69 Republicans vote against Puerto Rico aid

69 Republicans vote against Puerto Rico aid
69 Republicans vote against Puerto Rico aid

Texas Gov. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Wednesday called for his state’s congressional delegation to vote against the bill unless it included an additional $18.7 billion Texas officials are requesting to recover from Hurricane Harvey.

I got mine and I want your share too.

They should also issue a collective statement condemning the President of Puerto Rico for being an incompetent, inhuman monster while they're at it.

Fed money = money from Blue states. Ironic.

We will all remember who turned their backs on our fellow Americans, on our fellow human beings.

We must remember.

Has Texas broken into its rainy day fund yet, or are they still expecting all the money spent to come from the Feds?

People need to understand this. All tax, ever, is redistribution. There is no federal money... that's California money. Despite what Joe the Plumber says, some redistribution is good. Some is bad.

The Secretary of State already called the President of PR a "fucking moron". What more proof do we need?

The 69 votes in opposition included many members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, who believe government spending should not add to the deficit.

Called it.

"Hurricane aid shouldn't be added to the debt. That's akin to going to the Emergency Room after an injury, putting the charges on a credit card, and then pretending that the Visa bill is never going to arrive," Walker wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

This is an awful comment on so many levels!

People are dying. They didn‘t pick their fate. They didn‘t ask for this. They are innocent victims! Who voted for these ass***? I‘ve been wondering this a lot lately but seriously: what is wrong with the world?

And I bet these same fuckheads voted to keep more troops in Afghanistan and Iraq for the last 16 years. Fuck the GOP.

Why are conservatives the worst?


Study 2

Study 3

Study 4

Study 5

Sorry MAGA boys, but I genuinely do not believe for one second that conservative ideology isn't anything other than authoritarianism in a cowboy hat.

Jesus fucking christ. Thats not a problem when you have a fucking first-world healthcare system.

“Hurricane aid shouldn’t be added to the debt. That’s akin to going to the Emergency Room after an injury, putting the charges on a credit card, and then pretending that the Visa bill is never going to arrive,” Walker wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

two weeks later: szechuan sauce voted 51st state.

69 evil people vote against Puerto Rico aid

But tax cuts don't count when they impact the deficit.

It's an awful analogy. If you don't have the money to pay for an emergency room visit, surely it's a better idea to put it on a credit card and worry about that part later than to die.


Remember when they were saying it was wrong to politicize the humanitarian aid when the hurricane hit Texas. Jesus christ these people are literally the worst.

Then why just vote against PR aid, and not all aid in general? The great thing about having three back to back storm events is that it's much harder to hide the bias.

I mean, not all of you, but most did vote for them to represent you, right? Yes I realize the same argument could be made for trump and the US. But the difference is A majority of Americans vote D, whereas an overwhelming amount of Texans vote R. This is what "you" wanted.

Edit: 25/36 congresspeople Are R's, both senators are R.

And federal aid for their states after every natural disaster.

You're both wrong.

Absolutely use your card responsibly for everyday purchases which you can pay off in full that day.

You should also absolutely use your credit card, even if it puts you into debt, if you find yourself in an emergency situation that requires it.

Absolutely. The time will come when they do what they always do - feign ignorance. Pretend it was not them, but some other Republican who did all those mean, awful things. They're one of the good ones.

Their penance can be the smoking ruin of their party. Their punishment will be never letting another conservative politician darken another Washington DC door.

Hey man we are turning purple. We've had democrats as governors and I truly don't think we are as red as Montana, Alabama, or Arkansas. Our major cities are very blue and heavily populated. Gerrymandering is what keeps the state red.

No point. The President of PR can barely speak English.

Christ, what a bunch of assholes.

Yeah what exactly is the alternative in his hypothetical scenario?

Found the Jerry

They also voted for millions of other Americans to die and be sick through sabotaging the health system.

Tax cuts for rich white people vs spending on aid to brown people? No fucking contest for these GOP racist greed mongers.

We need to give these people Statehood

I don't understand. Why did you just post the title a second time?

Welfare queens

Die cheaply and quietly on the side of the road I guess. Or somehow generate enough income while critically wounded to pay for your ER visit in cash. Or just already be able to afford it.

I just want to point out Texans aren't horrible people just because of who represents us. I have been seeing people say some pretty bad stuff on here about this. I want Abbott to open up the rainy day fund too.

Umm.. credit cards should be used for emergency purposes (and not everyday purchases). The fuck is this guy going on about?

Puerto Ricans moving to states where they can vote, turning purple states to blue and red states purple would be the ultimate fuck you.

So what the fuck is his solution, then? Don't get treated for an injury? Sounds about right.

I'll never understand Americans not caring about other Americans. It's crazy how many people here don't give a shit about anyone else.

Can he put it in writing maybe?

That’s because magic causes the government to get more money when it collects less money

That all depends on whether you think distribution should go up or down.

"You poor? Just die already."

Who has the list of sixty nine???

Issue with the congresspeople is how horribly gerrymandered texas is. Austin is split into a pinwheel of 6 districts that reach out into the boonies and so they all go red.

no excuse for our senators, but we're trying

"I'm happy about any Republican voters who died or had their homes destroyed in Texas."

If you ever find yourself hating an ideology so much that you celebrate the deaths of its proponents, you need to step back and take a good, long look at yourself.

Ron Howard’s narration: “They didn’t”.

You suck McBain!


Don’t start stitching that 51st star on the American flag just yet. Although 97 percent of voters in a Puerto Rico referendum on June 11 voted to start down the path of statehood, the chance of the island becoming a state is still, at best, a long shot.

That same day, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer acknowledged the vote as a first step, saying “now that the people have spoken in Puerto Rico, this is something that Congress has to address.” To that end, Puerto Rico’s nonvoting Resident Commissioner in the House of Representatives, Jenniffer González, is drafting a statehood bill, and statehood advocates have been making the rounds on the Hill this week imploring Congress to move the matter forward.

All that enthusiasm is probably for naught. In reality, Sunday’s vote didn’t actually signal imminent statehood for Puerto Rico, in spite of the huge margin of victory and insistences from proponents that it would force the issue in Congress. In fact, some observers think the resounding victory of statehood might have actually hurt the long-term prospects of the legislative body finally allowing Puerto Rico fully into the Union. “To make a long story short, the prospects are between zero and negative-10 percent,” says Carlos Iván Gorrín Peralta, a professor at the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico and a territorial-law scholar.

Still, the final hurdle to Puerto Rico statehood is the fact that Congress simply doesn’t have to take up the matter at all, even with a referendum in hand. In today’s political climate, the Republican-dominated body won’t feel any pressure to add an island of millions of likely Democrats to the electorate.

Representative Luis V. Gutiérrez, an Illinois Democrat whose parents migrated to Chicago from Puerto Rico, outlined this dilemma in the language of realpolitik in a statement before the plebiscite. “The supporters of statehood are selling a fantasy that a Latino, Caribbean nation will be admitted as a state during the era of Donald Trump,” wrote Gutiérrez. “[Also] that states, many of which supported Trump, will accept a Spanish-speaking state that will receive just as many Senators and maybe even more House seats than they currently have.” At the end of the day, it’s the cynical calculations of politics in Washington that will determine Puerto Rico’s status. And it doesn’t appear Sunday’s plebiscite changed those much.[1]

1. Vann Newkirk, "Puerto Rico's Plebiscite to Nowhere," The Atlantic, June 13, 2017

I mean 3.8 million Texans voted for Hillary, more than any state except for New York, California or Florida and more than all of New England combined. Just like Donald Trump doesn't represent your views, Greg Abbott doesn't represent a lot of Texans' views.

Edit: I re-did the math and it's slightly less than all of New England. I don't think it makes the point that much different, though.

Someone defend this without sounding like an awful human being please.

Lack of empathy is kind of an American thing,leave the rest of the world alone.

See this is exactly the type of hostility towards someone who responded to your comment in good faith that is completely unhelpful. If someone happens to live somewhere redder than California and they don't atone to you by completely making themself a pariah, your reaction is open contempt towards them? This is how you get people who are on the political fence to go as far away from your side as possible, taking with them a completely valid story to tell about how shitty liberals are. Not a good look man.

Abbott is about as useful as his legs.

How is it a "click-baity" title when the actual contents are even worse than the title?

Generally that's true, but Texas is actually one of the few red states that sends more money to the federal government than it takes, but mostly because of its massive population.

Edit: a word

You forgot small hands assholf twitler

I'm in PR, I was just talking to a Brazilian guy who was telling me about how fucked Brazil is. But he said this shit is even worse, he said he was surprised that a US colony could be this devastated.

A country of excess and greed can't be assed to spend tax payer dollars on its tax payers. Instead, they try to siphon that money into the hands of defense contractors and insurance companies, citing some sanctimonious bullshit that, of course, people just gobble up.

The US of A, a country run by a mafia, gladly supported by a vile, disgusting populace that finds tribalism along racial lines more important than a country to be proud of.