1907 Fenerbahçe Esports vs. G2 Esports / 2017 World Championship - Group C / Post-Match Discussion

1907 Fenerbahçe Esports vs. G2 Esports / 2017 World Championship - Group C / Post-Match DiscussionWORLDS 2017

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1907 Fenerbahçe 0-1 G2 Esports

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MATCH 1: FB vs G2

Winner: G2 Esports in 52m Match History

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B FB xayah ivern kogmaw ryze leblanc 92.0k 11 11 I1 B4 B6 G2 kalista galio bard syndra corki 103.3k 22 8 H2 O3 C5 E7 B8 FB 11-22-24 vs 22-11-60 G2 Thaldrin maokai 3 0-4-7 TOP 5-2-10 3 chogath Expect Crash sejuani 2 2-3-5 JNG 1-4-17 1 jarvan iv Trick Frozen taliyah 3 2-5-5 MID 6-3-11 4 yasuo Perkz Padden tristana 2 6-6-2 ADC 10-2-4 1 varus Zven Japone lulu 1 1-4-5 SUP 0-0-18 2 janna Mithy

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Yasuo 100% WR at worlds. Should have pulled out the pocket pick earlier. /s





Perkz with the hood over the head to hide his tears broke my heart.

G2 picks yasuo

1907: Oh, they're letting us win a game!

Perkz: Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

Padden: NANI?!

I can't tell if this game was a competitive worlds game or a top percentage clown fiesta. But I loved it.



That group hug at the end was pretty cool moment by G2. Can tell they're close as a group.

Full fiesta in irrelevant games. The EU special.

Fucking weebs.

Actually 50%, you can thank Gambit for that

Perkz almost crying broke my heart holy shit

G2 playing Yasuo and avoiding the G2-4 end result, what a save!

Can’t believe FB couldn’t end the game though, just lol.

Redditors are not renowned for their good social skills.

I love how the Chinese crowd cheered for them at the end. One of the best in league history.

Yasuo pick:

✓ Respect

☐ Sympathy

G2 did it, they actually did it.

No more G2-x memes.


If G2 gets accepted into NA, this might be the last time we see these guys together feelsbad.

On the other hand, we got the 1906 Fenerbahce meme

After watching G2's smite and Cho ults on objectives today, I'm convinced Math is not one of G2's recruitment requirement.

19 0-6 Fenerbahçe!!

Even if they don't get accepted :/


Prove it. Flair Change :P

Lock in Yasuo, ask questions later.

They stomped RNG and threw their chance to win the other game (just like TSM against SSG). They convincingly lost to SSG (just like TSM against RNG). They stomped FB and made a comeback the other game (just like TSM against SPY). It's such a similar scenario.

Those Q he landed on Trist wtf..

Both Perkz and Bjergsen played Ryze very well in the game that they were eliminated in as well. G2's 2017 worlds experience is so similar to TSM's last year its not even funny. Poor Weldon had to go through this twice.

Tell Perkz im fckn proud of him, hes a true samurai :')

Well, G2 went out with style


2017-10-13 09:26 UTC

so fucking sad

not only because we lost but because we might never play as 5 again and it's just so sad

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Still 50% more than Yasuos on my team, and I'm not even the one playing him.

Implying more people will instalock Yasuo

So nothing changed

This game really gave off a vibe that it was the last one for them as a team. Not making it out 2nd Worlds in a row, the whole EU/NA LCS situation, finally fulfilling the Yasuo promise, the emotions in the end.

If it really does end up being their last game it's kinda sad that they never got to play a Bo5 at Worlds, but at least there's still tons of good things to remember from the past 1,5 years.




Will do!

UOL flair

That was not even close to make sjokz cry? She showed empathy that's why she lowered her voice and spoke a bit slower.

FeelsBad to see perkz so sad. Great player and great group , i hope they will succeed another day because they deserve it.

But Misfits is still playing.

man perkz looked so empty with this win, i think the roster will change for next year, trick has doomed them every worlds

the Chinese crowd has been amazing. they go wild for every single game

Feels S6 TSM man

His ryze was the best of this worlds by far

G2 got the season 6 TSM experience

chinese cartoon crocodile flair


something something they know that was their last game together.....

:( SSG and RNG ruining the hopes of western teams

One meme dies, another one rises.





Edit: His Ryze was actually good this Worlds, mb (wasn't meant as criticism either way)

I fucking love science

Clown Fiestas of this caliber can warp anyone's mind, totally understandable mistake tbh

The sad part was that FB was 100% tryharding and still failed to close it out.

his Ryze was pretty clean tho

I don't know if Perkz was good or that Trist was just way too bad, looked cool though.

an actual good yasuo wtf

Imagine jankos on this roster holy shit.

Jankos and Odoamne

fb doesnt seem to know when to back off. they had a big lead against samsung as well but they just take alot of bad fights

G2Esports have been slain

Cept chinese losses xd but yeah

Honestly weebs are the worst

Anime was a mistake


Pointless games tend to be the best

Please let C9 know the secret when you see them!

Holy shit you're right, poor Weldon.

Of course it was a fun game, it didn't matter for the standings.

Why did Riv automatically assume Padden was gonna kill a full HP nexus 1v4 lol

I dunno if anyone saw perkz face at the end, but goddamn he just looked broken. I feel for the guy.

Poor Weldon or.. Fuck Weldon? Maybe he's the reason! tinfoil hat

I said it last year and I'll say it again. Having the 3rd and 4th best teams of the tournament in same group will fuck you over

Sjokz just interviewed one of them, apparently they struggled with Crash since he was a last minute sub jungler, in particular there was a lot of uncertainty with shot calling.

I know, I just wanted to give him a hug :(

Not cool, man

Padden actually used his R to save his teammates a few times tho

I hope they go for full EU roster.

Sven nearly made sjokz cry

At the very least he managed to kill his Ryze memes, his Ryze was so impressive even in their defeats. Maybe Azir will be in meta for the next international tournament so he can kill those memes next lol

Having strong opinions on which anime are good

I have some bad news.

The thing is they are literally translating in game. Frozen has to translate for their jungler or something so to get this far i thing 1906 actually did pretty well for themselves

Probably both.

Probably because of the 2 million superminions

Right here should be ok : link


yellow kanji flair

Yeah I felt bad for perkz seeing that too. However, the "assassin's creed perkz" also made me laugh out loud. I'm a bad person.

I hope G2 doesn't feel too bad. Perkz seems to be really sad, I'm not a huge g2 fan but i'm feeling so fucking sad for him

Yeah this tweet seems to somewhat confirm that


Regret ↘

What are Perkz's thoughts on the implications of this game on solo queue?

shoutout to G2 for making a meaningless game, worth watching!

That AA baron secure was so uncomfortable.

I love how this world's is exposing all these trash ADCs like cody sun and padden.

Rest of EU would be boom

Hey give, perkz a hug from us... he looks really disappointed, really sucked that you guys got a really hard group...

So basically G2x3?

Perkz did cry before pick and ban, it was shown on the Chinese stream. Made me super sad as well

Will do. Disappointed but proud of our performance.

LOL what did Padden do that wrong? It's just every thing being aimed towards him and windwall basically shutting down his damage. Nothing near Cody Sun levels.