8 pounds of gingerbread dough later... Here's my gingerbread castle!

This is absolutely amazing, but now let's see if it holds when you carry it to the judges table.

I don't have the financial resources to do a real one in brick and mortar, so gingerbread was the go to material =)

Jokes aside, I really like castles!

Sweet buttresses dude.

Wow, this is AMAZING! Absolutely fantastic, well done! If you ever make a video tutorial I would watch that shit so hard.

Haha yeah I doubt it will

Holy shit the LEDs look awesome with the candy! Great job dude!!

Yeah, those buttresses are hella fly.

That was the only reason I ever watched those cake competition shows, just to see the absolute look of devastation on their faces when they dropped the cake two feet away from the table.

What made you decide to build a gingerbread castle?