3-2 OTW | Calgary Flames @ Montreal Canadiens

3-2 OTW | Calgary Flames @ Montreal Canadiens

1st period:

1-0 | CGY GOAL: Monahan (16) from Ferland, Giordano

1-1 | MTL GOAL: Carr (2) from Froese, Deslauriers

2nd period:

2-1 | MTL GOAL: Danault (7) from Pacioretty, Petry

3rd period:

2-2 | CGY GOAL: Hathaway (1) from Bennett, Kulak

OT period:

3-2 | CGY GOAL: Monahan (17) from Gaudreau

Flames Points: Name G A Monahan 2 0 Hathaway 1 0 Ferland 0 1 Giordano 0 1 Kulak 0 1 Bennett 0 1 Gaudreau 0 1 Goalie stats: Name GA SV% Rittich 2 (35 saves) .946%

Future captain Sean Monahan is a god damn beauty.

Next time we get a 5-on-3 PP let’s just take 2 guys off and make it a 3-on-3.

Monahan has 17. Absolutely insane.

Rittich looks hella confident. Hope he's the real deal

How's that for some emotion from your coach!?

3 outta 4 points and solid play on the trip!

lol I don't think he's worried about reddit or twitter. Nothing from the org has indicated he's even on the warm seat, let alone the hot seat.

He may be boring but fuck is he clutch

So glad we got rid of Lack and called up Rittich

Mony is so clutch

That shocked me as well. I don't think I've seen that much emotion out of Gulutzan for a while.


Really smart play to challenge the goalie interference call. I thought it looked like clear goalie interference at first.

I have always been such a huge fan of Hathaway. Just love the jump and energy he brings every game.

I am still really interested to see what happens with the powerplay. I noticed Hamilton and Stone out there for a powerplay.

*Also nice to see Bennett still getting points

Huge win. That third line is working so well together right now

It's in Anaheim though, where the Ducks haven't beat us since April of 2017


3/4 points. I'd call that a successful roadie.

On pace for 48 goals yeah no big deal for him

This was a grit win. 2nd night of a back to back, back-up goalie in and we trailed for a good chunk of the game. Even the goal to draw even was gritty - a scramble in front of the net and a review to overturn an interference call. The ending was not gritty, though, a sweet, sweet play by johnny combining with monny.

The winds are changing lads, this team is heating up. We've seen it the past few games - the quality, effort and bounces are going our way. I predict a 7-2-1 run in our next 10 games coming up.

Seriously though! I said that to my wife during that powerplay lol.

Monahan GOAT

The seat is room temperature

f u c c y e a b o i

Real talk--can we leave Jobu up as the sidebar pic? He's really improved our team.

Honestly id be curious to see the numbers

Great come back & road trip on back to back nights boys! Money hands & Rittich looked great.

The Guly fist pump is how we all feel now


Depth scoring is coming around a bit. Bennett has 7 points over the last 6 games.

The fourth line is still contributing almost nothing, though.

Boring Scoring Monahan

Gully with the clutch challenge

Thinking of Glen Gulutzan's b-hole as "uncomfortably clammy" has officially ruined my happiness

hell, played like 5/4 points.

the weakest team we have over the next 10 games is.... Vancouver... by lineups, and Chicago by points... it is a tough next 10 games...

That was a huge night in the crease! I think that it continues to build confidence in Rittich, hopefully getting Smith out of the net for a few more games! Ideally Smith can get a few more rest days down the stretch! I'm Gully fist pumping about Rittich

I mean Toronto and Montreal have been pretty hot of late and we got 3 points out of them. Keep playing like we did on this road trip and we should be able to do it.

Gully fist pumps the Canadiens hopes into smithereens.

The team really needed this one. Another loss after playing a disciplined, relatively even game would have stung.

They could have two defenseman staying in the neutral zone

False. His bum has warmed it to "uncomfortably clammy"


I fucking love Monny

Fuck the Habs! Thank you!

If only we could get some solid depth scoring we'd be fucking set

Freddie Hamilton has already cleared waivers but wasn't sent down. He could easily go down instead of Hathaway.

That would give Hathaway a roster spot and ice time until Versteeg is back, which won't be for months.

Once Versteeg is back, there's no room for Hathaway because he doesn't play centre. It'll be Versteeg-Stajan/Lazar-Brouwer most nights on the fourth line. One of Stajan or Lazar will play each night because they're centres.

I'm just popping on to say fuck Gamecenter. Apparently living an hour west of Ottawa gets you blackouts for vile Habs games. So I downloaded LazyMan and 5 minutes later was piping a stream from Ubuntu to my TV. Fuckin thing works better than Gamecenter. Only drawback is I can't figure out a way to watch from the start of an ongoing game. Tried the --live-stream-edge option and it didn't work at least from the LazyMan gui, anyone know?

I love how this team played the last two games. Here are the highlights:

Our third line in particular has looked excellent. Hopefully once Jagr is healthy, Hathaway can spark our fourth line. He's looked real good. Jankowski keeps getting better and Bennett is showing his talent.

Brodie has looked more like Brodie again. In the Toronto game in particular he made a couple of good defensive plays.

Rittich is a good backup. I don't think Lack ever cost us a game, but he likely wasn't stealing one either. Rittich might.

Brb, just going to get my Rittich jersey.