12.5.17 RIP Ability Draft Turbo Mode Engages

12.5.17 RIP Ability Draft Turbo Mode Engages

So now that the turbo mode changes are active AD is unplayable for anyone that played the game for the interesting synergies you could create. There is zero strategy when people are level 15 7 minutes into the game. Did the community ask for this change? Why was there no dev communications on if the playerbase that used this mode was something they needed? Just because it was a custom game-mode did not mean the game has to take literally all the skill out since games are decided at 10 minutes.. RIP AD

Dear Valve,

Please unfuck AD.


As someone who plays almost entirely AD (almost 100 games 7.07+ alone--many more before) this seriously breaks AD balance. Like, really badly.

First, you random heroes. Enemy team randoms a ranged agi and there's no skills to carry-toe-to-toe? You're at a huge disadvantage, but you can overcome it. Now, your chances of winning are way, way lower. I don't want AD to be whoever gets medusa/drow with passives/marksmanship.

Second, push abilities were already incredibly strong. With tower reductions you actually can't stop someone from pushing you in if you don't EXPLICITLY and QUICKLY draft against it. Someone gets Rhasta wards and Webs? Good game go next--you ain't stoppin' them.

Third, the game mode had a good balance between several playstyles, particularly, the "all-passive carry" style build was good, but not amazing. This is no longer the case. It's a bee-line to get good passives on the good hero models which completely fucked you over if your first few team's models are bad.

Finally, it destroys certain skills. Some skills are just dead picks now. This wouldn't be so bad, but there was already a sizable contingent of "dead picks"--or at least picks that didn't work without something else.

It's a shame--AD is rad as heck! Ignore the new players that whine because it isn't fast enough to come online. They aren't going to stick around.

At least give us the option between regular ability draft and turbo ability draft. I really hate this change which sucks because I love ability draft.




I have like 2k AD games played and I've never been more upset about a change in dota. . This completely ruins the mode for me and I've been playing this mode since it first came out

I have literally thousands of AD games and I agree.

9 days ago, this post made it to the front page.


And you know valve looks at this subreddit for suggestions. I don't play AD so I am neutral on this subject. But some people wanted this. Others don't. If you split the ability draft pool into turbo and non-turbo, queue times might get even longer.

While I agree with your sentiment I think having both would fragment the player pool too much. So, if I'd have to chose between regular AD and turbo AD I'd chose regular.

Edit I got to play a few, and my first impressions are I really don't like it. If feels like the changes were implemented by someone who fundamentally doesn't understand AD. The game play seems to heavily favor right click and a lot of the combos that used to be good by 15 min in seem meaningless. I don't think there should be a Tubo with AD at all, I amend my previous comment to say I don't agree with sentiment, it's just bad.

I have over 300 games of ability draft, this sucks...

top comment was no with reasoning

This mode is absolutely ruined now.

I played a ton of ability draft ever since it was released, but I promise that I never will again.

Complete garbage unnecessary change. Please revert ASAP.

Almost every base top comment was a no. Does valve read the threads or just the headlines?

Theyll revert it just continue complaining here for a bit longer mate

Seriously, I played mostly ability draft and loved it. How would regular dota players feel if they suddenly removed regular dota and replaced it entirely with turbo? It's an absolute slap in the face. This isn't the ability draft I love.

I don't play AD anymore but I used to a shit ton when it came out but just hearing "turbo" being added to AD I can say it is simply flat out bad

I was about to come complain about this same issue. There was literally no reason to make AD into turbo mode. My friends and I will not be playing AD for quite some time until this is fixed.

This feels like the time in college I played City of Villians almost exclusively for the enjoyment in PVP and then they changed it to be more friendly to new players.

I'm not gonna sell my account and stop playing dota like i did CoV but I sure hope Valve changes it back. Putting turbo in AD literally defeats many purposes of the mode. You're supposed to pick shit drafts and have to figure out how to fix it with items. Turbo in it makes the enjoyment of good builds more shallow, and removes a lot of the nuance.

Making games turbo doesn't give you time/tempo feeling to do that.

I imagine they did this because the playerbase playing it isn't high enough? Perhaps they are hoping people try it out more because turbo then are willing to stick to it once they revert it back? I do not see a reality where they don't change it back I guess.

This also reminds me of the 10v10 sub game I played the other day. One of the players picked/randomed BH and got the +300 track gold talent at 25 which they naturally reached very early on in the game. Then the game was unlosable because their team got ~450 gold per track kill and bounty got about 600 gold per track kill in a 10v10.

Things like turbo PLUS the new 'OP' talents that are balanced around regular 5v5 dota are a bit too weird in custom game modes right now, in my opinion.

Couldn't agree more. You don't get the satisfaction of drafting a wonky, really fun combo anymore when everyone, idiots included, are lvl 20 at 10 mins. It's dumb and has taken away everything fun and rewarding about winning, and sometimes losing. As 1 of posters the mod mentioned, I hope this gets upvoted until Valve reverts this shit back to normal. I've played 5 games, gone 4-1, and have had almost zero fun.

This change is actually great for me, because it will force me to stop playing Dota and go outside.

the only thing i could possibly want from turbo in ad is the courier (a regular one) being available at game start automatically. other than that, the complexity and strategy of the game is just utterly ruined. ive been playing almost entirely ability draft for the past few weeks and this is not what i wanted.

AD is the main mode I play as an adult who comes home from work and has no interest in grinding solo MMR because i can't play more than 1-2 games a night. Turbo mode AD makes it completely unplayable and I will never play the mode again which basically means Valve loses a player who played basically every day, to now I'll play a few party games a week (at most) with friends on the weekends if I have some time. I have probably 1000+ AD games since it was introduced.

Way to kill a good fun mode with turbo which is truly awful. It's legitimately depressing. All the reworks Valve did to the mode were amazing, was thrilled, and now they shit on the whole thing.

I've seen a lot of retarded decisions from valve in my 5 years of playing Dota 2 but this one has to take the cake. They leave AD on life support for 3 years, removing heroes and getting progressively more broken. Then when they finally fix the mode and add more heroes, they 2 months later turn around and ruin the game mode for thousands of players who exclusively or almost exclusively play AD by making it a turbo mode, tossing all the balance the game mode actually had and making it so tidehunters always wins with their 250 dmg lvl 25 talents. No one that actually plays AD asked for this. For years AD players have been suggesting to add a hero draft which has fallen on deaf ears like all other Dota 2 community input and now they fucking ruin the mode over a 9 day old reddit post. Valve has truly outdone themselves this time.

Spellcasters are worthless now. 5 man right click team will always win now..

almost 600 here, friend. i feel your pain

It's so dumb. The fact that a post makes it to the front page shouldn't be enough to justify a change when the majority of the people upvoting don't even play the game mode they're voting on changing.

Let's say that 1% of dota players regularly play ability draft, and 99% don't. I can make a post that says "let's make a change that will fundamentally change ability draft into a competely different game mode" and it will get upvoted by some portion of the 99% of people who don't play ability draft because they think "hmm, maybe this will make me like ability draft" (hint: it probably won't). Meanwhile, the 1% of players who actually do play ability draft all downvote it, but it still makes it to the front page because AD is a niche game mode compared to dota as a whole.

Do you end up with more players playing ability draft? No, you just piss off the AD playerbase you already had, while the others might try out 1 game of it because something changed, realize that it's fundamentally still not for them, and now the playerbase of AD shrinks even more.

I was really gettin into it after all the fixes and the new ui, and now they just kill it off. If you want turbo then go play fucking turbo, let AD alone.

now everyone only pick passives, wtf valve


Yep, guess no more dota until this is reversed.

2,548 games of AD played,

Pretty sure 2 people asked for this change... Such a stupid idea. There's no point in playing since you can just pick 1 scaling nuke and a decent farming skill-set and be 25 in 10 minutes.

im sure theres people that have played a few games of it that think it would be better with turbo, but every single person in the game i played (i was on the winning team) was disgusted with how much gold and exp they were getting.

theres the THING: when you get a cool set of abilities, you wanna play a full game with it, not spend 15 mins and then be done.

Goddamn how mad is purge right now?

Wait was the turbo mode on purpose?? Man I play so much AD and this just ruins it for me

You could have it as a lobby game mode only. So it's there, people that really want to play it can, but it's not intrusive.

I have ten million AD games

Over 4k AD games. Go fuck yourself valve.

Edit: While im here please give back tempest double and eclipse. Idiots not knowing how to use the skills corectly is not a valid reason to take them out.

it's just... so unfun now. Wtf. I'm so upset. they finally fixed it and then they turned around and broke it.

AD turned into ADHD. But seriously, would the turbokids even bother playing this? I doubt they will bother with it due to the long pickscreen and this decision just ruins the game for the usual AD player base.

Maybe it's the wet dream of the greedy low IQ AD players that used to pick 4 passive skills and were utterly useless all game because they could neither fight nor farm. But do we really need to cater to them?

57% upvoted... Basically 1000 people against, and 1250 for the change. Thanks Valve.

For want of a donkey, a whole game mode was lost.

Ability draft is ruined now. Thanks VolVo SeemsGood

I also like regular non-turbo Ability draft and I am using this comment to express that opinion.

What if I told you that 95% of AD players don't want to be forced to play trashed version of the game with no tempo? Also don't try and make a time argument. If you want a quick game don't play the mode with a 10 minute draft.

Its like every game where you get some busted draft and someone abandons pre 5min


I already need to wait 10 min to queue AD

Imagine with both mods? Create a arcade mode AB+Turbo, if its reasonable popular put it in game

Was a 144 upvotes suggestion post with the top comment denying the suggestion with more than 2x more votes than the post itself.

Because an amazing reddit contributor proposed this and got thousand of upvotes from amazing reddit contributors too. So this had to be

Something something small indie company, can only read title of front page posts instead of comments. Implements suggestions based on titles...

/sarcasm...maybe not. Who knows what's going on behind the scenes?

This exactly. Dont get you turbo eggnogg in my AD goatmilk.

2,549. Damn. You almost had the most.

With 150 upvotes

AD is literally the only game mode I play now. IDK what the fuck is Valve thinking making AD uber casual? Spend 5 mins to draft only to end the game in 15 mins?? What the fuck is the point to draft support build when anyone with 2+ carry skills is guaranteed to come online in 10mins???