Her makeup under the blood still looks decent

Nah man thats a photo of a girl in my hometown who got beat up in a club. https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/vmOvvX/efter-blodiga-misshandeln--polisen-tar-upp-fallet

Your title game needs work.

This is a real picture though. It's a girl who got assaulted at a nightclub in Malmö, Sweden after she told a groping man to back off, after which he smashed a bottle over her head

As a black person, we really don’t hate white people that much. We really just want to see the movie. I promise.

I’ve seen other people using this as a race thing. I think it’s movie makeup or something, that’s what was on another post about black people beating up white people.

Pretty pathetic that they would claim such a thing

Dude no need for that

Well she is a victim. That is 100% bonafide. Just not a victim of a Black Panther dude. This happened in Sweden.

"Let me take a photo of my gf with all those blood and don't go to hospital immediately" Said No Victim Ever

Oh, this is what I was thinking of Trump Supporter

"This really happened." Russian troll, absolutely.