A Canadian who teaches at a school in a fly-in-only village in the Arctic won a $1m Global Teacher Prize at a ceremony in Dubai, praised for “changing the lives of her students and transforming her community”, she was among 10 finalists from 20,000 nominations and applications from 179 countries

A Canadian who teaches at a school in a fly-in-only village in the Arctic won a $1m Global Teache...

I am always of the opinion that teachers are very important and should always be treated that way. They always have a contribution to what a lot of people people in life.

The impact of a good teacher is amazing!

It's really cool that Ringo Starr took part in that ceremony.

now the teacher has enough money to give up teaching and do something else

I wish this article had more details about what she has done directly to improve conditions for people, as it's pretty vague. But definitely it's incredible that she perseveres as a teacher in such a trying environment.

She has to remain a teacher for 5 years to collect it all.

Some of the most memorable advice in my life have come from my grade school teachers. 10 years later, I am still close friends with many of them and hang out several times a year; the piece of advice that most stuck with me is "Be your own man, don't feel like you have to live in the shadow of your family." which came from a high school teacher that taught my father and older brother previously. My father went on to become a well-established blue collar worker/business owner and my brother, 2 years my senior, was accepted in to the U.S. Naval Academy.. I was a smart kid but misguided and a little angry at the world; those words grounded me and made me proud of my own accomplishments and differences which led to me starting my own successful business at the age of 21

For some reason I immediately took this as sarcasm, and I'm still not sure if it isn't.

I never knew Québec goes that far north.

MacDonnell said she has witnessed over 10 suicides. “As a teacher, when I come to school the morning after there is an empty desk in that classroom. There is stillness and silence,” she said.

Holy crap.

The region is known as Nunavik and it's basically an extension of Nunavut, on the other side of the Hudson Bay.

This link has some detail. Although there's some more out there. She's a friend and everyone who knows her couldn't be prouder. Well deserved.


Hope there is a clause in there for disability or unforeseen events... would suck if she wound up with a horrible illness that kept her from teaching for a year and she lost the award money.

And the other part of Nunavut is Somuvut, which is right next to Partuvut

It's the Fox News way. Use random Arabic words here and there to make things more scary.

As you said, madrassa literally means school, it could be normal every day school, it could be swimming school, it could be religious school of any type but in right wing circles and media it's now got the worst meaning to it.

That is a awesome story. Too bad I assume the worst when I saw the word Dubai.

Ever since the Beatles broke up. He's had a hard day's night

If you mean madrasa to be something that teaches only islamic scripture, then there is something wrong. Madrasa means school in arabic. I went to a madrasa and im not even muslim.

I would assume that "Best Teacher in the World" actually enjoys their work

In the last several decades, a lot of indigineous people have migrated to the cities. However, their socioeconomic conditions have improved marginally. So, moving to the cities isn't a cure all solution.

There are several native reserves that have high suicide rates. Some of them have conditions that are worse than third world countries, and no schools for their children. Those children are flown out and boarded for education. It's disgraceful.

The village is not within the arctic circle, so I don't know how accurate it is to call it the arctic, but it's far enough north that I'd never want to go there.

I am always of the opinion that teachers are very important and should always be treated that way.

If they are an attentive, comprehensible teacher yes. But I had dozens of awful teachers when I was a kid.

Side Note: Nursing in Canada is very competative.

But how the story goes... I was having a rough time when this happened and I confided in my teacher that my grandfater died a few weeks ago, im going to therapy and my grandmother might have cancer and he sympathized for a bit but my grades started getting lower and he gave up on me and proritized on helping and praising the smart kids in the class and left me in the dust. He yelled at me a few times, twice infront of the class and tried to get me to leave his class as my grades were not up to par. I tried my best to do good in the class and I wasnt. It got to the point when he was having a convo with the class he went on a 30 minute rant about how we need health care worker to achieve high 90s to be working... This went on for the rest of the year. But to keep this post short. Im in Grade 13 still striving and in 6 weeks I hope I get the offer from my dream school so that when I see him at my lil siblings graduation I could rub it in his face :)

Sorry bout the wall of text and if formating is off lmao

Why? Dubai is a pretty awesome place. It's not perfect, but they're making a very serious effort. I was just there and was floored. You should visit.

Yukon be serious?!

I dunno if you actually care, but that's the reddit circlejerk. Their labour practices haven't been great, there's no doubt. But actually, in the past few years, they've addressed that considerably. The biggest issue is citizenship, which they don't give.

But mores the point, have you been there and seen this slavery? It's not what you think. This country is employing thousands and thousands of people who live under the poverty line in their own countries, at sums far greater than they could hope for at home, and 100% of that money is sent back to families, tax-free.

It's not pretty that the work they do is construction in the heat. That sucks and there should definitely be a lot done to make sure they are safe.

But it's a different picture to what you paint.

I'm glad here in Canada we for the most part respect the profession of teaching. People get lost in their hatred for unions and demonize one of the most important roles in a successful society.

Some of my most memorable advice was when I had a teacher tell me I would never achieve my dream of becoming a nurse and tried to kick me out of his class, shame me and even call my parents and try to convince them to make me doing something else with my life...

Did you read the article?

Nursing in Canada(or atleast Ontario which is my experience) is really funny to me. There are so many nurses out there looking for jobs, every Retirement/LongTermCare/Hospital are understaffed by atleast 2 RN/RPNs but NO ONE IS HIRING. Its so bizarre that i can only laugh.

Seriously? So people had shitty life conditions so they should be happy... wait no. Grateful? to live in labor camps, be overworked, with no rights and dangerous working conditions because hey, well. It's better than dying of hunger right? AND they can send the money they work for to their families in their home-countries - where they can't go back anyway - TAX-FREE. Aaaamazing. Where do I sign up?

It sounds like the story is happening now. There is no Grade 13 in Ontario. Hasn't been for about 17 years.

You know who that is in the picture? Pretty big deal in the UAE. Why can't they be rich and now be trying to improve themselves? Strange, these stereotypes.

I had a teach that spent extra time on some of math so I could understand it, he also helped relate it to everyday objects. Showed us simple electronics and a little physics. Easily my favorite high school course.

Im in Grade 13

Ontario confirmed

That's wonderful. :)

Though it's not in the arctic circle, it is within the 10°C isotherm which can be used to determine which regions experience a polar climate. If you also consider the remoteness of the community, 'Arctic' is a succinct and pretty accurate description.

Except for the fact that businesses which are legally allowed to operate in Dubai continue to confiscate worker passports and then create fictitious 'charges' or renegotiate wages lower than their expenses, which workers then spend years trying to erase. http://www.news.com.au/travel/world-travel/middle-east/dubai-migrant-workers-the-hidden-slaves-be...

Most of it used to be part of the Northwest Territories.

She should be very proud - that's a high honor.

Maybe. Maybe she is the best because she suffers like crazy. Have you ever heard that "good writers find writing easy, great writers find it impossible"? Like oftentimes the people who are the top don't enjoy what they do, they're motivated by some kind of sense of duty or pride or self punishment or something. Hopefully she continues to do good work, but if she chooses to retire and relax now, she shouldn't be faulted for it. If a gas station cashier won $1m on the lotto and decided to retire, no one would say shit so I find it unfair to have this expectation that this woman who has already sacrificed and given so much of herself and done so much good for so many people should be expected to continue to bust her ass when she's the one who most deserves to relax.

Like I said, that probably isn't what she'll do because I'm sure she does still feel connected to her community and will continue to work on improving it which is great, but I'm just saying I wouldn't blame her if she didn't, and neither should you.

So your opinion is that all Canadians must live in economically-viable places? I guess this rules out Vancouver and Toronto...

I'll make a disclaimer that I am a teacher so obviously I would appreciate a pay raise.

That being said, we have a problem in my department and this one spot cannot stay filled. Three teachers in three years. Last year it was confided we literally only had two applicants, one of whom actually had experience in the area, so he was the pick. He turned us down. It was an 8th grade English spot held by a chick who taught English to children who were not native speakers. She quit because she was overwhelmed and didn't know the content area well enough.

This year I sat in on interviews to try to break the curse. We interviewed five people. Three people were uncertified for the area (the notable stand out was a 4th grade math teacher... yes... we gave her an interview because she was more qualified than most applicants). When asked about becoming certified for the area (we get dings from DESE if teachers aren't certified in the area) we actually had teachers who were blatantly resistant to doing it.

If the tables were turned and it was a $60k or $70k spot, people would want those positions and work hard to be qualified for that. People would want in. Right now we are looking at bottom of the barrel in a lot of ways. We ended up with an excellent teacher to fill the spot, but look at the rest? If she hadn't said yes, we would be screwed.

I believe there are teachers who get in because it seems easy and teachers who get into it because they care a lot. I care a lot. I enjoy putting together meaningful lessons and working really hard on my personal time even to get the kids what they need to see them grow in their education. I'm not alone... but there aren't a ton of saints in these halls.

You can't rely on people like me who think of the salary as an afterthought. I almost went to law school, I just had an offer for a free teaching masters and it felt like a sign I shouldn't give it up. The pay isn't everything... but if you want quality, if you want the best of the best tripping over each other to teach your kids, you're going to need to pay like it matters.

We are no where near that goal here. If anything it gets worse and worse plus the disrespect and mockery of the profession. There are many times I realize I don't get the credit or respect I deserve professionally. But... if I gave that much of a damn I'd be a lawyer right now. I love the kids and working with the kids. I try to tune out the rest to keep that in focus.

hey - probably not something to worry about, but this is info that may allow someone to doxx you (crafty people, these doxxers..). you might want to re-consider if you want to leave it up online for "all eternity" :)

thanks for sharing the article though and yay for your friend!

They do. The amount they get paid here in the states is a joke. It should be a high paying job to attract professionals with real world experience. It should be competitive.

Mmm, I don't know if they're making that much of an effort. The problems they have are almost all caused by the decisions the ruling class makes, which are not old or difficult to change decisions. Like they could pass laws to allow foreign workers to leave when they choose, and to make it mandatory to pay a living wage, and, ya know, look into some of the human trafficking and other widespread humans rights violations they built the country on.

Salluit is so remote that if they weren't flying in volunteer teachers, there wouldn't be qualified teachers, period. Your point might be valid if there were qualified teachers local to the area doing the job, but there isn't.

That's not what happened at all. There's like 12,000 Inuit in the north and you're talking about 83 people. Which is still a travesty, but these communities existed prior to that.


You are playing fast and loose with the truth. Inuit peoples were largely nomadic. It was European fur traders and missionaries who set up small trading villages over 100 years ago. Many aboriginals decided to live there rather than be nomadic. They weren't forced to go there. The James Bay treaty back in 1975 actually gave those communities to the people living there.

Look dude - there's a lot of bullshit we as Canada/Quebec have done to the First Nations people, but what you're saying is completely wrong.

I don't see how that is mind-boggling. 17% area and 23% population seems fairly proportional to me.

Are you so naive to think there are alternatives for the people taking these jobs? They would never even be allowed into developed countries with labor laws, let alone allowed to take jobs there. You are putting your first world bias onto a reality which is much uglier, where feeding your family and trying to eek your way out of poverty in a place with zero opportunities is an absolute reality. Dubai gives work opportunities to people who would quite literally be turned away from any other country.

What??? No offense, but being a nurse is a very achievable goal. I need the rest of the story!

LOL. Fuck government funding schools right.

Maybe, I don't know, she deserves the award?

She doesn't lose all of it. It's paid in installments.

why are guys such assholes? when an american wins something, do you hope he doesn't turn around and shoot a black guy then get off easy because they're white? or do you hope they don't keel over and die from heart disease?

this is something cool that happened to come out of dubai, no need to bring up bullshit

Don't forget about Aluvut

The rules are there to allow workers to leave and a mandatory living wage is there. It's not the ruling class that is the issue, it's the rich expat companies that exploit their workers and get away with it. There's regulations in place for new labour accommodation facilities to provide catering and laundry services. I've inspected a few of the new facilities and they remind me of cheap student accommodation (with shared rooms) and the catering halls are like school canteens. Now I've also inspected some of the older facilities and...let's just not go there. It's definitely improving though. A lot of people see whats going on in Qatar and other GCC countries and automatically assume that Dubai is part of it. It isn't.

Let me just reiterate this, it's not the ruling class that is the issue. It's the greedy rich expats (from a certain country) that exploit their own people and get away with it.

Also, Dubai is singled out for human trafficking etc. but that exists all over the world. Dubai is just generally hated across reddit because of bullshit articles by misinformed people who have read other articles by other misinformed people who have paint Dubai in a bad light.

Most of these reserves were deliberately put in crappy locations by the government. The boarding is pretty shitty because of the spectre of the residential schools.

It's contributing to the destruction of a culture. Families have to choose between education and being together. The entire situation is a disgrace.

How remote a res is from the rest of the world isn't necessarily an indicator. There's one around 30 minutes outside of Prince George. Houses don't all have running water. Shelley isn't that freaking remote.

As a teacher from a fly-in only village in Alaska, it probably was a bit overwhelming. I visit family in Chicago occasionally and spend half the time I'm there in a state of complete overstimulation.

You know what the best thing for her to teach her students would be? How to fly out of a place so desperately hopeless that it drives its youth to suicide at a ridiculously high rate.

In developing countries, people move out of these (I was going to say "marginal", but this area is way beyond the margins) economically non-viable places and head for the big cities, so that their children have a future. Canada bribes them to stay in the void, then wrings its hands when the void leads to alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide.

More misguided stereotypes

They habitually arrest rape victims for reporting the crime. Google "women jailed rape dubai" for story after story...

Are you implying that, despite the fact she deserves the award, she shouldn't receive it because she happens to be white?

Maybe you do, I mean all these years later and you are still worked up about it.

Seems like a pretty awful thing to say to someone. It really doesn't even make sense - /u/_REDSTOOL_ pretty clearly didn't do anything about it. Violent tempers are characterized by, you know, violence.

Maybe him embarrassing you like that about your temper is all it took to convince you not to hit women when you get "pissed off" at them.

Good lord, what an assumption. Doesn't seem like they were embarrassed either - they held it up as an example of bad advice from teachers after all.

This irritated me and it wasn't even directed at me. Your social skills seem to need work.

Québec makes more than 1/6 of all Canada, with approximately 23% of the whole population. It boggles my mind every time I see it on the map :)

Assuming equal instalments,

Annual: $200,000 per year, or

Monthly: $16,700 per month

She's from Nova Scotia!!!

TIL the VP of The United Arab Emirates looks like Ringo Starr.

People call the victory lap or extra year "grade 13"

Here's a map of Canada to give you an idea.

Due to the sheer size of Quebec, it happens to extend up to the latitude of the southern sides of the Territories. It's pretty darn cold up there. Thank goodness I live in virtually the warmest part of the country.

to give you an idea.

Due to the sheer size of Quebec, it happens to extend up to the latitude of the southern sides of the Territories. It's pretty darn cold up there. Thank goodness I live in virtually the warmest part of the country.

I'm convinced people who hate Unions have no fucking idea how important they are/were for their standard of living. The fact they demonise them is absurd to me.

And they should revoke your internet usage but here we are you yogurt

My favorite teacher taught US Government in High School. He once told me "If you can't beat them, bedazzle them with bullshit."

He also played professional baseball before becoming a teacher.


I am very aware of high suicide rates and lack of basic things due to there extreme remoteness.But how is it disgraceful they must be sent to a boarding school? They can't build a fucking school and staff it at these little places with 20 people in north Nunavut.