50 lane highway in China...

50 lane highway in China...

That's not a highway, that's a toll booth / checkpoint to see if you have the approved permits to travel to the next district.

Source : Sitting behind a bus driver on a day trip out of Shanghai and asking him what the hell was going on every 50km.

I'm not sure about the checkpoint thing, but China has an extensive tollbooth system for their freeway system, anytime you take the freeway there is a toll.

As far as I can tell, the only reason this exists is to create a ton of jobs. If you pay attention in China it quickly becomes clear that many people there are employed in positions that aren't necessary, but are needed to keep unemployment low and the citizens happy with the status quo government.

I count 25 in the toll plaza and 4 on the other side.

This fact brought to you by Procrastination: now with 10% more regret!

I'm surprised that you need travel permits to move from one Chinese district to another. That sounds really really resource-intensive and counterproductive... but then again I don't live with their system of government.

When a freeway requires a toll it's called a tollway............

I'm guessing that's just for the toll plaza, looks like it's merging into much fewer lanes on the right.

Plenty of government and private owned toll roads in America....

50 lane wide toll way funneled into a 5 lane wide exit. Why, China? Why?

Yeah, but that's not really lanes. I mean, really it's not so much a 25 or 49 lane highway as much as it is a giant plane of asphalt upon which anarchy has been declared.


That’s insane.

Because the gate section, whether its tolls or checking papers or whatever, is the slowest part of the passing-through process so the zippering into the bottleneck where it's back down to four lanes probably moves a lot quicker than the rest.

Plus this really looks like "rush hour" - look at the tiny number of cars going in the opposite direction along the top of the pic.

The chinese government is insane man. They will spy on everyone for anything, and arrest you for any perceived dissidence from the communist party.

I'm surprised that you need travel permits to move from one Chinese district to another.

You don't. But your car may need. Not all cars are allowed in all towns or all parts of the towns. Or even to drive there any day. In central Beijing only some local cars are allowed, and not every day. It's too ease congestion.

They are also searching for stolen cars and fugitives on some of those road blocks. China is pretty scary.

It crams up about to 49 cars wide at one point but not 50.

And we park on driveways and drive on parkways, what's it to ya?

There are toll roads in America.

One of my close friends moved over there to teach and ended up marrying and staying, still see him on occasion where he shares some of his daily-life stories.

Although he's very comfortable over there, there's this subtle undercurrent to them that seems to point at some compromises that he has to deal with that we just don't even think about over here.

I guess you just get used to them and they become almost invisible after a while.

Then the proles have too much free time on their hands... Not good for crime levels, among other things

Dr Who: Gridlock

Maneuvering to an exit lane must be an exercise in frustration