<---------- Number of people who want the sub to shut down

<---------- Number of people who want the sub to shut down

Keep the sub open for a fortnight of celebration, after which no new submissions are allowed. Then reopen the sub for submissions on each anniversary of this great day, again keeping it open for a fortnight each time.

I think we should pivot into a sub that loves skateboarding, but hates the most basic trick you can do.

Our watch has ended.

This is the one true answer.

/sub/fuckolly has betrayed /sub/all more than Olly ever did.

Fuck you guys.

I cast my vote for /u/MoralMidgetry. Our Last and final Lord Commander of /sub/fuckolly

You fucks spoiled it by hitting /sub/all.

I hope you all rot in hell.

Fuck this shit I'm out of here

Time to find a Wildling bitch and crush puss

Just like when /sub/thanksobama shut down due to Obama himself using the joke, tonight would be a suitable end to this niche sub.


It's a spoiler for sure, but there is something that occurs before his death that pretty much tells you this is going to happen. Of all the spoilers in GoT, this one is really very minor.

Now go watch and stop fucking reading about it before you ruin it!

Its almost like time zones are a thing and episodes are released at like 3am on Monday morning for australian's

thanks for ruining the episode you dickheads

yep, and fuck you all for making the front page and ruining it for me.

I'm salty as hell since I was just about to start watching the episode, before I gave /sub/all one last refresh before watching. Sigh.

Just fucking spoiled the episode for me.

If I was good at gifs I'd make one of Jon Snow passing the Cape with a mods name on snow and /u/moralmidgetry on ed saying "you have /sub/fuckolly now." But I'm not good at gifs so pretend I did it and give me Internet points.

Even if the sub doesn't shut down it just becomes the new source of my fapping material:

That's bullshit you whore skinned sack of turd. All subreddits related to GoT have the decency to have spoiler tags. You're worse than Olly has ever been.

Are you looking for the bad poosy?

It is known.

You guys are fucking idiots. Watch the episode before going on the internet, how hard is that??

Maybe we can stopped being spoiled on /sub/all now.

Of course, tonight we celebrate... but later.. who knows?

This sub had provided me with lots of joys and laughters. It's just extremely sad that it fucking spoiled me the moment I anticipated the most in season 6, that is, Olly's death.

Fuck this sub, it's over.

I learned my lesson after I went on reddit and the top post of all was

WE DID IT REDDIT from /sub/gameofthrones

That's when I knew Jon would be ressed.

What is dead may never die.

Unless it's Olly. Fuck Olly.


I watch the show and I was irritated that I saw some of the fuck Olly posts on /sub/all minutes after it had come out.

However, GoT is one of the biggest shows out there and you're not gonna avoid spoilers forever, ESPECIALLY if you're on the internet.


Upvote this to the top

Some of us live in different time zones. I live in Asia so when I'm headed to work in the morning, you guys are watching the episode. I can't watch it until I get home at 8 pm.

He's a relatively minor character. He just did a couple things that made people hate him.

I mean, he stabbed Jon to death... Were you really that surprised by his death?

actually kind of upset and i dont even watch the show. im planning on watching the show when i have more free time available and i feel like i've lost a lot of potential enjoyment when i get to see this character die if he was hated this much

Let it stand as a monument of a terrible and also a great time.

be australian

work til 5pm AEST (4am EDT)

be bored at work

go on reddit

get spoiled before getting home to watch your favourite show

this rarely happens and this time it was pretty much all due to this sub's existence. it's been many seasons since i've had GoT spoiled for me but this sub done gone did it, didn't it? fuckers.

He has like, fewer than 20 lines in the entire series lmao. Probably around 10

The reason the sub exists is because of how minor of a character he is. There isn't a FUCKJOFFREY subreddit

Plus, for every spoiler you encounter, there's a load more. The show is stuffed with developments.

Just opt out of /sub/all. You have the humor of a fucking 12 year old if you actually think upsetting people is funny...

I did the same damn thing. And then, stupid Brain can't forget it. Sometimes I have trouble remembering the last 5 seconds, why can't I tap into that kind of power when I see a spoiler?

"Pure" "Fresh" "Violated". Fuck me you people are drama queens.

It is known.

Uh no... but the spoilers were put up so quickly that a lot of people woke up, checked reddit in the morning and had it spoiled for them. The spoilers should be censored properly with the thumbnail and black bars anyways.

Let's all remember to thank Brenock O'Connor playing Olly exactly as we wanted it to be played, for tonight's episode.

If her tits are like Tyene's, then yeh. ¯\(ツ)/¯

I knew it was gonna happen (because obviously they had to die upon Jon's return), but spoiling in the title is just flat out childish.

Never did I realise the extent of which reddit users are big babies when it comes to any kind of minor spoiler. Until now.

It airs at generally 10-11am here in Australia, of course folks still work so spoilers are inbound (like me :|)

Alongside us, I think it airs at a ridiculous time in the morning for Europeans, so they're the ones usually getting dicked

Fucking kneelers.

Seeing as the main threads trended because more than a few people skipped to the end as soon as it was on HBO Go just to post this. No. Fuck you and those people.

It's one thing if it was even an hour after Pacific airtime, but before it was even watchable? That's a top shelf dick move.

The sub must stay alive as a warning to future Ollys.


I did my part. But I only have one upvote to give.

The only time this sub has EVER appeared in my feed without me having to go looking for it. Feels :(

I browse /sub/all frequently. I shouldn't have to be on watch for people putting the spoilers in the freaking title, let alone spoiling it before it finishes airing(am west coast).

i live in sweden and was up at 3am to watch this episode show some dedication and stop blameing others

Some of us have this thing called jobs and responsibilities.

One of the best thing about GoT is the thrill of watching the characters are killed off. When you know it happens it's so much less exciting.

I've never had problems with GoT spoilers regardless of how far I've been behind.


It's been a pleasure being in this sub with you guys.

Fuck Olly.

Later you all go fuck yourselves for putting spoilers all over the front page with this circlejerky bullshit.

/sub/longboarding, then, got it.

I kid, we don't hate ollies, our boards just usually can't pop like that.

Olly, on the other hand, was a piece of shit. Like that skateboarding trick.

I wasn't salty at all. Just letting you know how irrelevant he is.

And if you watched the last episode, and didn't see this coming then I don't know what to say. The only spoiler is that he was hanged

edit: hung>hanged

Exactly, it's the Internet. I don't know how people don't realize that maybe going to the site they use to get news and discussion of current events and pop culture might be a bad idea. Years ago if you taped a sporting event because you couldn't watch it live. You would avoid the newsstand, and anyone who would potentially discuss the event until you saw it.

Bunch of cunts

Ty for spoiling it americanos.

u/MoralMidgetry The one true King of the Upvote!

Ah as far as GoT spoilers go it's on the lower end of the scale for sure. But the GoT subreddits are well moderated so we don't get spoilers and ppl are used to coming on and not being spoiled, so when an offshoot of that sub starts up and posts spoilers it's pretty shitty.

And that's all I could ask you for my brother.

It is known

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my ban. I shall take no oc and repost it, hold no fake accounts, father no children. I shall not gild myself or ask for upvotes. I shall live and die at my post. I am the upvote in the darkness. I am the watcher on the subreddit. I am the shield that guards the realms of trolls. I pledge my life and honor to the /sub/fuckolly subreddit, for this night and all the nights to come

Oh get the fuck out of here with this excuse you haven't even started watching a show that's been out for years but your mad at a spoiler for that show? Maybe you should have started watching the fucking show before this point ffs

that's just Melisandre's reaction to Jon's tiny pecker

You're seriously overestimating how relevant this death is. The hate is a fucking meme.

I feel like they should just redirect it to a picture of Olly hanging.

I've never seen Game of Thrones but it's pretty lame to spam the iste with spoilers for it. Even if it's the death of a character nobody likes, I guess.

Its been a pleasure saying Fuck Olly with you.

I stand behind this statement.

Fuck off, basic decency would have been to at least have a SPOILER ALERT tag. This fuckolly subreddit was only ever relevant for a brief time, and now, when presented with a final burst of relevancy, they decided to go out by trolling.

You idiots are seriously insufferable.

Everyone over to /sub/skateboarding and post pictures of the sickest dankest Ollie's you can

Yup. This sub has peaked.

Shut it down now while it is in its glory, instead of letting it fade into a sad shell of its former self.

I feel like after this sub ruined tonight's episode there needs to be a /sub/fuckrfuckolly

ITT: People who couldn't avoid Reddit for a while.

Fuck Olly.