42,000 matches all at once.


Goodness gracious, great ball of fire

I’m glad the gif didn’t end too soon

Maybe in the ball there was 41,999 matches

The pulsing smoke at the end was the best part!

Well now I don’t know what to believe.

The smell must be amazing

AKHTually not all once at all.

What’s holding these?

Black hole sun, won't you come

This is the earth, this is the earth on CO2. Any questions?

Looked like Sauron's eye for a second

Asking the right questions, I too am curious about that

Guys, come on.

Ball = 41,800 Box of matches = 199 In hand = 1

GRADually burning 41,999 marches.

I was kinda hoping the matches that started would still be burning but... I let my stupidity run away with that one.

Where’s Smoky the bear when you need hjm

all at once

*Lights one match on the ball and lets it spread to the others.*

Why the hell would that be a problem

Title says "42,000 matches all at once". It just means they're all on the screen at the same time.

Maybe one of those arts and crafts large foam balls.

Whoa. They discovered the secret of the Genesis device. Impressive. 


Whoa. They discovered the secret of the Genesis device. Impressive.

I thought it will be much faster.

Unless you’re using it to cover up another smell...

I'm more curious about who the madman is who put all those matches together.

AND ALL THOSE DRY TREES!!! I know it looks snowy out there or whatever, but my inner Californian is horrified.

for me it was feeling the heat through the screen

While it’s oddly satisfying it’s also a mildly infuriating waste of resources..like the packing tape recently. And who arranged all those matches into a ball??

it most certainly did end too soon!

Now we know what the sun looks like up close😊

I feel like that's not the video

The 199 in the box didn't get used though.

Or a metaphor of our planet

My thought exactly

Some people just want to watch the world burn

...after all the methane is released from the Siberian permafrost.

Use this when people tell you climate change isn't real.

That smoke is toxic af

Now we know what it looked like when the asteroid killed off all the dinosaurs.

Lots of scientists thought the first atomic bomb would do that to earth.

And they detonated it anyway.

I was wondering why it skipped a couple times but it looks like it was trimmed to be 1 minute long for Instagram

Looks like it's on a post. Hard to see because it blends in with the woods, but I think there's something coming from the bottom and stuck into the ground.

Smoky has been laid off.

I keep matches in the shitter.

Was going to write this... you stole it from me, i am not going to forgive you.


Suspect this is the source -

Feb 13 2018

300 matches per box... 140 boxes?

The Matchman

Lots = one, who's theory was almost disproven prior to detonation, and who made a joke out of it.



It’s just matches and hot glue:

I remember the guy that originally posted talked through his thought process. (I can’t remember if he discussed it on a video or in a comment.) It started with him noticing a slight angle created when two were next to each other. He expanded that thought into a sphere. The sphere was larger and took more time and matches (and therefore money) than he anticipated and he was tempted to give up, but once he hit that part where he could see it curving back, he got pretty excited.

Also not all at once*

Mans not hot.

How the sun began

/sub/fakehistoryporn view from space as the dinosaurs are wiped off the planet from a meteor strike.