🅱️ u t

🅱️ u t

If this doesn't get front page I'm hanging myself

"This is the thanks I get for working over time"

I was already gonna do that

I too fuck with donuts on my dick


Damn I saw this on Instagram a week ago. Is this place officially dead?

Can I do it for you?

sadly yes

favebook live or nothing

Me too thanks

This sub died a while ago. I just come here for simple humour now. 80+% of content now is recycled or normie

It's the only proper way to do it

Hate when this happens

"by the way your forgot your BRIEFCASE"

I also hate it when this happens, because I have sex a lot.

🅿🅰✝️rick lookin creamy

Classic episode.

fucking autocorrect

Someone already posted the same. REEEEEE get out normie

Most people on /sub/dankmemes are meme hipsters. "Yeah, I was into that meme before it went on instagram!" "Wow, you use 9gag?" "OMG repost, be original." But meanwhile they upvote generic overused self depreciation humour.



There was this video I would go bonkers over 7-8 years ago. It was with something rain (not Megan) and she sucked some dude off with a donut around his dick. Set me off like crazy. And I'm a baker now. (Edit?) I remembered the pornstars name. It was Taylor rain! Now I have to find the video

i'll provide the rope

Hahaha! 🅱ill me...

I read that as rape

Rip /sub/dankmemes

Someone already posted one similar on the front page

Ey i saw this shit on facebook first tf

Wait second 🤔

I'm hanging myself regardless

It's too busy making "ironic jokes" about black people and muslims.

That'll be $103.52. Did you want to pay cash, check, or I do have a card reader. I can also send you a bill if you want.

True. This one is better, though.


Mom and dad stop fighting

More normie shit, I hate you all

U r an official normie

Yeah, exactly this. Everything is normie within a couple days but "dae I like hang myself xdddd" will somehow never get old

This is the only one like that I've ever seen, hope its the one you're looking for, NSFW obviously


😕 second wait

CaN I sToP wAiTiNg NoW?

Good meme dude

🅱️ank meme

Thanks for introducing me to this. I love it!

This is /sub/dankmemes when was it "alive"?

Can I stop waiting now?

You said rape twice.

What'd you say about my milk?