2 Months In, Trump May Already Own A First: Most Corrupt POTUS. Ever.

2 Months In, Trump May Already Own A First: Most Corrupt POTUS. Ever.
2 Months In, Trump May Already Own A First: Most Corrupt POTUS. Ever.

I'm getting tired of these articles. Just seeing how shitty a president he is and knowing that congress will do nothing to fix this just pisses me off.

“I’m at a loss,” said Robert McGuire, an investigator with the Center for Responsive Politics, a group that advocates for more transparency in government and campaigns. “This idea that the presidency is something to enrich your private interest to the extent he’s doing, not by going on the speaking tour or getting a big book deal after he leaves office, but while he’s in office, sort of milking the office for all it’s worth – it’s tacky.”

Ever since Trump lost money investing in a rhinestone mine in the hopes of saving on decorating Trump properties, he has lessened his high financial principles.

It’s tacky.

Is anybody really surprised that the guy who lives in a gold-plated penthouse is tacky?

It’s tacky.

Is anybody really surprised that the guy who lives in is tacky?

God fucking damn this sub I can't stand it anymore.

I hate Trump but these articles aren't political news. Their sensationalist garbage that holds no merit but to divide.

Report on policy. Report on going ons in the house and senate. I see these threads emerge very briefly only to be stifled by garbage like this.

I'm guessing at this point we could list 200 or 300 actual actions or quotes from Trump that would have ruined the career of a democrat such as Obama (or Warren, or Sanders,). Is it going to be like this? Is democracy over now?

If only there had been some indication this would happen during the campaign...

As soon as? Are you kidding me? We're already beyond that point.

Eventually republicans will start turning on the president as soon as he becomes toxic to their reelection chances

Omg that's the tackiest family portrait I've ever seen!


Shit, even the family portraits of Louis fucking XIV look humble and understated compared to this.

Shit, even the family portraits of look humble and understated compared to this.

Look it up. Obama put dijon mustard on a hamburger. Now there is a freaking scandle. /s

Today, FBI Director Comey is scheduled to testify to to the House Intelligence Committee. Today could be a watershed day if Trump, his campaign, and/or supporters are implicated in colluding with a foreign power. My guess is Comey will neither confirm nor deny many of the committee's questions; however, if he comes forward with legitimate evidence of collusion, support for the Trump could dwindle and GOP congressional support will dwindle.


I don't know, the last polls I've seen showed that Trump is still very popular among Republicans.

How is corruption objectively measured?

You know comey is just going to testify that there is no conclusive evidence one way or the other

Trump may hold steady at ~80% approval among Republicans for a while. However, the number of Republicans can simultaneously fall, thus lowering his overall approval rating.

Expect Except a lot of newly minted Independents.

That is what a seven year old thinks rich is supposed to look like.

How could "most corrupt POTUS" be a first? By definition there has had to be a most corrupt POTUS at all times.

No, they won't, or we'd have seen them turn at these town halls.

They've convinced themselves that they are bulletproof--that their voters will silently vote for them and the loud voices can be ignored--and, terrifying as it may be, there's no indication that they are wrong.

"The GOP will turn on Trump" is about as likely as "Trump will pivot and act more presidential."

They won't. If it was going to happen, it would have happened already.

Stop trying to give the Republicans credit. As long as they're in office, they will be a threat.

The time for negotiation and bipartisanship is over.

Tacky and corrupt? I got you covered!

Trump spent $20,000 of his charity money to buy a 6 foot tall portrait of himself lol

EDIT: restructured the sentence.

Remember when they tried to smear him for liking arugula, saying it made him an elitist?

LOL @ Trump supporters that voted for Trump to end the corruption in Washington. Could you be any more gullible?

Yeah, John Barron-Miller had the audacity to call Warren, "Pocahontas". She's had one controversy in her career. Trump does more fraudulent things on a daily basis.

But wait.. There's more!

He bought a second, 4-foot tall portrait with $10,000 of his foundation's money in 2014 at a gala at Mar-a-Lago.

Nothing says class like spending $30K of charitable donations on paintings of yourself while hosting event for said charity at your own venues that charge the same foundation for hosting the events, paid for by, you guessed it, the "charitable" foundation.

If I had read this all in a Douglas Adams novel, it'd be hilarious. But this really happened and it's pitiful.

Similarly, Corey Booker is now a pariah because he voted the wrong way on a single pharma bill, even though he actually voted the opposite way on a nearly identical version of the bill on that same day.

I fear democrats are going to continue to lose as long as they keep looking for a flawless candidate (one does not exist) and Republicans will keep winning because they are willing to suck it up and vote for a Russian aligned rapist.

It's a candid. They're just always like that.

I'd love to see Trump live a year on an impoverished budget: No golf courses, no hotels, no luxuries, no Mar-a-Lago, just minimum wage at a McDonald's for a year. Then people can say unironically, that he's a man of the people, 'just like them'. I know he couldn't go a week without a vacay-weekend, but it'd be an interesting to see him delve into the 'Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man' world.

You're assuming the vacant supermodel who married a hateful old man for his money is level headed. Oh sweet summer child....

Give it a few months, Trump will be screaming, "I AM THE STATE" at someone.

He won't be toxic to their reelection chances, for the same reason they won the election: They don't have to make Trump look good, they just have to make the Democrats look worse to their dedicated constituency. They are very good at doing that, and Gerrymandering ensures they don't have to be comprehensive nor seek a real mandate.

"It's after 6:00. What am I, a farmer?"

The child I was referring to was the one in the chair. Barron will probably have better taste then his father.

Tan suit? Birtherism? GOP just gets by on being racist but not racist enough to be a crime

I still can't believe that emails actually ended up being a relevant factor. Think of one of famous US presidents and imagine he wouldnt have become president because he didnt archive some documents correct?! Or he took home a giant pile of paper and a qurater page of it happened to include some "classified" information but not even really important information. And nobody that should have read that quarter page ever read it. Honestly the email scandal has always been a joke. The worst part is that the Rep basically trolled the far left with it so that they helped them to bring down Hillary. Now Trump is the president and doesnt give a shit about any rules...

Just seeing how shitty a president he is and knowing that congress will do nothing to fix this just pisses me off.

The only thing worse than Donald Trump are his supporters. For example, here is special snowflake who is trying to sue for emotional distress after getting kicked out of a bar for wearing a MAGA hat.


Bonus: Here is the his work photo for his attorney, Paul Liggieri = http://i.imgur.com/JoB6pBU.jpeg

Paul Liggieri looks like he is posing for a new app called "Lawyr." Not sure if you should swipe left or right though.

Just seeing how shitty a president he is and knowing that congress will do nothing to fix this just pisses me off.

The only thing worse than Donald Trump are his supporters. For example, here is special snowflake who is trying to sue for emotional distress after getting kicked out of a bar for wearing a MAGA hat.


Bonus: Here is the his work photo for his attorney, Paul Liggieri =

Paul Liggieri looks like he is posing for a new app called "Lawyr." Not sure if you should swipe left or right though.

What even is that? Is that a real family portrait?

Attention grabbing title, check. Gross overstatement with failure to qualify it by at least comparing the guy to Hoover? Check. I hate what he's doing as much as many others, but if the nice folks at Huffington Post would kindly remove their thumbs from their assholes and qualify a bold claim for once, that would be pretty cool. Seriously though, Hoover might still be worse than the guy. If only for a few more months (or days).

That's also because Bush had 9/11 happen and the subsequent war in Iraq really boosted his ratings across the board.

George Washington was once considered the most corrupt president of all time.

Clicks apparently.

Ironically I'm pretty sure this is what's he's going for with his interior design.

So, it's treason then.

He's sitting across the room with a palpable gulf between himself and his parents, and there isn't a hint of love or affection between any of the threes subjects of that photo.

I know why I feel sorry for him.

Talk about beating a dead horse. Next month:

3 Months In, Trump May Already Own A First: Most Corrupt POTUS. Ever.

Exactly. Where is the sub that does this PLEASE

This is my concern about the Bernie folks - I mean, I voted for him in the Primaries. I want to pull the Democratic Party to the left. I'd love to get away from the corrupting influence of money.

But first, we've gotta win some fucking elections.

Let's not primary democrats because they're not ideologically pure enough. Let's actually show up every election. When we have a congressional majority and the executive, that's when we hold their feet to the fire.

Remember when the head of the nsa said under oath and on tv to congress that the nsa was not knowingly collecting phone data on us citizens? Good times. Im sure this will end up totally differently... /s

Even Palpatine managed a positive net approval rating inside his first 100 days.

Exactly, it is becoming insufferable.

I understand the need to continue to reinforce the message of exactly what Trump is, but there are better ways to do it rather than effectively the same article over and over.

It's even worse when the article has a headline that makes no sense.

I wouldn't get your hopes up. I doubt anything comes of it.

Why do you think Tillerson is stirring up trouble with the Koreans?

"May"????? For crying out loud, given his policy proposals I don't think there can be any doubt.

He's selling out the entire country including people's right to clean drinking water and health.

Everyone says HRC was a terrible candidate - she wasn't, she was an insanely qualified candidate whose biggest scandal was how she mainted a fucking email server. She had an incredibly liberal platform, a massive war chest, a decades long commitment to making the world a better place, and well developed policy and killed the debates. Blame her for the election loss all you want, but know this, we will be very, very, very lucky to find a candidate for 2020 as good as she was. And when the time comes, we are going to have to support whoever that candidate is.

Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow did that and blew her food allowance on fucking limes?

I dunno... Fox polls are showing an approval rating of <50%, with >50% disapproval.

I know my state isn't exactly a swing state (D since Reagan), but there's some SERIOUS Trumpgret going on with everyone I know who voted for him.

I'm guessing the Comey swing represents the number of votes who will vote with their conscience when corruption is involved... that represented 5-10pts... If we approach 2020 and nothing has drastically changed, I have a feeling the Democrats will get a pretty powerful congress... and everyone knows it.

I think it's a matter of time, instead of badness. Almost nobody wants to break party lines over a year before the next election, no matter how bad it gets. They're going to wait to be sure it's as bad as it looks, then backpedal and turn on Trump just in time to be in the spotlight as anti-corruption.

And since that's how our politics works these days, I can't blame them. Turning on Trump now could get individual congressmen burned, as well as slow them achieving their non-Trump-related agenda with their vertical integration.

Everything contributed, there's no such thing as one single failure point. We can't deny that #ButHerEmails and that whole FBI investigation fiasco one week before the election made a difference.

Do people really think HC lost because of her emails? She lost because her campaign manager was terrible and didn't focus their efforts in winnable areas that were in-between and instead focused on liberal strongholds assuming they would carry the election.

He saluted a member of the Armed Forces with a LATTE IN HIS HAND!!! THE OUTRAGE!!!

Yeah, at this point they seem to be ignoring his shit long enough to take healthcare away from poor children. If your main goal is to fuck over disadvantaged people and destroy the planet, you can excuse a little jack-assery from time-to-time.

Hillary was an insanely qualified politician and statesman. She was a terrible candidate due to all the baggage she brought into the race. It doesn't matter that none of the baggage is her fault or even logical. Republicans have been building the hate machine against her since the 90s, and it was too much to overcome. It's not fair, but it's a fact.

Comey is the guy who said "Clinton's EMAILS.....AGAIN!" one week before the election. I don't see him being helpful.

"it's tacky" ?!?

It's not tacky, it's reprehensible

Pretty much.

This has been the cohesion game that Republicans have played for a while. "I want environmental reforms to burn because it betters my stock in oil..I don't care about stripping healthcare, but I'll vote for it with my wallet if you pay me back in killing the EPA".

Most Republicans don't want the world to burn, but they're willing to be accomplices for their SINGLE ISSUE.

In truth, I know a lot of people who acknowledge that global warming is real but would vote to kill the EPA as long as Planned Parenthood's evil sins get defunded... and they sleep at night because they did God's work, and "it's not like our politicians will really be stupid enough to defund the EPA, they're just saying what voters want to hear".

...note that they're not "just saying what voters want to hear" about their own SINGLE ISSUE.

No, it's a picture of Trump with his toys/trophies. Everyone else is just a prop for him.

Don't give Trump any ideas...

Because the Republican Party is willing to put up with this if they can push their agenda through. Trump makes them look stupid? Don't care, tax cuts for the rich. Trump makes them look like liars? Don't care, privatizing schools. Trump makes them look immoral? Don't care, rolled back environmental safeguards.

Trump is the dancing clown that comes out to distract you from the Republicans tearing down the set behind him and putting up a new one in the dark.

That child will grow up looking down on the rest of humanity, literally.

Trump may hold steady at ~80% approval among Republicans for a while.

Bush didn't drop below 80% approval among Republicans during his first term.


I feel sorry for Barron. Dunno why. Like he's going to be dragged into a clusterfuck of a legacy for no fault of his; and at the same time, this is the only influence he knows

Maybe Comey is the one who has been playing 4D chess all along. Ensuring Trump is elected to take him down along with half of the Russian loving government. A girl can dream.

Can it be suggested that all Presidents do that? Or candidates? The year before an election all people's running for the office of President must live at the minimum wage in a state selected by a non partisan committee.

This article looks like it was written by a teenager

Then he learns Kung Fu.

Mandatory 2 years working retail

It'd be fitting... he seems to be the kind of person that looks at the virtual personification of decadence and thinks to himself: "Wow, that's the guy I want to emulate!"

I think it would make a lovely sequel to the saga...Baron turns out to be the only decent human being in the entire family. He becomes 'woke' as a young man the first time that he sneaks away from Trump Tower and witnesses legitimate human suffering.

That shows you the power of a witch hunt. We look at Salem and think we're better than that now and how sad and pathetic society once was that we actually murdered people because we thought they were witches. Then we turn around and go after a woman because she had a private email server. Only to find out, as soon as Trump's cabinet takes office they do the exact same goddamn thing and they get a pass.

Isn't that what he should do though? If there isn't conclusive evidence it is a matter of "well he might be" and that is not the type of judicial system I want to live under.

"Like King Lewis, but more gold, ya know? So it's classier." - Trump, probably.

Usually corrupt means doing a favor to someone when in position of power while taking a compensation for that action. Was there any examples of actual corruption in the article? Like the ones Hillary made: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/oct/24/clintons-top-10-pay-play-allegations/

Nordstrom tweets and the Mar-a-lago traveling are tacky and unpresident-like actions, but I don't know if they could be described as corruption.


I really hope he's level headed, since he hangs out with Melania all the time. Maybe he'll be like a high school computers teacher or something, since he's so good with the cyber.

He should have just eaten a well done steak with ketchup off a golden table, like any normal person.

Do people really think HC lost because of her emails?

The polls show a precipitous drop in her polling numbers immediately after Comey announced they FBI had found the Anthony Weiner emails.

That's the great aspect of this story.

Most Republicans believe businesses should be allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation - example: bakers shouldn't be forced to make cakes for gay weddings.

Many Republiucans believe businesses should be able to discriminate based on skin color - example: Rand Paul arguing with Rachel Maddow that the Civil Rights Act makes business owner slaves (or allegations that Donald Trump wouldn't rent to black people).

But discriminate against a Republican for their political ideology and all of the sudden discrimination is wrong.

You know what Republicans would call a person suing a business because they got kicked out for wearing a Hillary hat? Frivolous lawsuit!

"Just take off your hat, commie! Or just go to another business if they don't want to serve you. Their loss!"

Discriminate against a Trump supporter - "WWWAAAAAA! Muh rights are being violated! You hurt my feelings! I'll see you in court!"

The Nordstrom tweet was an abuse of power. Period. And enough of the Clinton gotchas. She is not the President and DJT is.

It can be both...

Jack would be much better. He reminds me of the rich Republicans from days of yore circa 15 years ago.

I mean, there was that guy in the Seventies who engaged in high treason to secure his election, organized criminal action against his political opponents, unleashed a profligate war on personal freedom out of racial animus leading to the creation of the private prison industry, made it legal for the first time in American history to profit off health care, expanded secret carpet bombing to two neutral nations, and sheltered a war criminal at the highest levels of American foreign policy...

but Trump didn't give CNN pride of place in the press pool! He needs to be stopped!

I basically saw Huffington Post and immediately was like, "Yup, this'll be good."

Huffington Post is the Fox News of the left. It goes beyond clickbait and into just plain outright lies, trying to paint Trump as "literally Hitler".

/sub/politics is really just another branch of /sub/esist and /sub/impeachtrump and /sub/enoughtrumpspam and /sub/enoughaltrightspam and every other fucking sub that exists for no reason except to prove that the only thing the left are any bloody good at is splitting up into dozens of slightly different factions all doing nothing but hating the other side.

The only difference is /sub/politics is a default sub so won't get filtered.

To be fair, discrimination against the mentally deficient is wrong.

The bar owner should have called the police and asked the nice man to get back to his caretaker.

I don't know about that. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney launched an endless war on behalf of Halliburton and other corporations who they were intimate with before 1999.

Of course the kid has toy limos. President of the people here folks.

Could that wife and child look any less happy?

Exactly. I don't understand how this is allowed to continue.

The 2016 election will replace the Salem Witch Hunt as the go to example of mass delusional psychosis in America. It's honestly the only way to explain how 63,000,000 people voted for Donald Trump to be president.

Trump supporter isn't a protected class. However mental disability is


He's only popular because these people are expecting big tax breaks.

He's making a profit from having a security detail stay at his own hotel. Corrupt as fuck.

If you think "didn't give CNN pride of place" is one of the serious problems being addressed, I don't think you are reading this very carefully.


Every time I hear "LOCK HER UP!", I think of our kindly ancestors from Salem.

When do allegations of corruption become elevated to actual corruption?

Trump has a large, as well as largely hidden, portfolio of business dealings, until such time as those are unmasked (It could be argued that that lack of transparency alone provides cover for hiding corruption) it is challenging to determine just how much potential there is for corruption.

If Hillary had a private club, and doubled the membership fees all of a sudden, would you consider that corrupt? If she owned a condo tower and marked the fact that there is secret service protection at that tower as a benefit, would you consider that corrupt? If Hillary was elected, and Bill filed suit about a potential slander stating that that ruined he ability to profit from his status as the spouse of the president, would you consider that corrupt? Those are all verifiable actions, not only accusations.

I sometimes start to think Trump was put out there by W so his legacy doesn't seem so bad. Then I remember that W is not that smart.

Trump is at the center of a black hole of allegations and coincidences. Every action he's taken is shrouded in special interest that his supporters seem completely oblivious too.

Regardless of all that though, I would like to point out that he acting against his campaign promises to his supporters in spectacular fashion. How can they possibly defend him on that?

Guys, give him a chance! He has had a whole three days without any hint of corruption!