95 year old receives assistance from police

I mean, the elderly are more likely to overheat so it kinda was an emergency.

You don’t live that long by being ignorant

That man has a kind face. Probably from a century of being a good human. I'm glad some good karma is catching up to him.

Think how much shit he had to live through as a 95 year old black man

It’s a yes from me. Protect and serve done right.

Dammit, why do smiling old people always make me happy?

It would seem that raking leaves is the key to eternal life

About 2 poops a day, 365 days a year, 95 years. I would round it up to about 70,000 shits.

Holy shit my 70 yo grandma can barely move, this man is downright impressive

Who poops twice a day?

Imagine all the awful things that man has seen people, especially police, do to black people over the years but in this day and age not only are they kind and helpful to him, but they went so far out of their way as to buy him a new AC unit out of their own pocket.

Really shows the process of people being nicer to each other.

Just reminded me of something I saw years ago. "If you live past 100 and get interviewed, make something stupid up as to how you lived that long, like "I ate a pinecone every day for the last 60 years!""

what is wrong wit you man.

I have to agree, he knows that the heat will kill him sooo... “hello, 911?”

Can’t we just provide basic care for all citizens? Cops shouldn’t have to reach into their paychecks after taxation to provide basic human aid.

Glad they did, but they shouldn’t have to.

"The heat just broke in my house and it's coming to kill me!"

Can't we just clone THESE cops?

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Good for him for calling. To a 95 year old, that is absolutely an emergency.

Get her out and walking! The more she stays still, the quicker atrophy takes hold.

It's pretty normal to poop more than once a day

Honestly, what else is he supposed to do in that situation? If he has no relatives and no friends really, and maybe can't afford a new AC.

“I ate an apple a day

It did in fact keep the doctor away, so I never got pumped full of those evil poisons Big Pharma shoves down your throat that kills you. Natural is the only way to go and I’m undeniable proof, #STAYWOKE”

“Uhh... I don’t think we should air this one you guys”

It's almost as if 99.9% of cops are not the devils mainstream media usually paints them to be


I think the range is 3 poops a day to 1 poop every 3 days is a normal range. Any more or less is diarreah or constipation.

Though in this situation the emergency line seems appropriate. Every year during the summer there are deaths due to the heat, especially the elderly.

grabs popcorn

Yeah, I don't think the initial call was so much "hello 911? My AC broke" it was "hello 911? I'm 95 years old and I think I'm suffering heat stroke. No, I can't get somewhere cooler because my AC won't turn on."

Police and fire departments generally have non-emergency numbers that you can call for anything that doesn’t require immediate assistance. Ideally this man might have called that number instead of 911, but he probably didn’t have it on hand, so I don’t blame him.

You have to admit it's getting better

It's getting better everyday.

I tell all my .......... Olds RAKE IT UP

Some people are just kinda miserable, and refuse to do anything except sit around and watch TV. No friends, no interest in going out - there are tons of activities and programs for the elderly where we live, but some folks will go out of their way to refuse them. It's sad, but it's their choice.

Damn, he's old enough to be a WWII vet. This means he lived through and grew up during the Jim Crow era, Korean and Vietnam wars, Civil Rights movement, and now all this crazy shit happening with the alt-right. If I was him I'da just gone full Eugene Bullard and went to Europe hahaha

I didn’t say it was about the money. It was more about the PD having to spend time to fix an issue that should be someone’s responsibility. Think about this for a minute. There are probably 100 other people in this town that could use the same thing. Who is going to help them?

It’s a heartwarming story that makes everyone feel good for 30 seconds and then nothing changes to prevent this from being an issue.

I’ve definitely been hot enough, especially upon waking up in the heat, that I was delirious, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was just distressed and terrified and called someone to come help. Poor guy, I’ve only had heat exhaustion once(got,eating a car asleep), and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, it was like waking up in a microwave.

Geeze, thats his AC unit? Like for the entire house?

Officers also discovered a strange and magic bottle of Mountain Dew outside of Home Depot

And yet in the UK, houses don't have air conditioning at all. To be fair though, its never more than 30°C in the summer here

My ex went closer to 6 times a day but thats due to his dumb ass not giving up cheese when his body can't handle lactose. A toilet I'm glad to never clean again.

So how did the car taste?

When New York City first implemented Citizen Review Boards to oversee police misconduct, literally thousands of officers rioted in the streets in protest against it. That seems like more than 0.1%.

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

He's likely lived through segregation, redlining, lynching and the struggle to overcome it. Now at 95 years old the cops are helping him. Sounds small now but the past this would've been impossible. Maybe another 95 years we can look back at what issues still happen nowadays and know some progress was made too. No matter how big or small.

When the temperature begins to rise, the elderly will start to die.

It's not about the money. It's about sending a message.

It really is. 12 elderly people died in the Florida heat after Irma took out a nursing home's air conditioner.


I guess there's only so much air time on the news, and Donald Trump tweets take precedence.

Then they probably weren't trying to quote the Beatles.

To be fair, in Texas, it sometimes gets down to 30°C in the middle of winter.

Whoa whoa whoa, I see you're using 'heck' there, maybe calm down with that language on this family friendly site.

“I masturbated a minimum of 20 times a day.”

if you're trying to quote the Beatles, it's "all the time*"

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gotta up that fibre intake, bro

Texas isn’t a joke when it comes to the heat. Glad to see officers going out of their way.

To live a long life and not be consumed by cynicism, depression, regret, is a hard thing to do. I guess a smiling old person is symbolic of a life well spent in a life worth living.

My husband and I completely agree with you. The reality is that some folks patently refuse to do this. They hit a certain age, sit down and don't get up again. I'm not entirely sure why that is. Depression, perhaps, other physical ailments that just become worse. But the reality is that it happens, and your solution isn't that simple for them. They aren't interested and they don't seem to care that simple activities are the best possible thing they could do, both physically and mentally. It's like they're committing suicide the slow way.

Not a very wholesome sentiment, I know. I'm sorry.

Seems legit

You don't live that long without a healthy fear of snakes.

down to 30°C



It's no more than a week a year. It doesn't make sense. the thing about the UK is temperatures don't really rise and fall that steadily. One day it can be 28c and the next it can be hailstones.

I misread it as conspiraton. We should make a conspiraton theory about how often we should take a shit

That's 86°F in American which is still pretty hot in my opinion. Definitely would need an A/C.

There was a heat wave in Europe in 2003 and more than 10,000 elderly people died in France.

It's a very bad stressor for the aged.

It's almost as if there are thousands of unreported cases of police abuse, and a handful of overly shared Facebook propaganda like OP.

Hahahaha it's actually 50F right now. Yesterday it was 81F around the afternoon.

make her go out and play with the grandkids. arts/crafts.


Not that fast, damn

Especially a King Brown snake in Australia

Heck. Left in a car*. Fucking iPad.

...Jill Stein?

Eh, maybe. But she doesn't even need to go out to play bingo or anything. Just literally going for short walks every day that turn into longer ones will work wonders for an atrophied body.

Damn. It's a dark day for basketball...

well if you dont mind me quoting michael scott. "They dont think it be like it is, but they do."

That was just his fucking iPad again. He meant 'Oh Heavens' I apologise on his behalf.

gotta keep moving if you want to keep living. dont let her sit and watch tv or do puzzles. make her go out and play with the grandkids. arts/crafts. just a nice walk through the mall. keep her moving!

One thing I’ve noticed about elderly people who stay healthy and live long is they have good daily habits and routines. They stay active, too. They don’t necessarily follow health regimens. Many of the world’s oldest people are known for smoking and drinking into the triple digit years. But they limit their intake and stay incredibly consistent. That tells me that aside from their good genes, they also have incredible discipline. I think that consistency, and not any particular health fad, is the secret to a long, healthy life.

So maybe eating a pine cone every day at the exact same time after getting 8 hours of sleep is the secret to living past 100. It can’t be worse for you than a cigarette.

I believe that cops should engage in the neighborhoods that they police. Not only as a law enforcer but as a friendly neighbor.

I'll use Fahrenheit for ease

That's why he's 95. You rest, you rust.

Youre talking about Texas. Theyre not too crazy about taxes

I'm not crying, just my eyes sweating from this heat.

and Home Depot still came out on top, making even more money from their workers paying out of their pocket.

It gets Reposted every Fucking 2 weeks

It's also possible the reporter just called it "an unusual 911 call" because "an unusual non-emergency call" sounds lame.

The only experiences ive had with cops were bad, they all seem like they think they are the most powerful people on the planet

Yes, it is meant to only cool the room it is in, but I am almost positive that man's house is small and that unit is expected to cool the whole house.

Plus it wouldn't have been an emergency if he could have just walked into the other room. He needed it asap because his only unit wasn't working.

Lol winter clothes. You guys are cute. This year in Montreal were expecting shit to drop below -22 fahrenheit... You don't know winter! I was born into it.... God I hate it, save us.


I know this is /sub/wholesomegifs but if you want to watch it with audio.

I disagree.

Let’s say 1,0000 see this story. A dozen of them call for help when they or a loved one loses air conditioning. They see an opportunity for help. They don’t see a need to suffer in silence because they know their is an opportunity for assistance.

Maybe next time the police refers the individual to a social services agency. Maybe the police drives them over and makes an introduction. My local social services agency maintains replationships with big box stores, building supply companies, and contractors for these types of situations. They can help someone of limited means make necessary home repairs.

People don’t necessarily know their local social services agency. But everyone knows about 911 and the police. Cases like this are a great opportunity for the police to help people by introducing them to the people who are standing by, ready to help.

This is probably true, and I’d say a majority of cops are good people trying to do good things. However, that doesn’t negate that small percentage of cops that aren’t. I mean, one bad apple ruins the bushel, and if these “bad apple” cops aren’t addressed in some way, the problem will just keep festering. Anyway, I think you’re right, that a lot of cops try to do their best to protect their communities, but I don’t believe that that means we shouldn’t hear or worry about the bad ones.

The Poopinati?


Why the fuck didn't the company just donate the damn thing instead of their employees (and cops) having to fork out out of the goodness of their own hearts?

In Texas no less. There were a lot of lynching of black people or threat of lynching in Texas back in the first half of the 20th century. Shit, Texas had to be forced by the SCOTUS just 50 years ago to legalize interracial marriage

Why would anyone do drugs when they can mow a lawn.

Later, the police arrived and shot the heat 16 times.

No, I do the same. When I had my appendix removed the topic came up, my doctor said if it's normal for you then it's okay. As long as you're not in any discomfort.

That's too much, man!

What’s the problem with being either of those groups?