🔥 This is a root of a medicinal plant called Garuda Sanjivani. It has a peculiar property of moving against the flow of water because of its shape.

🔥 This is a root of a medicinal plant called Garuda Sanjivani. It has a peculiar property of movi...

that water is not flowing and that stick is being pulled on a string.

Yup, I’m calling BS on this. Just BEING a shape doesn’t create propulsion, or we would have solved the infinite energy riddle a LONG time ago!

Otherwise known as A STICK ON A STRING.

Please stop trying to fool people with these. I pity the fool who believes in this.

Damn the wood snek can haul ass!

Edit: After rewatching, water is stagnant and at the very end of the clip you can see the reflection in the water of the person pulling the string

That's not how physics works, that's not how it works at all

yeah i was going to mention that this is where they got the idea from. But the reason this works and the one in this post does not is, in the one you posted, gravity is pulling the water downward causing it to essentially submerge the stick in a column of water above the visible water line. Since the stick is obviously less dense than water, it floats up the column. The spiraling is just the water causing it to spin as it flows over its spiral shape.

The one in this post is floating in a body of horizontally "flowing water", so it would simply be carried along with the water surrounding it at the same speed, not against it.. so no spin. The only way to get it to spiral as it is, is to cause the water to flow over it. Either by anchoring the stick and letting the water flow passed, OR pulling it through the water.


You know, after rewatching multiple times now I think you're right. That water looks stagnant

Also known as the 'Danger Rope Plant'

I an (g) root

Dr. DR.

No, you it’s called Dr.Danger Rope Plant because it’s medicinal.