1973 My Grandmother's grass roots campaign.

1973 My Grandmother's grass roots campaign.

My grandma gave me a VHS double feature of the original Night of the Living Dead and Reefer Madness. She met my grandpa at Berkeley, nuff said.

“Help, I’m rollin’ and I can’t get up

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It's tough to believe this is even real. This should be the banner for oldschoolcool. If they did a magazine this would be the centerfold. Amazing pic.

No grandma, you blunt-dialed me again.

More like you took this photo yesterday and applied a filter

"It's good for arthritis too"

At least once.

post this to /sub/trees. they'll get a kick out of this

Did they make love? not war?

An old lady smoking a doobie with a pot leaf t-shirt in the 1970s is the coolest thing anyone has ever done ever.

This really does look like a photo that was taken recently and had a 'vintage' filter thrown on it

This is so obviously not from 1973. That shirt was clearly designed on a website. There weren't many hippies screen printing in professional typefaces.

Who cares? Not everyone on reddit has home room in the morning. Some of us are older

...your grandma was a senior citizen in 1973? How fuckin old are you?

It's a great community and a nice sub. If you're not into it that's cool but it's not an insufferable page for sure.

So are you like 70 now ?

That's because it isn't.

He just not wrong.

No technicalities here lads.

Eyes mainly. All these (light and perfectly distributed) stains, but I can't see the border? The picture is sharp. Grandma-in-aviators look is way more common now. 'Decriminalize' would be a really prescient thing to say in 1970. OP would have to be 60 or so.

It could be real, I'm no photographer. But I think nah. My gut reaction was 'you took this yesterday'.

Plus tee-shirts in 1973 weren’t designed like that. Everything about this photo looks like it was taken yesterday.

I'm almost 30 guy. Grandma is 85 and it's 2017.

Having a grandmother in her 60s in 1973 puts this guy like, in his 70s. No fuckin way, I call bullshit.

You might say she was prograssive.


My mom was blind so I would walk with her over to my sister's house after she had first moved out and I would get high with my sister. My mom was very open minded this was about 1976 anyways we would pass a joint back and forth, the whole time my sister would discreetly blow smoke in my mom's face , she would be so baked my dad would have to come pick her up after he got home from work. He always thought she had been drinking.

I'm not sayin' it's fake, but it looks fake as shit, but if it isn't, it's awesome

Definitely what it looks like. My pitchfork is on standby while I await confirmation.

If shes 70 in the picture and had a kid at 35 who then went on to have a kid at 35, around the same time this picture was taken, that child would now be 44 is that so outlandish?

Dude, seniors were definitely smokin in the 70's. And definitely growing their own supply.

Source: was a young adult in the 70's, got my $10.00 one ounce bags from the little old lady from down the street.

My grandma was in her 60s in 1973 and I'm 45.

I had the same inclination. Not that I'm 100% claiming this is a fake, that's not something I like to do, its just a warning light in my head considering some overpaying factors that create some doubt of its authentication



Or just remove the filter.

Damn dude I can trim my weed with that edge.

My grandparents owned a restraunt only a few miles from where the night of the living dead was shot!

It's hard to get up when you're already so high

Your grandmother in 1973 looks the same age as your grandmother in 2017.

Old granny?

I hate people like you so much

The absence of a border just indicates the picture was cropped. The picture is sharp, sure, but what do you expect? Black and white photography in 1970 could be sharp. This is an OK print, with some fixer stains.

In 1972 the Democrats ran a presidential candidate who favored legalization, and he might well have won if his VP hadn't tanked the campaign, so "decriminalize" wasn't terribly prescient. But if it were taken today, "get it on" would be a pretty dated slogan.

OP's grandma was an OG.

Maybe 50+.

Long cool woman...in a white shirt

Pack it up boys. Can't take little circular stains.


Check out OP's history, he also just posted a pic of his parents that definitely looks legit. I think its real.

She's bitchin' in those shades!

I want to party with OP's grandma

Grandma was very pro grass.