A .50 cal bullet going through a banana in slow motion

Watching this hurts my penis.

I know nothing about guns but that doesn't look .50 cal to me. Still awesome though.

I looked around and it's apparently a .45 ACP. Sorry!

Because of the instant erection? Yeah, me too.

That’s how I imagine a catheter and my wife wonders why I’m deathly afraid.

To shreds, you say?

Yeah it's actually not too bad, just imagine something small and thin like a pencil wiggling its way smoothly into your cock

Hey, this isn't the guy you responded to, just an EMT here at the scene, it seems u/mystriddlery killed himself after reading that comment. The note by his laptop just says "at least I didn't have to shove anything down my dick".

Could be .50 AE shot by the Desert Eagle. Wouldn't be too visibly different from a .45 ACP

No joke...things going into a penis...fuck, I literally can't handle the idea, I know at some point I will have to use one, anybody have any tips to make it not seem as bad?

Banana for scale

Welp, this confirms that the proper way to peel a banana is from the bottom. With a .50 cal handgun.

Yup, pretty interesting, I'll give you that. I watched it like 12 times in a row.