1907 Fenerbahçe Esports vs. Royal Never Give Up / 2017 World Championship - Group C / Post-Match Discussion

1907 Fenerbahçe Esports vs. Royal Never Give Up / 2017 World Championship - Group C / Post-Match DiscussionWORLDS 2017

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1907 Fenerbahçe 0-1 Royal Never Give Up

With this win, Royal Never Give Up & Samsung Galaxy each secured a spot in 2017 Worlds Knockout Stage

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Winner: Royal Never Give Up in 26m Match History

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B FB varus kogmaw twitch lucian leblanc 39.1k 2 1 None RNG kalista xayah jarvan iv trundle nasus 55.3k 12 11 I1 H2 B3 C4 FB 2-12-4 vs 12-2-35 RNG Thaldrin maokai 3 0-2-0 TOP 4-0-4 4 chogath Letme Crash gragas 2 0-2-1 JNG 1-1-8 1 sejuani Mlxg Frozen syndra 3 0-3-1 MID 1-0-9 3 galio Xiaohu Padden tristana 1 2-2-0 ADC 6-0-4 2 vayne Uzi Japone rakan 2 0-3-2 SUP 0-1-10 1 lulu Ming

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

The real loser of this game is G2 :c

me when watching this game

The throw against RNG in the first game will come to haunt them. When i think about it, is almost the exact same scenario as TSM last year.

EU laughed and shunned FB when others claimed they were part of EU...

But FB didn't care about that, when all was on the line, FB GAVE IT THEIR ALL, DEFEATING RNG, SAVING EU and proving once and for all that even if they're not very good, they will fight for EU.

...OK actually that didn't happen, FB just got rekt as usual, but that would've been pretty nice script

That nostalgic feeling seeing Uzi on Vayne murdering anything that moves

G2 is in pretty much the same spot as TSM last season. Overall a top 8 team, but RNG/SSG are probably both in the top 4.

vayne wit bork- i sleep

vayne wit crit- i sleep

vayne with rageblade- REAL SHIT?

People were worried RNG only had one main damage source. Fortunately that was still one damage source higher than FB

I'm Luka "Perkz" Perkovic and my pocket pick is Yasuo.

G2 will end 3-3 while fnc ended 2-4. G2 looked stronger then fnc at world. At least in group stage. (i am fnc fan so no bias here)

Reddit library

And they actually played well this year, no embarrassment like last year was. Just got rekt by the group draw

This year it's okay because they had a hard group

Yup, TSM threw in their game vs SSG last year so they went 1-1 instead of 2-0 (similar to how G2 is 1-1 vs RNG) and TSM losing 0-2 vs RNG is basically G2 going 0-2 vs SSG. I think G2 will still take FB seriously and finish 3-3 for the day though.

3rd seed makes it out of groups while 1st seed doesn't lul

I think G2 will still take FB seriously

Perkz picks Yasuo, gg.

FNC used up all of the EU plot-armor

They got the hardest group by far.

Turkey once again being denied their application to join the EU

"They bring out the Vayne, Uzi brings out the pain"

Uzi whipping out his Uzi if you namsayin

Uzi and not winning finals :(

replace G2 with TSM and you are an NA fan from last year

The difference is G2 won't get as much hate as TSM got, even though they were in the same spot.

Uzi this game.

IMT played yesterday though?

Well they are the worst team in Worlds.

But they qualified fair and square, they were better than HKA who were the favourite. You have to give Wildcard teams the chance to get into tournaments, otherwise we would have never found out about GAM for example.

I don't think it's really fair to say FB got rekt. They've put up a pretty incredible run given that Move (One of their main shotcallers, too) couldn't join the tournament. I think they only had a couple of weeks to play with Crash before the play-ins and really earned their spot. While they haven't won games at worlds, they've gotten damn close and put up some stellar performances in the first week.

IMO this one of the big reasons the Knockout stage should be Double Elimination with each Group's 3rd spot getting sent to the Loser's bracket. Even if they made that part a Bo3, it'd still give strong teams with a bad draw (G2 this year, TSM last year) 1 last chance to make it deeper into the tourney.

It'd also settle this age old issue of getting Quarter Final draw vs Koreans = lose vs non Koreans allowing for a deeper Worlds run.

Nah, Zven is just too tall to wear it.

Uzi and Finals

Uzi condemned G2 out of Worlds.

Also, Weldon is furiously writing a 2nd manifesto about psycho nationalist scrim sharing South Koreans Chinese

Uzi smashing kids on Vayne, this is the kind of shit i watch worlds for

Rip G2 :'(

Obligatory "is this really Uzi?" comment

tsm semis

You should watch some gosu highlights, it's actually hilarious how much damage he does with rageblade lategame

Uzi is a pleasure to watch.

Uzi and Vayne, name a more iconic duo

They almost won against RNG in their first match too.

Yeah, blame it on the draft. They also won many games by drafting better. It happens. In the end still the best teams in the group make it out and in this case its rng and ssg

Oh please.

Copy pasted from a comment I made last month:

You wanna kill viewership interest for any spectator sport, introduce a low-variance system that reliably places competitors at their exact ranking.

Major events are exciting primarily because of narrative resolutions and unexpected results, not just getting high quality matches. Giving underdogs a chance with high variance systems allows for upsets, which, though you may personally disagree, are much more intriguing than accurate, slow, controlled games between the two best teams in the world. Perfection is multiple draws in a row in chess finals, excitement is ANX getting out of groups.

You have to strike a balance between having a boring, objectively accurate structure, and having an RNG shit show, but having triple elim bo7 Worlds would kill League faster than Dardoch is killing his own career.

The true damage every other hit is nuts, the issue is just getting there + a few other AS items before your team hard feeds in every other position.

I just love Riv when he casts. I still miss his "PrimeTime League starts right now!" :(

Calling that Baron play a throw is a stretch. They weren't even in the lead. The gold was practically even at the point in the game 43 mins in. G2 had no real advantages.

Also, G2 misplayed that fight horribly.

Perkz didn't ult the team out (he ulted at the very last moment of the fight even though he had it before Letme even completed TP) Trick died with Flash up. Mithy died with Heal up Expect hadn't built up his gnar bar Zven somehow died with his Flash up.

Also have to take into consideration Uzi played that fight very well. The only major cooldowns he needed to use were ult and QSS. Flash/Barrier were up the whole time. G2's comp was never going to get to Uzi in the lategame and if they didn't lose from that teamfight at the Baron, then they would've likely lost the next teamfight.

Uzi went skrrra pap pap ka ka ka skidiki pap pap and a pu pu drrrr boom SKYAAA du du ku ku tun tun poom poom

I mean if they beat FB they have the same score as TSM from last year.

He's against the worst team of the tournament lol

My choryon's bad

My hasagi's worse

You guessed it right

I'm G2 Perkz!

Nah just kidding, y'all did really well at worlds. I'm sad we have to see soaz in knockout and not you guys

G2 at worlds lul, same as last year

Welcome to NA 2016

Man this worlds SUCKS... Literally the 1 EU team I'm rooting for gets so unlucky and FNC out of all teams make it out. I'm bummed man.

TSM didn't have to beat a wildcard to get their wins though.

They have nothing to do in this group, pretty sure they could have done something vs other teams


Somewhat true, but G2 is still making unforced errors all over the place. I mean the casters were criticizing their item builds, how often do teams make such notable itemisation mistakes that casters call them out?

Probably? They prove that every split.

Literally tsm last year

In Uzi's post match interview he said he just casually picked vayne and didn't care what adc are banned. All ads can be played he said.

Honestly, FB have nothing to do in this tournament

G2 got hard shafted by first seed...

Thet also played Samsung pretty hard.

Yeah, teams that have higher goals than groups that don’t get out of groups deserve twice the hate.


Brave yourself, a flow of meme is coming.

rip G2

Everyone should have. G2 had a much harder group. Fnatic only had to beat a wildcard team and GAM

Due to tiebreakers. He is just counting the double round robin in groups.

maybe next year- The G2 story.

FB coach: "We did it guys! We forced Uzi onto Vayne!"


It's just pure enjoyment to see how easily Uzi can dominate in an important game on an unconventional champion like Vayne. A true rolemodel for every Marksman.

It's already starting to happen in this post, hope it doesn't get as bad as last year though

Damn Uzi vs Pray would be a dream match

#g2excuses :>

They beat Splyce what do you meanjustkiddingilovesplyce

Uzi whipping out his Lil Uzi

Says the guy with IMT flair.

Same thing happened to TSM last year.

3rd seed from Korea > Any seed from EU/NA/LMS

KT and choking

That's the haru Samsung though, which is practically winless in Korea.


RIP G2 :/

It's a Korean team bro

It is hard to not be disappointed with the result, but we are proud of our team and their performance nonetheless. We still have catching up to do to LCK teams, so this wasn't unexpected. GG SSG RNG and 1907FB.

Crash also can't speak English apparently

They are and I think they were really open about it. The LPL (minus EDG apparently) have been working together leading up this tournament and not just the 3 reps.

I’m pretty sure G2 players and staff were saying that. What, do you think this is not a disappointment to them? And G2 played reasonably well, definitely better than FNC.

FB: Ban all the AD and lets pick the Trist FB: Yea we got the Trist Uzi: What kind of strategy is this?

they got the hardest group, 1st seed EU, the real 1st seed CH and a Korean, and Move could not play.

they still have the possibility to upset g2 anyway tho

TSM in semis


as a chinese guy and fnatic fan this is the best worlds since s4

Hmmmmmm????? Where have I seen this before

True, but today G2 proved that they can win against RNG. If you want to make it out of groups you have to bring the same performance in week 1 too.

But I agree, G2 got really unlucky with their group draw, they are probably the best EU team.

Well maybe we get Perkz promised Yasuo now.

G2 is boom. rip.

ITT: Nobody talks about the two teams actually in the match.