Why’s she flexing on twitter lmao hope she keeps that same energy when something bad happens

Yeah she should try moving to california. Try paying $1,600 a month of rent on minimum wage. And that's not including food, gas, etc.

Shit if something bad happens. She at 19, can't even legally drink or gamble her problems away... Spoiler alert, there are plenty of 20+ who do all she mentioned and more.

Sit down youngin, be Humble.

Man get outta the bay.

I'm willing to pay more just not to live in a trash state like Indiana.

1600 is way tooo loww

Starting here for 1 bedroom is around 3000

She's definitely selling that ass. That's cool, but that shit is only profitable until your 30s hit and the younger, hotter hoes take all your customers.

Lol for 3k a month you could legit afford the nicest townhome in OKC and half the Thunder roster would be your neighbors.

I dunno, being a colored person, half of my neighbors won't like me

So why would she want to move again? I mean besides the fact Indiana is a bit of a shit hole, you're not making a great case for moving.