$1000 Reward could be yours if you know a non-citizen or felon who voted today in #Pennsylvania

$1000 Reward could be yours if you know a non-citizen or felon who voted today in #Pennsylvania

Felons can legally vote in PA

Shouldn't be the job of the citizens to do this. Sad

No wonder the dems won... they stuck with their base...

His account is suspended.

If you give me a dollar for every Trump voter that did defy the Presidents call to action today I would be rich. Trump supporters staying home is the problem. This reeiing is the equivalent of Russians voted in Wisconsin on the left.

We can keep on pretending it doesn't happen and continue losing by slim margins, or we can act within our means to try and bring the problem to light. At least he's attempting to do something. I hope he doesn't have to spend his money. I'd prefer we actually lost to a motivated dem base than to them cheating.

I'm kind of amazed people still repeatedly bring it up. Felons can vote in most states.

And beside that, felon is a very weird label. You effectively have the most dangerous people, the robbers, murderers and rapists and then you also just lump in millions of non violent drug offenders and white collar people that pose no threat to anybody.

If only there was a better label to seperate the dangerous felons from the non dangerous felons. Something like super predator, idk.

great initiative if he follows through

We won mostly cus of based Amish people. I don't think they live in the relevant districts for yesterday's election.