2000 years old Thracian chariot with horse skeletons. Found in Bulgaria

2000 years old Thracian chariot with horse skeletons. Found in Bulgaria

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How can they have iron 2000 years ago that hasn't rusted to nothing burried underground for 2000 years yet my 32 year old car can't even survive above ground!

" The four-wheeled wooden chariot, its intricately carved bronze plating and  fittings, plus the skeletal remains of two horses and a dog have been preserved in situ instead of being removed to a museum. Thracian chariots were often buried with up to eight horses and their elaborately decorated bridles. The bronze plating features scenes from Thracian mythology, like the god Eros, a jumping panther and a mythological animal with the body of a panther and the tail of a dolphin.

Four wheeled chariots are a very rare find, and this one is particularly notable because of the large diameter of the wheels: 1.2 meters, almost 4 feet. The Thracian nobleman himself was also found buried with his chariot, the animals and some wooden and leather goods thought to be horse harnesses"

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I posted about this a few years ago.  Here is the post:


and here is the picture of the creature from that post:


edit: and an article about ii - http://archive.boston.com/news/world/europe/articles/2008/11/22/ancient_chariot_found_in_bulgaria/

I posted about this a few years ago. Here is the post:


and here is the picture of the creature from that post:

edit: and an article about ii - http://archive.boston.com/news/world/europe/articles/2008/11/22/ancient_chariot_found_in_bulgaria/

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I would love to see the panther/dolphin creature

More info

There's less oxygen because it's been buried.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's probably more to do with the pH of the soil then with the lack of oxygen, which actually penetrates soil fairly easily. Over about 8 pH (which isn't crazy alkaline), iron forms a decently protective stable oxide layer that prevents further corrosion. Same way that rebar stays relatively uncorroded in cement.

Source: says corrosion and materials engineer on my business card...

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It consistently amazes me how many bad puns and lame jokes I have to go through to find something actually informative, thank you sir!

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You must have posted that about 200 years ago. OP said it's 2000 years old now.

Persian spears can't melt iron beams.

the god Eros

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Thermopylae was an inside job

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2000 year old chariot or 2000 year old quadcopter?

Best I could find
I think that the Varna Necropolis with the dude with the golden penis from the 5th milenium BC is more intriguing.


I think that the Varna Necropolis with the dude with the golden penis from the 5th milenium BC is more intriguing.

I see, but how could they determine when the chariot died so as to bury it?

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In antiquity, time passed at a much quicker rate. Like dog years.

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Oxygen is the most corrosive substances in the universe. 100% people who died breathed it at some points in their life.

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They found metal shavings when they changed the oil.

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Best answer based on actual science. Different environments will oxidize and decompose things differently, by being buried, there was less oxygen and also less organisms available for decomposition.

Edit: a word.


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Seems rather cruel, burying living horses with their dead owner.

Reminds me of this statue https://m.imgur.com/gallery/ajOA3

If they had died naturally, we wouldn't even know they existed. As weird as it is to say, killing them this way made it so that they will be preserved for much longer.

That said, it IS mean. But sometimes the ends justify the mean. --Michael Scott

That's the most Halloween thing you could find as an archaeologist

Aha! Less oxygen. Of course! Is that why the horses are dead?

Better than that cat with a butt plug drawing. Nice find.

Definitely wasn’t expecting that reference in a thread about dead horses and a chariot, but this is Reddit.


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Typical grave goods practice throughout the world in ancient history. Boats, servants, animals, various household objects, weapons, jewelry -- all are commonly found buried with the owner. Often, it's because the owner will "need" these things in the afterlife.

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I don't think we can know if they were buried alive. Probably would've just been easier to sacrifice them. Stand them up in the hole, attached to the cart. Slit throats. Add dirt. Gone.


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You'd get a kick out of books. It's like having the past tell you it's story.

I know, right? Now they're entombed for all eternity with a spooky skeleton.

With their owner, after he died.

There's something just so intrinsically cool about this. It's like a gift from the past. A small glimpse into the way things were. I love posts like this. Thanks OP

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BUT, there are ways to force a protective oxide layer. Google hot bluing if you're actually interested. Probably not practical for a bike though...

And also the horses. :(


Rumor has it that there isn't much air underground.

Thermopylae.....Thermite. Bears......Beets

That said, it IS mean. But sometimes the ends justify the mean. --Michael Scott


I mean I think some ancient cultures they'd kill the wives of the guy too so there's that.

Grave robbing used to be a very lucrative profession, thanks to this practice.

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desert vs rain forest

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Bulgaria doesn't have dramatically different seasons from the UK!

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Thracian chariots were often buried

But why tho?

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Because its been buried in the earth the rusting process takes more than just water the proces also requires oxygen.

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Source: business card salesman

Organisms are the things creating the oxygen rich environment for the rust to develop in.

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