4.4 Magnitude earthquake recorded in Delaware

4.4 Magnitude earthquake recorded in Delaware

I'm in Camden right now in class. Didn't feel a thing, but many Facebook friends did. Weird.

Felt it all the way in NJ. Was on the toilet and the bathroom started shaking like Randy Marsh took over

I didn't feel shit in Somerset county, but I saw a bunch of people saying they felt it all the way up in Jersey City? How does that work?

In Delaware. Vibrated my keester it did.

Didn't seem so bad.

But me ole Gaffer wanted to check the roof all the same

I’m in Central NJ, and I felt it up on the second floor of my house. It was very noticeable. Went on for roughly 4 seconds.

Downstairs, no one felt a thing.

Cherry Hill checking in -- I was out running and didn't feel anything and my home security footage shows nothing during the reported time. However, two friends about a mile away in opposite directions both felt it.

In Bergen Co, nothing here.

Nearly shit myself here in bergen county, somehow no one else in my house felt it, thought I was going crazy for a minute

Fracking related back where you came from?