleep in the shower.

Was corrected by /u/formerteenager and i meant carbon MONOXIDE poisoning, not CO2

Yeah but maybe it's more than her not being able to use her legs? Maybe she has other motor issues in her upper body? Maybe she just wanted to create another option for people with few options?

No. And don't call me Surely.

Even then, I can't imagine how a chair could ever even be close to the best option for that use case.

No matter how much I look at this picture, All I can see is a horrifying chihuahua-woman hybrid in a wheelchair with long black hair.

Surely you mean CO poisoning?

Everything on the internet is true, don't you know.

Everything on the internet is , don't you know.

don't bother googling it

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It could be cheaper than other options, especially if it's something that you can attach to an already existing non-motorized chair, rather than having to spend money on a whole new thing to tote around. It could also be that she just wanted to modify a chair to see if she could.

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The post-it guy's original post

The follow-up post

Most likely the last point, after all, science is not about why, it's about why not.

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I think CO2 asphyxiation is actually pretty awful, since your body feels like it needs to breath based on the CO2 levels in your blood (rather than the lack of oxygen, hypoxia is scary as fuck because of this).

So if the air tank was filling with CO2 then it would be pretty awful.


My wife showed me this video that she said freaked her out, of a storm and a huge shadow that looked like some kind of giant rising out of the sea behind the clouds with a CNN logo and all. I asked "you think that's real?"

She said "it was on the news."

I think I gave her that same look my dad gave me when I said I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle when I grow up.

Bastard ocean, one day we'll make those ableist dolphins install ramps!!!

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Because your whole body may be paralysed. Being strapped onto something underwater while you're paralysed is better than floating around without being able to control anything. Your limbs would go everywhere etc etc. The wheelchair holds you in position and on the ground

30 lb ≈ 14 kg

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"For motivation"

I have a friend who knowingly runs a bullshit instagram account to see what people will believe. It's very interesting actually

I see thhe horrifying chihuahua-woman hybrid too. That's the creepy part they should've focused on.

In SCUBA the air tank doesn't fill with your back breath. That just gets pumped out. It just loses pressure while you're breathing in.

They do get away with it. They already got all their clicks.

Yes, sorry. I'll edit my comment.

Mostly for position of comfort & control.

I was a scuba instructor, and worked with a few people with various disabilities. I had a guy in a wheelchair who had been a diver previous to an accident that left him paralyzed. He was perfectly content to sit at a nice sandy bottom and look around. We'd do about 30 minutes at 30 feet, and he'd be stoked talking about the fish he saw.

Shout out to the Handicapped Scuba Association

I'm not sure why anyone thinks they can get away with this type of stuff now. Maybe back in the internet's infancy you could. But now you have millions and millions of people who can easily find out you're lying in just a few minutes. Do they just expect people to never look into it?

No, that is CO death.

When you burn something, not all of the carbon ends up in CO2, some of it will end up as various other mixes, and carbon monoxide is a one of the more common ones.

CO binds to your red blood cells better than oxygen does, making it so the blood cells that are contaminated by it cannot function.

If it was the CO2 from the burning that was the problem, people would notice that they were in trouble.

It was probably the easiest way to modify something that already existed instead of building something from the scratch

Unless it involves step moms.

Ok but why still the wheelchair? I mean is it meant to be amphibious? Seems like some kind of sea-breacher style craft would be better suited unless you just want to roll across the ocean floor.

The wheelchair holds you in position and on the ground

Thank you 。^‿^。

I didn't say what they motivate in me :)

We were so busy asking ourselves if we could, we never thought to ask if we should... and the answer is that we absolutely should. Why? Because it'd be fucking awesome, that's why.

You don't. She gave a TEDtalk. This was a stunt. She was making a comparison. People look at her with pity because she uses a wheelchair, but by using it this way with a mask and air tank she wanted to show that the wheelchair is just the equipment she needs to explore life on land just as a diver needs equipment to explore life underwater.

I don't see any controls in her hands, but there are clearly thrusters mounted under her chair (2 of them). Would love to know how it's controlled overall.

Is it just set to continually thrust, using arms and leaning forward and back to control direction?

Someone else on the controls remotely ... possibly with the camera man?

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I personally quite like this one.

My ig mantra is to only post quality original photos from myself...No reposts.

Do they just expect people to never look into it?

Yes. 90% of people of reddit don't even read the article before posting., let alone fact check the fucking thing.

No they would not. If they had a regular scuba tank, the air would run out, and there would be no more air to pull out of the tank. It feels like trying to suck air out of a soda bottle. Once the air is gone, you just can't get any more.

Source: currently scuba dive for a living; run out of air frequently, but on purpose.

Uhh CO2 asphyxiation is not a pleasant way to die. Hold your breath. Feel that urge to breathe out. Now hold it some more. Soon your brain is screaming at you to breath, you get mini convulsions in your chest, and then you can't help but breathe. That response is from the buildup of CO2 in your lungs.

I think you're referring to CO, which is completely different.

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Bless her heart.

Thank fuck. Everyone in here is acting like it makes perfect sense to dive in a god damn chair instead of using a purpose built craft, and I'm sitting here wondering if I've gone insane. Glad to know this was an art piece/stunt and not meant to be practical.

hijacking this comment to say that there's a propeller under her seat and fins on the sides. Look for the film FIXED. Here's a link to the website and also here's a link to the imdb

here is a picture of the film's website depicting that exact person underwater in a wheelchair

hijacking this comment to say that and fins on the sides. Look for the film FIXED. Here's a link to the website and also here's a link to the imdb

here is a picture of the film's website depicting that exact person underwater in a wheelchair

fyi if you want to correct yourself in style, you can use strikethroughs like this

It still shows CO2

Maybe she just wanted to sit the fuck down? Sure the wheels are a waste but why ruin a perfectly good dining room chair when you already got a wheelchair that's been gunked up with bodily fluids and prolly dog shit on the wheels. A good rinse would prolly be a godsend.

Nevermind the remaining dining room set would be incomplete.

I swear sometimes I wonder if people even think before they comment.


Must be because CO2 asphyxiation is a horrific way to die. You feel the terror of suffocation even though you are breathing. Inert gas asphyxiation (helium for eg.) is different because you die from a lack of oxygen and can push out all the CO2 in you. The latter can be comfortable.

Edit: you can't even really tell when you're deprived of .

Yeah when someone is drowning they're completely oblivious to it :b

Just kidding I understand what you meant

It had about 9000 likes, dumb people will believe anything they read.


Some people use bricks to drown, but I use watermeloan to keep my victims down.


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1) that still requires upper body motor function and upper body strength which not all people have. 2) it's expensive as shit and maybe she's trying to invent a cheaper option for disabled people that they can just attach to a non-motorized wheelchair that they already have instead of buying a $500 contraption that they have to store and tote in addition to their wheelchair.

Edit: hit send before I was done

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So explain to me how she gets out of the water? And also, how well does a wheel chair work on sand... in water..?

This seems to me like instead of this woman trying to create some new underwater wheelchair prototype she's really just making more of an inspirational video along the lines of "don't let your disabilities hold you back from doing what you're passionate about." I'm not sure how well it works, but good on this woman for spending her own time and money for making the attempt regardless.

Not everyone in a wheelchair is equally disabled. I use a wheelchair to get around outside of my home, but I can walk, just not for more than 50 feet or so. So many people see a person in a wheelchair and assume paralysis. So much so that if I'm out in public and people see me move my legs I get weird looks.

That makes it fun to fuck with people, though. If I'm shopping and need to reach something high up, so I stand up to get it, whenever I catch someone looking at me weird when I do this I shout out "it's a miracle!!" Just to fuck with them.

A lot of people who use chairs still can move their legs, still be independent, still can have sex. So it varies from person to person.

Bran stark underwater scene

I don't understand why the wheelchair is necessary. You don't need working legs to swim. It's harder, sure, but feasible.

You ask: why is so much of our science dangerous? I say: why not marry safe science if you love it so much?

Albert Einstein

If you've ever been diving, you'll know it'd be suuuuuper tricky to get stable and control yourself with a continuous uncontrollable thrust setting or someone else trying to do it for you while you fiddle with buoyancy.

I'm going to assume she has some sort of hand control on the chair somewhere just like a mini airplane throttle.

Kinda hard to look at reefs and whatnot sitting on the ground. I don't really get why it's a chair either.

sigh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexuality_after_spinal_cord_injury

Maybe she has other motor issues in her upper body? Maybe she just wanted to create another option for people with few options?

That's what these things are for. I cant think of any sort of seated device like that that would be anything but utterly retarded to use underwater.

Built up Nitrogen is only dangerous on the surface. This is why your 3 minute safety stop is so important, you are getting rid of nitrogen while under pressure.

EDIT: There is also Nitrogen narcosis but it doesn't really come into play until Deep.

Alexa, explain jokes.

I'm not sure why anyone thinks they can get away with this type of stuff now.

Because they do get away with it. Look at the comments on any "facts" page on twitter or Facebook. Lots of these pages get tens of thousands of likes per post, while a comment pointing out bullshit gets a couple dozen at the most.

Sorry if i am too direct but how was it like to date someone that is disabled in such a way? Was it her disability that ended your relationship? It just feels quite strange, i mean its the character that counts but i feel like it would be weird anyways...