A Chinese man and a Jew are talking

A Chinese man and a Jew are talking

The Jew says "I still haven't forgiven your people for attacking Pearl Harbor."

To which the Chinese man replies, "That was the Japanese! I'm Chinese you idiot!"

The Jew says "Chinese, Japanese, what's the difference?"

Then the Chinese man says "You know, I haven't forgiven your people for sinking that Titanic."

Shocked, the Jew replies "That was an iceberg you idiot!"

To which the Chinese man says "Iceberg, Goldberg, what's the difference?"

I didn't write this joke but it's always funny when I see it. Thought I'd share.

Just China get you to laugh.

oh jew

Two Jews are eating out at a Chinese restaurant. They are talking about the diaspora and how far form the homeland the Jewish faith has spread and get to wondering if there are any tribes of Israel that made it to China.

One of them asks the waiter if there are any chinese jews.

The waiter says he isn't sure, he'll have to ask the manager.

After a minute he returns and says, "Very sorry, we have orange juice, apple juice, but no chinese jews."

Two old Jewish grandmas are in a restaurant, the waiter comes over and says "Is anything alright?"

I.C. Weiner

Thanks for the joke man, it was Hitlarious

Icey what you did there.

Why would Jews care about pearl harbour and Chinese about Titanic ?

Well I first heard this joke when I was 9 years old and I'm 52 next month. So it kind of predates anything else on the Internet by a few decades.