1974 Trans Am 455 Pontiac

1974 Trans Am 455 Pontiac


The last real trans am. 455 super duty.

not a single phone to be found, girls on rollerskates,

can I die now and go back to that time, please?

This Pontiac Trans Am is a 70s "street machine", which was a subculture of the 70s car loving youth. Wild paint jobs and fat white letter tires wrapping Crager wheels were the norm. The 455 Trans Am was also one of the fastest vehicles in the U.S. at the time because Pontiac figured out how to circumvent emissions testing. The second generation f-body platform is also excellent at handling, and the Trans Am got its name from racing in the American Trans Am series. Even with vehicle safety standards, the mid to late 70s Trans Ams still looked good, handled well, and drove swiftly for the era. There is a reason they are so highly sought after, and it's not just because of Smokey and the Bandit. Classic Trans Am fans may also be interested in the Superduty 455, which is a great little peice of automotive history.

Bring a weed whacker, if you get my drift.

Yeah, but it would do 70mph when parked.

No bra paradise. But ya gotta wear short shorts.


No OPEC, no CAFE, no safety pussies, $0.35/gal gasoline...

Of course no computers (as you know them), no cell phones, no satellite TV, little cable TV, crappy TV in general, the weed was shit (or so I'm told) compared to today, microwave ovens were insanely expensive and therefore relatively rare, if you read sci-fi/fantasy you'd probably get your ass kicked for being a geek (and back then being a geek was a bad thing)...

Been there, done that, got the world tour tank top, waxed the Dodge with it. You take the good with the bad.

That smog reducing bullshit is why the air is cleaner now than it was. I was there, I remember. I also remember the absolutely tragic 318 Roadrunner my buddy drove back in the day. We thought performance was dead. We were wrong. These modern pony cars would absolutely smoke any of the classics.

Although the noise, panic, and chaos of dumping the clutch and stomping on the loud pedal of an original Hemi car with a bench seat cannot be matched by modern machinery.

Let's see you take ten of your friends to the drive-in in a goddamned Civic.

And it's a glorious thing my friend!

Yeah you don't want to beat around the bush

It could do 155 mph. In third gear.

Woof, that color scheme.

Seat covers are nice, though :)

I do.

Those safety pussies gave us decent brakes and tires, crumple zones, steering columns that wouldn't impale you and rollover protection. Don't get me wrong, I love these cars (even though I always had trucks), but they were deathtraps.

To be fair I probably only had 4 to begin with

Nice and pointy "seat covers".

But I like flossing my teeth.

2 cool ass chicks right there

How come they always have the nicest car back then

I love the 70's

Doesnt everyone want a trans Am

I'd smuggle 400 of them across the Mississippi river