2 month back progress - 132 lbs to 142 lbs

2 month back progress - 132 lbs to 142 lbs

I literally can't tell a difference.

Dat scoliosis doe.

Why would you post pictures two month apart?

Why would you not take pictures with the same setup?

I can't tell a difference because the lighting i s so different.

One on left is clearly after

you look good.

Well done.

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Rule 4: Progress/Achievement posts require relevant information

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Photos or videos documenting the achievement, e.g. video of a PR lift or finish line photos; A race or meet report detailing the experience if this was an official event; Any other measurements made during this progress, waist size, body fat percentage, personal victories, etc; Additional pictures, e.g. profile or side shots to show posture shifts; Your motivation or lessons learned; What are your next steps? What now?

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