1996, Olan Mills calls my roommate offering a free family sitting. His family lived two states away, so we went in to mess with them. I'm the guy on the right.

1996, Olan Mills calls my roommate offering a free family sitting. His family lived two states away, so we went in to mess with them. I'm the guy on the right.

No, that is how we really dressed, we were just self-aware enough to suspect that we'd freak them out. Funny thing is, when we got there, the camera guy was thrilled to take our pics. Actually gave us several this print and a frame for free.

Is it still a blunder if you did it on purpose to be ridiculous?

Dude takes pics all day of families and crying babies. You probably made his month.

Probably not as rare as you might think. I personally knew quite a few black, brown and beige goths. New York was full of us, as was Chicago.

1996 doesn't feel far away to me, then I see this picture and now it feels like I'm so old.

Thanks. And yes we're still friends. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him for some time in person as I left the States about a decade ago and just haven't made the time to get back there... But it was he who actually posted this on FB. I asked if he'd mind me one-upping him and posting it here and he provided me with this higher res copy. Before a couple days ago, I hadn't seen this pic in twenty years!

I thought vampires couldn't be photographed?

He probably still thinks of them. These guys have to be in that 1% of weird customers, and even then they must stand out.

Same here. Hard to believe it was more than twenty years ago!

You look like an emo Will Smith and Kim Jung Un. I laughed a little too hard.

"Not a professional picture taker who worked for Olan Mills, but..."

Chicago was full of us. It’s the winter. You get pretty pale, relatively speaking. People tend to get Goths confused with Vandals though. Philistines...

How rare are black goths?

I think this is amazing and something you should be proud of.

Are you still friends with your roommate?

Your lipstick is on point though

Professional picture takers of Reddit, who worked for Olan Mills, what was your favorite photo shoot?

Hello Edward Scissorhands 1 and 2

Your buddy's expression makes me laugh more and more the longer I stare, it's amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Me today https://imgur.com/a/qDow2

I bet he still tells the story over Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you for the Vandal joke. You’re my new favorite person.

Shit, I bet this has a prominent place in his portfolio, and he has a print of it up somewhere in his home. Maybe the bathroom.

I dressed very similar in the mid-late 90s and it's funny because I'm quite normal looking now.

When I run into kids who dress this way now who try to give me intimidating looks and such I laugh because they're trying SO hard to be cool, been there kiddo.

I'ma go listen to some Stabbing Westward now kthx

Updated photo!

They must be werewolves dressed as vampires. It's the only explanation.

same! especially bc that means i am more than twenty years older. also your hair in this photo is my favourite thing today.

I'm pretty positive 1999/2000 me would've had a major crush on you.

Your hair reminds me of the Cruxshadows singer.

you've goth to be kidding me

*I like to take creepshots.

Doing that at all is a blunder, I'm afraid.

more than twenty years ago