12/4 PBE Update

12/4 PBE Update
Five new splash arts in tonight's update!

Blood Moon Elise

Blood Moon Thresh

Snow Day Malzahar

Poro Rider Sejuani

Eternum Rek'Sai

Five new splash arts in tonight's update!

Blood Moon Thresh

Snow Day Malzahar

Poro Rider Sejuani

Eternum Rek'Sai


Top: Bloodmoon Shen

Jungle: Bloodmoon Elise

Mid: Bloodmoon Akali

ADC: Bloodmoon Kalista

Support: Bloodmoon Thresh

Ultimate Bloodmoon team? Wow, and you don't even need to swap out their primary lane.

And all are glorious!

-VERY DEAD PEOPLE + Seductive Spider Lady = A very confused arachnophobe.





Holy mother of side boob

I've got cumshot in 7?

Fucking rito. I'm suffocating under Elise's web...

blood moon elise's splash art is the best in the game right now

You should do a research later on about the blood moon, the oni and the history of japanese culture/literature (:

I am not looking to bash/offend you, i just want to explain why the skin as it is, is perfectly fitting/looking on her.

The blood moon had to do with the oni which were basically demons in Japanese culture. The blood moon was a ceremony which they put on masks to look like demons and deities.

Elise Mask is on top of her head just as akali. It resembles her beauty and makes her look innocent. Thats why the mask isnt in her face because it would change her appearence a lot.

Elise has to lure her victims and then entrap them while they dont realize her true insticts. This can happen by a pretty face, am i right? The spider form on the other hand is the definition of 'fear, death' and expesses all her vicius intentions.

I think the thematic and skin design is top class material and has a deep meaning and undestanding.

As someone who enjoys elise and was bored by her 2 skins i can only be thankfull that they released a skin that i find to be so much fitting.

From a couple weeks back

Man, Sejuani gets some of the best skins.

I know man...

Bloodmoon thresh looks so fucking good. RIP my wallet.

Whelp, time to learn how to play Elise

The thing you didn't mention was that in Sejuani's splash she's having (and winning) a race against Winter Wonder Orianna and Snow Day Malzahar!

Dat Poro

Someone had to

mmmm elise <3 I think the splash is a bit too dark though (levels-wise) could use some adjustments. But sooo sexy omg

There's so much potential with the boar that it's unfair really. I ain't mad though; I'm just gonna go ahead and add it to the collection.

looks like she ulted one of them to win the race

Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore sold on Bloodmoon Elise...The art team are the Riot MVPs of 2014 by far.

My vote it with Nightblade Irelia, but I smell what you're stepping in.

Thresh, Kalista and Shen have the mask on because they're already menacing (can be) right off the bat. Akali has hers on top of her head, same as Elise, they go for beauty and attract the ones they kill. When Elise transforms the mask is clear and apparent. Sure you barely see it in human form, but pairing them all together I still see the Blood Moon theme. The BM Skin theme isn't really supposed to match outright, it's how people across Runeterra views them.

The Eternum Rek'Sai and the Bloodmoon Elise splashes are maybe the best splashes Riot ever made....O.O

He doesn't have to take back. He wrote "right now".

EDIT: Wtf why are people downvoting /u/acefighter95? He might be semantically wrong, but his comment was relevant nonetheless.


i hope that guy at least got some spider booty before he died..Rest.In.Pleasure.

Give me your summonername I will add something to your balance as soon as possible

Dragonslayer Pantheon don't agree (especially because it was prophet skin :D )

Look at this guy, buying people shit, everyone laugh.

Wonder what the Samsung Thresh is going to look like after this awesome skin, iirc Mata also wanted a red Thresh skin ...

The struggle is real

You see, everyone says this, but no one takes time to consider the Captain Volibears and Poro Rider Sejuanis we get along the way.

Riot makes a fair deal of fun skins, too.

They probably will make him a skin for a different support champ since I heard that faker wanted an ahri one but riot was already making it (popstar ahri) so they gave him zed instead.

what horrible timing for an ISP maintenance. Fixed now though!

Well for one, the mask. She barely has a mask, whereas in the rest of them the mask is the defining factor.

Then also maybe the clothing, but you could argue that she is a seductress so she has to have some sideboob.

I dont really know what it is, but if you were to stand all five of them together and ask someone to pick the odd one out, i'm pretty sure it'd be elise.

i'll admit it, i may not like how the new sejuani skin looks in game

but shit, that art makes my pants tight

Man, I just can't get enough of Riot's splash arts. So beautiful

Except she doesn't since the old Ancient Golem is back.

Get Rekt m8

No? It's dark and mysterious and she looks very seductively which fits Elise's theme very well. Imo it's like one of the best splash arts in the game currently

Elise is the mask. Her human form anyway. She's all about luring people in with her beauty and innocence and then bam, evil spider queen.

Also, IIRC there was someone who mentioned the lore of the Bloodmoon (in Japanese culture) fits really well with Elise.

With the things the art team is rolling out I wouldn't be surprised if you take back that statement in the future patches with new skins. Maybe the ultimate skin splash art if we get one this year

I think robotic and cyborg themed skins need to be toned down from now on. While they are pretty cool, they are kind of in abundance now compared to more "fun" skins like Surprise Party Fiddlesticks or Dino Gnar.

What did we get this year... Project Yasuo, Mecha Malph and Aatrox... Battlecast Skarner and Kog...Eternum Rek'Sai, Super Galaxy Rumble?

Cheerleader/Pep Rally Lux next, pls Rito.

No he couldn't

That blood moon Elise man.. Boobies are backkkk :D

wasn't there a post on here a few days ago about a 38% win rate on elise? I mean, I'm all for "some champs are harder to play than others," but you really have to draw the line somewhere.

edit: 42% on lolking 3rd from last right above eve and kalista.

I still think that Ziggs has the biggest potential for skins.

Where are you playing, EUW?

Hey mate, why can't you buy any RP?


Oh.... god

I know it's an unpopular opinion but i don't think bloodmoon Elise fits in with the rest of the blood moon skins at all, it looks like they were working on a pink/red skin for her and the marketing team just thought to call her blood moon Elise so they could release her with thresh (whose skin seems to fit) and make a bundle or something.

Vel'Koz pls

It is heavily based off kabuki and Japanese symbolism, though.

With that said, Elise fits right in.


Them people screaming and trying to breathe under her web, so sexy

That is...very kind of you, but its just some skins, i'm sure i can do without new ones for some time. And i still got 1305 RP so i can buy at least one skin.

Ok, good to hear mate. Would have gladly helped you out, but I respect your discipline self-restraint :D!

On champions with boobs, boobies will still be around on skins. New champion releases are much less likely unless the theme demands it.

Well, she IS a black widow. It's kinda their thing to seduce males and kill them.

Yup. Obviously not all the skins will be BOOBSGALORE!!!! but for those who have an interest in that particular aspect of the female body, there's a plethora of busty female champions that won't be going away any time soon and will continually receive skins. (Seriously, Riot made a ton of the same curvy body type during the dark ages of female design). Sometimes said skins will display boobs, sometimes less so.

Also I think they could have done more to keep a similar color theme in the splash art.

Not discrediting riot for the kick ass splash art. Its a great skin, one I'd buy (If i played elise)

Edit: I'm probably highly biased on this since blood moon akali is probably my most favorite splash art in the game, now if I could only play her...

Not discrediting riot for the kick ass splash art. Its a great skin, one I'd buy (If i played elise)

Edit: I'm probably highly biased on this since blood moon akali is probably my most favorite splash art in the game, now if I could only play her...

The old Ancient Golem doesn't change the fact that she has been nerfed beyond all recognition.

personally, i was waiting for the "Rioter" skin where he has a tie strapped around his head & ripped sleeves on his office jacket, all the while throwing exploding chairs & water coolers at you.

I see what you're saying. I think the champions don't really have any connections (Shen and Akali are ninjas, whereas Kalista, Thresh, and Elise are Shadow Isles) other than all of them being "in-your-face" fighters, so it's kind of hard to assign certain champions to fitting the theme and certain not.


I'd say Fiddle. Bandito, Pirate, Suprise party, halloween... Even Union Jack is awesome

The new Evelynn skin has her clothed up pretty well, though. Granted, it's sexy, tight leather, but still, fully clothed.

And dunk master Darius too !

oh god..http://i.gyazo.com/96172a9af1463bd776e1b5753de515cc.png

elise can sit on me all she damn wants!!

oh god..

elise can sit on me all she damn wants!!

Your name speaks to me

I'd say Teemo has the most potential for skins, simply because Riot is willing to do almost anything with him, no matter how left field.

And then there's Jinx, who gets a fanmade skin concept on the front page every third day or so.

I dont. Imo they look better seperated

Where your helmet at, bro?

Still waiting for Punkin' Chuckin' Ziggs.