2020 is looking better and better....

2020 is looking better and better....

anyone tired of winning yet?! not me!!!!

Over 40 years to grow a beard... Sad.

Tired of winning, I am not.

They are also scrambling of finding someone who could actually compete. Interestingly, they floated the Disney CEO as a candidate right before the Weinstein thing happened (Disney is the parent company).

Add communists and anarchists to that list. This should always be the firstt item when these call outs are made.

I just deleted all of the Eminem albums that I've downloaded over the years. Take that, Feminem.

It feels like the 90s again when the Liberals were a minority group of freaks Everyone tolerated.

tired of winning, am I not

Democrats = pro-illegal alien, pro-Muslim refugee, pro-BLM, pro-social justice warrior, anti-US, anti-anthem, anti-flag, anti-white, anti-cop, anti-military. They will lose the 2020 election in a landslide.

People who love Pres Trump: the American People!