10 years ago today, we lost the most genuine wildlife presenter in the world...miss ya mate

10 years ago today, we lost the most genuine wildlife presenter in the world...miss ya mate

I was at the fish and chip shop when the news came on the telly. Everyone just started freaking out when they confirmed his death. I remember the bloke behind the counter begun to break down and his daughter (too young to realise what was going on) stepped in and finished up my order.

And I'll tell you boys and girls, the chips were extra salty that day.... Not just because of my tears, but also because the girl put way too much salt on it. She really had no idea what she was doing.


Still my favorite ESPN college football commercial.

His parents revealed a letter he had written to them before his death.

Probably one of the most unfortunate things in a ‘Bloke’s Life’ is that it takes over 30 years to realise how essential you have been to build my character, my ethics and, most importantly, my HAPPINESS.

I'm not crying, ok? My eyes are wet.... with tears :(


A lot of people remember where they were when JFK died. Or on 9/11. But i will never forget the day i heard Steve had died.

Quintessential aussie bloke. Loved life. Loved nature. And we loved him.

RIP Croc Hunter

I feel dumb, I have no clue what you are saying or if I said something wrong, and I have no clue.

There are already 10 years?

"Now I'm going to jam my thumb in it's butt." ... "CRIKEY SHE'S PISSED OFF NOW! "

My son is 7yrs old and loves Steve Irwin, he told me he wants to work wirh animals when he grows up.


thanks mate

There are already 7 years?

Indeed, it has there ten years :(

Edit: I just found this phrasing amusing because it's how you would say it in French: "there is" translates to il y a which literally means "it has there", but il y a also means "ago" in the context of time, so il y a 10 ans means "10 years ago", but translates literally to "it has there 10 years" or "there are 10 years".

I love language.

10 years already?? Steve Irwin was my childhood hero.

Crocodile tears? 🐊

"Isn't she a beaut?"

I really miss him.

We American's loved him. Anyone in their mid 20's knows him just as well as Bill Nye. RIP Steve.

Cheesy as it sounds, I still think about Steve Irwin all the time. I always wanted to be a Crocodile Hunter until I realized it's not really a career unless you're Steve. He was a huge inspiration for me to keep on exploring and getting hands-on with wildlife. RIP Steve!

He's referencing another comment in this thread

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One of my favorite commercials period.

The way 2016 is going I hope David Attenborough stays with us longer.

Why did Steve Irwin's sunscreen get recalled?

It didn't protect him from harmful rays

I can't believe that 10 of the years have yeared.

Doesn't even feel like it's been 10 years (not to be cliché)

Best comment I've read this year

We will not reduce this greats mans death to god dam meme!

Reminds me of this comic. I laughed pretty hard because you can do exactly this most places in the US.

Reminds me of comic. I laughed pretty hard because you can do exactly this most places in the US.

He died like he lived.

With animals in his heart.

Oy! Look at that beauty!

Unlike with some things, I'm actually surprised it was only 10 years ago. I feel like he's been gone forever. I'd have guessed the late 90s if asked to guess.

A lot of Australians think he was an idiot and brought it upon himself. I used to think the same (I was young and that's what my parents thought).

I did a 180 when I head the perspective of one if my lecturers, someone who saw Steve die. Steve apparently just played to fool, making himself the idiot and entertainment, to bring attention to wildlife conservation. And it bloody worked.

Too soon man.

Also, username checks out.

And that's why his death by a sting ray was so shocking. At the time I didn't even know they could kill.

I feel dumb, I have no clue what you are saying or if I said something wrong, and I have no clue.

Captain! The memes are evolving faster than we are!!

9 year old me cried so much when he died. 19 year old me still sheds a tear for him

Flying time away so quicker than you realization

Don't worry, at 29 you'll be shaking with rage cause your wife has gone chemically imbalanced and your children are more monstrous than you. Steve who?

Edit: Guys, I'm good. It's these hot flashes. If you're like most people your family might flummox you from time to time, but then even when you look at a hurricane battered coastline you think "I'd swim out into that in a heartbeat for them". And I'm just as monstrous and chemically imbalanced as the rest. Dichotomies, people, learn to live with them. And I'll miss Steve too. My brother gave me a Talking Bobblehead Steve for Christmas when I was young, and I'll remember all the things.

Shut. Your. Whore. Mouth.


He became famous with the crocodile hunter show. Started in 1997.

That's a crocodile

Edit: As /u/td27 correctly pointed out, that's an alligator, not a crocodile; hence the Florida Gators.

Crocodile facts: The most obvious differences between a crocodile and an alligator is in the head, with the former having a narrower and longer head, with a more V shaped than U shaped snout compared to the latter. Additionally, crocodiles are distinguishable by their protruding teeth on the lower jaw when the mouth is closed. Crocodiles live throughout Africa, Asia, parts of the Americas, and northern Australia.

that's not really how it happened though, The stingray pierced his heart, he was dead by the time they got him to shore. Pretty crazy incident all things considered, like I do agree his life expectancy couldn't have been very good given his lifestyle, but the actual manner of his death could accurately be labeled a freak accident.

Steve and Harambe are together now.

I was on a bus coming home from school.. What year did he become 'famous'?

I remember through mid 2000's before his death, he was ubiquitous, but I can't remember him ever becoming famous, he was always just around.. I'd love to know the point where he popped up and became a celebrity.

He's referencing another comment in this thread

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his daughter (too young to realise what was going on) stepped in and finished up my order.

What was she, four?

The lass's hands were probably shaking.

You should have given her a moment, for pity's sake!

Even if the mountain would be covered with orcs by nightfall...

we also lost the legendary peter brock in that same week which inspired this marvelous cartoon.


we also lost the legendary peter brock in that same week which inspired this marvelous cartoon.

Actually, I think nostalgia is getting in your way of what was the true feeling of a lot of Australians regarding Steve Irwin up until his death. We all love him now and perhaps a lot will remember what they were doing that fateful day, but he was not universally loved by all Australians until after he died.

I was in the same boat as you. I thought he was utterly rediculous, but it slowly came out that behind the scenes he was an intelligent person working hard on his passion for educating the public and dealing in matters of animal and environmental conservation.

I wish I could have seen more of the serious side of him.

Also my wife hates it

You want to sound like you're being cliche?

Omg I feel so old.

Wait, I don't get it

Found the 45 year old

We all knew it was going to happen. He was really a maniac. He loved outing himself in the most dangerous situation he could get into. We love him for always getting out of it unharmed.

melodysheep's tribute

You all need to watch (melodysheep is the guy behind the symphony of science)

South Park is like anal; It doesn't count.

Yeah, nah.

, nah.

Sadly Steve's mum Lyn died in a car accident not far from the zoo around 2000 from what I can remember. I hope these words in Steve's letter were spoken to her at some point before she left too because they're amazingly heartfelt and downright beautiful sentiments. Poor Bob.

Yep, a few hours later there were two level 1s duelling in Ironforge named stingraybarb and steveirwin.. Steve never won :(

There's an interview of him that Animal Planet showed after his death where he really opens up about his own sense of purpose. He knew exactly what his core values were and he wasn't afraid to share them.

Can't speak for yall. But in the US he was super loved. My friends and I would watch everyday. He was always doing cool stuff and so happy about it.

John! Give us a hand mate!

Bill would run for POTUS uncontested... thats how much we love him. :)

Edit: Anyone under 30 who went through American public school has seen his show. #fact

You know, I bet there were a lot of grunts on the Death Star who rooted for the Empire to win, too.

I like the way one user put it on another thread. Here's what he said.

My hero was and is Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

I remember the day he died. I was 9 years old, just got back from school. My dad is watching the news and he looks at me, a terrified look on his face. I can’t blame him; how do you explain to your 9 year old son that his childhood hero is dead? So…he just broke it to me, straightforward.

I remember being in shock. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to believe it. But as I looked at the TV, and saw the director of Crocodile Hunter say with teary eyes “Steve was a good man. Crocs rule!”, I knew it was true.

I broke down in tears, and was inconsolable for the whole day. It hurt so much, knowing Steve was gone. I didn’t know what to do.

Then my brother told me something that night that stuck with me.

“Heroes don’t go away just because they’re dead. They stay inside your heart, and they live on in you.”

And it’s true. Your heroes don’t die completely. Their legacy, their message, their life lives on in you.

Heroes never truly die.

Ah yes, the University of Florida Crocodiles


I can remember a similar circumstance. Being on a bus, riding home from school. Really didn't believe it at first. He and Jeff Corwin really made education fun.

Steve Irwin.

Ten years ago, I heard the news that shocked me. I wasn't a dumb kid who never saw death, but Steve Irwin was my hero, my rolemodel. I loved him, his wife, the kid, the animals and even the camera man.

I cried ten years ago and cried today, watching the morning episodes of this with my Alzheimer's having Papa.

Rest in peace Crocodile Hunter.

Remember when ESPN was cool?

I wa playing Guild Wars and it started coming across the chat. Everyone went nuts.

Hopefully David Attenborough stays with us. There double jinx, we good.

Reddit guld.

Crikey! Has it been that long? Right up there with Sir David. One of the last reasons I even watched TV. My daughter and I used to watch him like he was revealing secrets of the universe. In his own way, I guess he was....

"What a little rippa!"

I managed to escape with only a few bruises and a shattered left testicle.

10/10 would get saucy with Bill and his scientist homies

Oh yeah, she has no trouble giving anal if that's what you're into ಠ_ಠ

I seem to recall him being somewhat unpopular among Australians for acting like a giant caricature and playing up certain aspects of his nationality for the camera.

I also seem to recall there being widespread concern in both the US and Australia about how helpful he really was to the animals, in the sense that he tended to be a lot more hands on with animals in the wild than people thought he ought to be.

For some reasons watching videos of him still makes me feel good, and I think he did a lot to raise awareness, and I think he was very charismatic. He was also obviously an pretty incredible physical specimen. But I too recall him being less beloved before his death than after.

Happy birthday!



There are plenty of video clips and interviews with him where he was being totally serious, and you can see his passion shine through. He was truly an amazing human being, and the world is darker without him.

Oh so kind of what Guy Fieri is to us Americans.

Yeah. David Attenborough is a contender for that.

/u/Shaormel posted in this thread "There are already 10 years?"

Child me was devastated the first time I saw Bill Nye hanging out and getting drunk with other celebrities. In my mind, I wanted him to be devoutly committed to science, and I had always just imagined him doing nothing but conducting science experiments. I wasn't prepared to know he had a life outside of entertainment television.

Man, I remember there were always rumours going about him ("finally") getting killed by a crocodile or an alligator or something.

...And then we actually lost him.

RIP Steve. He died on my birthday. It's a mixed feeling day.

I struggle to believe he wouldn't have known the danger or used extreme caution with his experience.

Considering he normally dealt first-hand with gators or cobras on dry land (what us humans are adapted for), I'd wager it was less to do with lowering his guard, and more to do that you simply can't react submerged in water like we can on land.

Simply put, he was outclassed because the stingray is built for maneuvering in water, and he was not.

It's 2016, so there have been at least 2016 years. That's not even counting all the years before the Gregorian Calendar.

I hadn't seen that ... awesome!

Go Noles, though.

Because he was a caricature of what an outback Aussie bloke is seen as overseas, and it was a bit cringey to regular Australians.

In all fairness, realize that Steve Irwin would have been a staunch proponent of NOT shooting harambe and would have spoken out strongly against the zoo's incredibly poor safety infrastructure that even led to the whole fiasco in the first place.

Gold? Because I don't either

Wait, I don't get it

Tall poppy syndrome, typically anyone in Australia that stands out above the rest, is cut down for whatever flimsy reason. Steve got successful playing the larrikin, and was attacked by people who thought he was an idiot. Once a famous Australian dies though, all of a sudden, universally loved. The whole idea is both stupid and hypocritical.

10 years.. south park did it in less than a year if I recall correctly

Fuck the s*n.