A couple viewing the Apollo 8 spacecraft launch, 1968.

A couple viewing the Apollo 8 spacecraft launch, 1968.

Funny, but painfully fake.

The man whispered.. "Darling, that rocket is going to the moon, my finger is going to Uranus."

Yeah, that doesn't even look like the Saturn Vs that were used for Apollo 8.

Mankind launches for the moon.

And a rocket taking off in the background.

Looks more like a Gemini. And a little bit of #MeToo as well.

Some events are so intense that you’ve got to grab on to something substantial to keep your balance and stay centered.

That's photo's actually taken from the moon. Good times

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Not terribly well faked.

That's not a Saturn V, looks a little more like a Gemini-Titan II. The public cannot get anywhere NEAR that close to the launch, the hair and clothes don't strike me as period-accurate, the woman isn't even looking at it, and both of them seem to be badly composited into the shot.

This has come come up, with this fake description so many times. GTFO with this obnoxious repost.



Mankind's effort to explore the dark side of the Moon!

Great timing on the ass grab