And the next president of the United States, for those of us who believe things can’t get any worse.

Pence is too wrapped up in lying about Russia. Recall that he was in charge of the transition. He’s toast.

I’m not sure if President Ryan is a step up or down.

No, it’s down. Definitely down.

“2018 is going to flip the house. When that happens the dems will elect their speaker and start working to impeach trump and pence at the same time. Then the speaker takes over the remainder of the term and undoes every ungodly mistake that was made.”

-an optimist.

My favorite christian hypocrisy: When god needlessly drowns all the world's babies and pregnant women when omnipotence provides another option....in his infinite mercy.

Democrats might gain control of the senate and pick up some house seats but the house is so gerrymandered, I don't think democrats will gain control unless they have a huge lead in polls.

It's a fucked up game of Would You Rather.

Duh bro, dont you get it?

Magic is real. Science? No way, that stuff is a fairy tale.

OOOh, you're talking about what would happen if we lived in country where the law applied to Republicans?

Honestly, thats not really logically inconsistent.

Really? Someone believes something for which there is zero evidence and disbelieves something for which there are petabytes of data to support. You see no logical inconsistency there? I think the key is in the evidence. You can call it 'faith', and you may even disagree with it, but the rest of us cannot help but see that there is no logical consistency in it.

Hey now, things can always get worse!

Would You Ryan?™